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2018 NBA Finals: Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers - Game 4 - Live Score & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 09, 2018 04:10 GMT

Golden State Warriors win game 4 108-85 and win the 2018 NBA Finals 4-0!


04:10 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

That brings us to the end of the 2017-18 season and sadly to an end of our live coverage of the NBA Playoffs for this season.

Do keep following Sportskeeda Basketball for all things hoops as the offseason brings with it a plethora of roster changes and the all-important NBA Draft in almost two weeks' time!

Till then, this is us, Amulya Shekhar, Raunak Jaiswal, and Yash Matange signing off for the final time this postseason. Sayonara!

04:02 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

So there we have it! The 2017-18 NBA Finals comes to a close with Golden State Warriors emerging as the winners (surprise, surprise). The Cleveland Cavaliers may have been swept but many would opine that they overachieved this term. It was the same old 'team of all stars vs LeBron James' story in Game 4.

Incidentally, LeBron's first and now his last trip to the NBA Finals have both ended in series sweeps. But jibes aside, you need to recognise greatness when you see it and hats off to King James for carrying the Cavs throughout this postseason. But what about being the greatest of all time you ask? That's a debate we should consider postponing for another day.

03:45 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Kevin Durant becomes the sixth player in NBA history to become back to back NBA Finals MVP!

03:45 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

03:43 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

03:40 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

The NBA Trophy is handed over to the Warriors!

03:40 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver delivers his word.

03:40 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

And the commemorations begin.

03:34 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

03:31 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Golden State Warriors win the game 108-85 and win the NBA Finals 4-0! It's celebration time in Oaktown!

03:30 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

And with 16 seconds left on the clock, the Warriors are celebrating. Calderon with another miss and Warriors run down the clock.

03:28 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

The biggest highlight of this quarter has to be Kevin Durant doing a little shake and break on the sidelines.

03:22 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Steve Kerr calls time.

03:22 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

25 point lead for Warriors with a little under 3-minutes to go.

03:21 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Durant drives and banks it in.

03:21 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

LeBron James is done for the game. The white flag is finally waived by the Cavs as he comes off. He is replaced by Cedi Osman.

03:19 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

LeBron is fouled and he makes 1 of 2 free throws. 

03:18 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Cavs finally make a bucket after so many misses via a LeBron James layup and the lead is now down to.....26 points. Sigh.

03:16 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Cavs with another miss...

03:15 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Durant finds Green, who finds a bit of space to run to the bucket and bank it in.

03:13 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

03:12 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

7 more minutes of garbage time left to endure as Warriors lead by 23...

03:11 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Golden State calls time.

03:11 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Korver with a miss.

03:11 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Iguodala drives and throws it down after getting away from Nance.

03:10 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Nance makes only one free throw.

03:09 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Cavs miss a multitude of shots but get the possession back every time and finally Larry Nance is fouled.

03:08 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Curry tries another deep 3 but misses.

03:07 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Hood gets the bucket and 1!

03:07 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Curry shoots a 3 and is fouled so he misses. He makes all the three free throws. 25-point lead for the warriors now!

03:06 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Korver misses a retaliation 3 and misses.

03:06 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Chef Curry! He makes another deep trey from the top of the circle.

03:05 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

George Hill makes his first 3 of the night from the left corner.

03:05 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Green misses with the shot clock winding down and so does Nick Young on the other end!

03:04 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Steph Curry fires a 3 and makes it! That's his fifth 3 of the night!

03:04 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Rodney Hood with a sweet drive to the basket and bank shot bucket to start things off in the fourth quarter.

03:03 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

So then, are we in for 12 whole minutes of garbage time in probably the final game of the NBA 2017-18 season? We'll know soon!

03:03 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

03:00 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

It's now a 21-point lead!

02:59 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Both teams have a couple of empty possessions! 

The Cavaliers score just 13 points in the third quarter, while the Warriors score 25!

02:59 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Hood misses two shots on the other end. 

02:57 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Livingston makes a couple of FT's with the Cavs in the bonus. 

02:57 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Neither team has scored after that, a minute has passed by!

02:56 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

On the other end, Warriors just can't seem to score but they get two offensive rebounds and then make a long 1-minute possession count with a Klay 3!

02:55 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

LeBron makes both!

02:55 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

An 18-point lead right now! 

Cavs have a chance to cut that with a couple FT's coming from LeBron. 

02:53 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

LeBron James called for a foul, that's four on the KING! 

KD makes both!

02:51 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Klay gets a sweet mid-range jumper to fall. 

LeBron looks to have injured his left wrist or left hand on a foul by Draymond Green during the previous possession! 

02:50 (GMT)9 JUN 2018

Rodney Hood for 3!
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