2018 Asian Games: Women's Basketball - India Vs Kazakhstan - Live Score & Updates

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India trail Kazakhstan 46-59 at the end of the 3rd quarter.


10:51 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Kovalevskaya misses the last shot attempt of the game as Kazakhstan head to their next game with a morale-boosting win over the Indians that virtually ensures that they progress to the quarterfinal stages. India will need to minimize their turnovers and find a way to conceded fewer offensive rebounds to have any hope of qualification.

Signing off, this was Amulya Shekhar. Catch up with SK Basketball for the latest updates on the Asian Games basketball tourney and India's journey through it.

10:47 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Abikeyeva takes the score to 79-61 with a layup. 23 seconds left to play.

10:47 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Jeena draws a foul off her on the other end and makes both of her freebies as well. 1:30 left to play.

10:46 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

India have started playing the fouling game now, as Stephy takes Vinokurova to the line for 2 free throws. The Kazakh makes both.

10:44 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Anjana draws a foul on Kondrakova and makes both free throws. India trail 58-75 with under 2 minutes remaining in the game.

10:39 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Pushpa draws a foul from Astapenko, the Kazakhs' third-string center. Proceeds to make 1 of her 2 free throws.

10:38 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Abiyekeva, a deep-end bench player, misses a 3-pointer. But Kondrakova grabs the offensive board and lays it in. 75-55 Kazakhstan winning with 3:29 of action left in the game.

10:36 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Stephy tries to get physical with Kurazova, only to get a foul called. The Kazakh frontcourt player makes both of her free throws. 73-55 with 4:26 left to play.

10:35 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Pushpa makes a layup off a dish from Jeena. Ossipenko makes another dagger 3-pointer to put the game beyond India's reach now, the score's at 71-55 with 5 minutes remaining.

10:35 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Kolesnikova, being the busybody that she is, goes for a layup, misses but dishes the rebound to Ossipenko who's open on the perimeter. She makes no mistake as the score turns to 71-55.

10:34 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Stephy drew a foul from Kurazova before the timeout was called. She makes her first free throw.

10:32 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Pushpa grabs the rebound off a Yagodkina miss. Stephy gets another one to go inside the paint. India trail 52-65 with 6:09 left in the final quarter.

10:31 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Yagodkina makes her first 3-pointer of the half as Kazakhstan take a 65-48 lead. Stephy answers with a layup of her own to make it 50-65.

10:29 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Stephy Nixon makes a layup on one end, but Kolesnikova makes the layup and the and-1 free throw on the other end to take the score to 62-48 in the Kazakhs' favour.

10:27 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Chaos ensues at the start of the 4th as both teams are unable to record a single point in the first minute of play, with numerous offensive putback opportunities gone to waste.

10:25 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Vinokurova uses the offensive board off her missed free throw to lay the ball in. Yagodkina and Jeena exchange transition layups to end the quarter at 46-59 as India stare down the barrel of defeat at the end of the 3rd.

10:22 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Kolesnikova draws a foul on Sidhu but misses both her free throws.

10:22 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Vinokurova draws a foul off Bhandavya and connects on both of her free throws. Shortly after, Kolesnikova makes a layup after a botched Indian shot attempt to take the score to 55-44.

10:20 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Yagodkina checks in for Kondrakova and immediately makes a jumpshot inside the paint. Kazakhstan lead 51-44.

10:19 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Pushpa effects a steal and HM Bhandavya hits the 3-pointer in transition with 2:08 left. Kazakhstan call for time after walking the ball upcourt with 2:03 on the clock.

10:17 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Stephy has been a force to reckon with for India. After drawing a foul by Kondrakova, she uses a setup by Anjana to score 2 points and bring India within 8 of Kazakhstan. 41-49 with 2:20 left to play in the 3rd quarter.

10:15 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Jeena converts her second freebie as well. 39-49 India trail by 10 points with 3:31 remaining in the 3rd.

10:15 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Jeena draws a foul from Yagodkina and converts her first free throw of 2. 38-49 India trail.

10:14 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Yagodkina makes a trademark fast break layup to put Kazakhstan at 49-37 with 3:53 remaining in the period.

10:13 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

She converts both to restore Kazakhstan's double-digit cushion at 47-37.

10:12 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Vinokurova draws a foul from Stephy Nixon. She'll shoot 2 freebies.

10:11 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Kurazova makes 2 free throws to take the score to 45-37.

10:10 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Sidhu makes a 3-pointer for India to bring the scores within 4 points of Kazakhstan's total, but Yagodkina gets 2 points of her own with a jumper to make it a 43-37 lead for Kazakhstan.

10:09 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Jeena makes another shot on the fast break. 34-41 lead for Kazakhstan with 6:24 left in the 3rd.

10:08 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Jeena makes a fast-break layup with an assist from Anju. Kurazova answers with a jump shot inside the paint. 32-41 Kazakhstan lead.

10:07 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Sidhu's first shot of the quarter has been changed to a 3-pointer after a video review by the officials. Consecutive botched possessions by both teams. 30-39 Kazakhstan lead with 7:30 remaining in the quarter.

10:04 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Jeena misses a layup but Anjana is there to pick up the pieces. India 29-39 Kazakhstan with 9:00 left in the 3rd quarter.

10:04 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Sidhu makes a jump shot to bring the score back to 39-27. Kazakhstan ball.

10:03 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Kurazova makes a fastbreak layup to start the 3rd quarter after a miss by India. 39-25 Kazakhstan lead.

09:49 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Shireen is India's topscorer with 8 points of our total of 25. She has very little by the means of scoring support, however.

09:49 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

The Indian women have been far too inaccurate from the field for their liking. The Kazakhs are taller and that restricts their ability to score inside the paint.

09:48 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Kondrakova continues her dominant display. She tips in an offensive board as she's getting fouled, and makes the and-1 free throw. Kazakhstan enter the break with a sizeable 37-25 advantage, and are in full control of the game at the moment. 

09:46 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

She makes 2 free throws in the next possession to take the score to 34-25.

09:46 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Kondrakova breaks a scoring drought of nearly 3 minutes for Kazakhstan with a fast-break layup. They are 32-25 up with 0:36 remaining.

09:41 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Pushpa makes a contested jumper from outside the paint to make the score 25-30.

09:40 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Kurazova makes both of her free throws. 30-23 Kazakhstan lead.

09:40 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Madhu Kumari fouls Kuruzova.

09:39 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Kondrakova draws a foul from Pushpa and converts both of her free throws. India hit straight back off Sidhu, who gets 2 points in the paint. 23-28 Kazakhstan lead.

09:37 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Pushpa replicates Vinokurova's efforts on the other end. 21-26 Kazakhstan lead.

09:36 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Vinokurova grabs an offensive board and is able to put it back in. 26-19 Kazakhstan lead.

09:36 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Yagodkina makes a 3-pointer off a set play following their timeout. 24-19 Kazakhstan lead.

09:34 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Shireen makes an energy play, stealing the ball back off an Indian turnover and hitting the jump shot from inside the paint. Kazakhstan take a timeout with the score at 19-21 and the clock at 6:32.

09:32 (GMT)17 AUG 2018

Sidhu gets the and-1 call and makes her layup to take the score to 16-21. She then completes the 3-point play and the scores are now 21-17 to Kazakhstan.
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