U.p. Yoddhas Vs U Mumba 02 December 2022

U.P. Yoddhas
U Mumba
U.P. YODDHAS won the match
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FT: U.P. Yoddhas 38-28 U Mumba

Two moments defined this match against U Mumba. In the first half, they had an upper hand but Pardeep Narwal's super raid turned the tide in Yoddhas' favour as they went on to inflict an all-out. While in the second half, they controlled things well in the first 10 minutes, but Guman Singh's failed to come up with a successful raid when the Yoddhas were down to two.

It's a super 10 for Pardeep Narwal yet again and Rohit Tomar complimented his senior really well. U Mumba won't really have many complaints but they didn't step up their game in the crunch moments, eventually suffering a 10-point defeat
39' The Yoddhas restore the 10-point lead as Pardeep uses his strength to escape from Harender's upper block
39' Sumit comes up with an excellent thigh hold to pin Guman Singh down single-handedly
38' Guman Singh takes a quick raid and picks up a bonus before escaping from Ashu's loose ankle hold
37' ALL OUT! Pardeep Narwal does the clean up act as he takes out the lone man in the Yoddhas' mat

U.P. Yoddhas 34-24 U Mumba
A big decision has saved U Mumba from an all-out. It's just a seven-point lead now
36' ALL OUT! An exciting contest turns into a proper drubbing here. Hang on! The umpires are having a long discussion and it looks like Ashu steps out of bounds before the touch

U.P. Yoddhas 31-24 U Mumba
Pardeep picks up his super 10 and here comes the surrender raid for the Yoddhas
34' Pardeep Narwal reduces U Mumba to two now
U.P. Yoddhas looked down but they were never out. They are back to five from two now
U Mumba have missed a massive opportunity to inflict an all-out and it's a five-point lead now. 
32' SUPER TACKLE! MASSIVE MOMENT. Sumit comes up with an outstanding advanced tackle to take out Guman Singh

U.P. Yoddhas 24-21 U Mumba
The Yoddhas takes a review. Did Surender go out of bounds along with the raider? Turns out to be an unsuccessful review
31' Right then! U Mumba have to find a way to inflict the all-out. Here comes the do-or-die raid for the Yoddhas. Surinder and Harender are wreaking havoc as they dashed Mahipal out of bounds. The umpires are having a chat and the point has been awarded in favour of the U Mumba
It's a good fightback from U Mumba but still they trail by two points. Pardeep Narwal is off the mat for more than 14 minutes in this match, and that's a huge let-off for U Mumba
28' Mahipal picks up a bonus point in the do-or-die raid but Guman takes out Nitesh at the other end. U Mumba are reduced to three now

U.P. Yoddhas 22-20 U Mumba
Four defenders on the mat for the Yoddhas. U Mumba raiders aren't taking any risks
26' Jai Bhagwan looks fired up in the second half as he picked up four raid points in as many raids. He takes out Pardeep to reduce the deficit to just two points now

U.P. Yoddhas 21-19 U Mumba
23' U Mumba are fighting back as they reduced the deficit to three now
A failed ankle hold from Mohit as Pardeep gets his first point in the second half
The second half gets underway
HT: UP Yoddhas 19-14 U Mumba

U Mumba stayed ahead for the first 10 minutes but that Super raid from Pardeep Narwal shifted the momentum in Yoddhas' favour. The Yoddhas took a five-point lead after the all-out. The defense from U Mumba have been solid so far but Guman Singh has been struggling for support at the other end. 

It's just a five-point lead now and anything can happen in the final 20 minutes. Can U Mumba end the Yoddhas' winning streak? Let's find out shortly
20' Jai Bhagwan has been tackled by Sandeep Narwal in the final raid of the first half. 
19' Guaman Singh escapes from Sumit's ankle hold but Nitesh runs around quickly to dash the raider out of bounds

U Mumba 14-18 U.P Yoddhas
18' Pardeep Narwal attempts a dubki but that cover combination has been excellent again as they go low to tackle him. It's just a three-point lead now
16' ALL OUT! Guman Singh takes a surrender raid and Nitiesh comes up with a strong thigh hold to tackle him

U Mumba 11-17 U.P Yoddhas
SUPER TACKLE! The record breaker just unleashed this time. The defense was tentative and he made them pay heavily

U Mumba 9-12 U.P Yoddhas
Both defenses failed to come out with a successful tackle in the do-or-die raid. It's all square now, with seven minutes remaining in the first half
Jai Bhagwan takes a do-or-die raid this time but Nitesh comes around and tackles him with a strong double thigh hold
10' Beautiful combination tackle from Surender and Harender. Surender locks Pardeep's ankle before Harender runs around to block the raider

U Mumba 8-6 U.P Yoddhas
10' Guman Singh takes out Gurdeep in the do-or-die raid
9' SUPER RAID! A failed chain tackle from Mohit and Jai Bhagwan as Rohit Tomar fell close to the mid-line and used his hand to cross it. The Yoddhas have taken a review, claiming it's just two points. The review turns out to be successful

U Mumba 6-6 U.P Yoddhas
8' Sandeep Narwal has been dashed out of bounds by Surender and Harender. It's a two-point lead for U Mumba
6' DO-OR-DIE RAID FOR U MUMBA! Jai Bhagwan attempts a kick on the left corner but Ashu tackles him with ease
4' PARDEEP HAS BEEN TACKLED! Mohit comes up with a strong upper block and pins Pardeep down

U Mumba 4-2 U.P. Yoddhas
2' First point for the Yoddhas as Rohit Tomar gets a toe touch on Surender Singh
U Mumba on the attack straightaway as Guman Singh picks up a multi-point raid
Toss: UP Yoddhas win the toss and U Mumba will raid first

U.P Yoddhas (Starters): Nitesh Kumar, Ashu Singh, Rohit tomar, Gurdeep, Sumit, Pardeep Narwal, Sandeep Narwal

Substitutes: Durgesh Kumar, Babu M, James Kamweti, Nitin Tomar, Mahipal, Nitin Panwar, Anil Kumar

U Mumba (Starters): Guman Singh, Harendra Kumar, Rinku Hc, Ashish, Jai Bhagwan, Mohit , Surender Singh

Substitutes: Shivansh Thakur, Kamlesh, Satywan, Rahul Sethpl, Kiran Laxman, Pranay Rane, Heidarali Ekrami
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Hello and welcome to the LIVE coverage of the PKL 2022 match between U.P Yoddhas and U Mumba

Consistency has been a big difference between these two teams so far. U Mumba have won just a solitary match so far in their last four attempts, while the Yoddhas have only lost just a single match in their seven attempts. Last time, when these two teams played at the start of the season, U Mumba have won by seven points but they are entering into this contest as an underdog. 

Pardeep Narwal's form has peaked at the right time, and ever since Sandeep Narwal's inclusion in the game, the Yoddhas have stamped their authority against most teams so far. 
Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad
Match Start Time
Fri, 02/Dec/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
U.P. Yoddhas vs U Mumba
Pro Kabaddi League Round 2022
Pro Kabaddi 2022