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2018 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers Game 6; Live Scores & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 28, 2018 02:48 GMT

FULL-TIME: Cleveland Cavaliers 87-121 Indiana Pacers; Indiana win to tie the series 3-3!


02:48 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Will the Cleveland Cavaliers be able to make the necessary adjustments in time? Or will Indiana Pacers romp home? We'll find out in Game 7 of this series which takes place on Sunday night/Monday morning in case you're in India (timings are yet to be determined).

What you can definitely be sure of is receiving all the live updates here at Sportskeeda as our coverage of the NBA Playoffs continues!

This is me Raunak Jaiswal taking my leave for the moment. Adios!

02:44 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Okay then! Cleveland's defensive frailties have been a major talking point throughout this series and Indiana just showed today how easily they can open up LeBron James' side with some good hustle.

02:37 (GMT)28 APR 2018

With Indiana forcing Game 7, it would be the first time that LeBron James would be facing a possible elimination in the first round of the playoffs.

02:35 (GMT)28 APR 2018

LeBron James was the top scorer of the Cavaliers with 22 points. 

02:30 (GMT)28 APR 2018

02:30 (GMT)28 APR 2018

And there you go!
Pacers absolutely dominate the Cavaliers to pick up a win in Game 6 and tie the series 3 apiece.

02:29 (GMT)28 APR 2018

And Pacers see out the rest of the game.

02:28 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Ante Zizic makes a cutting dunk after receiving the pass from Clarkson.

02:27 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Trevor Booker makes 2 free throws off a foul.

02:26 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Hood makes a driving layup.

02:22 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Another 2 points for Indiana.

02:22 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Timeout Pacers.

02:20 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Cory Joseph gets a steal, goes coast to coast, attempts a layup, and gets a goaltending call in his favor.

02:17 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Victor Oladipo becomes the third Pacer to record a triple double in the postseason after Mark Jackson and Paul George!

02:14 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Timeout for Indiana.

02:14 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Cory Joseph makes a 3-pointer from an Oladipo pass and that's a triple double for the latter!

02:12 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Clarkson with the Eurostep and lays it in.

02:11 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Young makes a 2-pointer.

02:10 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Jordan Clarkson goes to the charity stripe and splits the free throws.

02:09 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Sabonis makes a one-handed bank shot.

02:07 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Hood throws it down in transition for the Cavs.

02:05 (GMT)28 APR 2018

We've got seven and a half minutes of garbage time on our hands now.

02:05 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Jeff Green makes a 3-pointer and Pacers call time. They have a 29-point lead and this one's virtually done and dusted.

02:03 (GMT)28 APR 2018

And Sabonis makes another bucket!

02:02 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Stephenson with the steal and passes to a wide open Bogdanovic beyond the arc and he nails the trey! 30-point lead for Indiana now!

02:01 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Rodney Hood with another 2-point jump shot.

02:00 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Larry Nance scores inside the paint, is fouled and misses the and 1.

02:00 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Stephenson makes a pull-up of his own.

02:00 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Green is fouled while shooting by Sabonis and he misses both free throws.

01:58 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Sabonis makes another bucket inside the paint! He is 6 of 6 on the floor tonight!

01:58 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Sabonis with a putback!

01:57 (GMT)28 APR 2018

We're back!

01:57 (GMT)28 APR 2018

What a night Victor Oladipo has had!
He has 28 points, 13 rebounds, 8 assist, and 4 steals!

01:54 (GMT)28 APR 2018

01:53 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Pacers are absolutely owning Cavs at the moment as they lead by 25 points!

01:53 (GMT)28 APR 2018

And that's the end of the 3rd quarter!

01:53 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Sabonis with a 2-pointer make!

01:53 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Somebody cool him down. SOMEBODY COOL HIM DOWN.
Victor Oladipo is burning down the house! Another magnificent 3 pointer made.

01:51 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Tristan Thompson is fouled and he splits the two free throws.

01:50 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Oladipo passes to Stephenson and its another 3-pointer for Indiana.

01:50 (GMT)28 APR 2018

OLADIPOOOOOO! My word! He hit LeBron James with the POSTER!!!

01:49 (GMT)28 APR 2018

James to Green for the corner 3 and count!

01:48 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Collison shakes and bakes, steps back and BUCKET. Another 3 for him.

01:46 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Timeout Pacers.

01:46 (GMT)28 APR 2018

KING JAMES! LeBron makes a tough, tough trey to keep Cavs in the hunt.

01:46 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Oladipoooo! Another 2 points from him.

01:45 (GMT)28 APR 2018

LeBron retaliates with a 3 of his own.

01:45 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Collison with a trey from the left eye! Easily his best game of the series.

01:44 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Jeff Green gets a good look and he shoots a 3 pointer and scores.

01:43 (GMT)28 APR 2018

Another timeout by Cavs.
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