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2018 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Golden State Warriors Vs San Antonio Spurs Game 3, Live Scores & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 20, 2018 04:14 GMT

FULL TIME: Warriors win 110-97, now lead series 3-0


04:14 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Well, other than a few minor injury scares today, the Warriors pretty much coasted to a Game 3 WIN. In the process taking a 3-0 series lead, which pretty puts their one foot in the next round as no team in NBA history as made it back from 0-3 down.

At the end of the day, even on their best day, the Spurs are simply not good enough from a talent standpoint. They have attempted multiple times to play hard and clinical but have simply failed to clinch any game. 

As I, Yash Matange, say goodbye, I call you to join us again on Sunday as we cover the Golden State Warriors on their quest to repeat as World Champions. Game 4 tips-off at 3:30 PM ET on Sunday/ 1 AM IST on Monday (23rd April)

That's all for now. See you folks, on the other side.

04:04 (GMT)20 APR 2018

04:04 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Best performers of the game on both sides: 

KD - 26 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists on 9-of-17 shoting
LaMarcus Aldridge - 18 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists on 6-of-10 shooting.

04:01 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Nick Young knocks down a 3!

04:00 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Cook gets a floater to go. Calms the nerves a little as the Spurs had gone on a 7-0 run to cut the lead to 10.

04:00 (GMT)20 APR 2018


03:58 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Warriors have their reserves in as well. 

03:58 (GMT)20 APR 2018

The Spurs have cleared the bench other than Bertans. KD and Livingston have both headed to the lockeroom.

03:56 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Cook gets a 3 to go! And the Warriors' lead back to 18 as the Spurs call a TIMEOUT!

03:56 (GMT)20 APR 2018

LA gets one to go with the Warriors lead at 15.

03:55 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Cook comes in for Livingston.

03:54 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Livingston looks in better shape. He stands to shoot FT's and makes both.

03:54 (GMT)20 APR 2018

NOW SHAUN LIVINGSTON holds his ankle. He tweaked it as well!

03:53 (GMT)20 APR 2018

He gets subbed out as Mills scored a transition bucket in the meantime. 

03:52 (GMT)20 APR 2018

A possible ANKLE INJURY FOR KD. He tweaked on the first possession out of the timeout!

03:47 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Warriors call a TIMEOUT leading by 17!

03:46 (GMT)20 APR 2018

LA gets layup to go in the post but the Spurs trail by 15. 

03:46 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Looney dunks a home an easy one. Warriors' lead to 19 but Mills one to go right back. 

03:44 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Spurs call TIMEOUT!

03:41 (GMT)20 APR 2018

03:40 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Mills misses his 3, now only 8 minutes to play. 

03:40 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Warriors starting to run away with this one!

03:39 (GMT)20 APR 2018

DRAYMOND GREEN with the 3!

03:39 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Gay comes back in for some offense and gets fouled by Livingston. He makes 1-of-2.

03:38 (GMT)20 APR 2018

And just like that, the Warriors are back up by 13.

03:38 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Warriors win the jumpball between Cook and Mills. West throws it ahead to Thompson for a fastbreak layup. 

03:37 (GMT)20 APR 2018

3 offensive rebounds in one possession for the Warriors and KLAY caps it off with a DAGGER 3!

03:36 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Four straight by the Spurs. Two FT's from Bertans and a jumper from Anderson. They bring the lead down to 8.

03:34 (GMT)20 APR 2018

They are not giving up!

03:33 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Spurs playing an inspired ball but is is enough? 

03:33 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Fourth Q underway!

03:28 (GMT)20 APR 2018

1.3 seconds to go and Spurs get another bucket in transition via a Gasol dunk. 

03:28 (GMT)20 APR 2018

A walk-in 3 by Cook! Parker comes right back with a jumper but Spurs still trail by 16!

03:26 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Parker gets a mid-range J to go but they trail by 13!

03:25 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Both teams a couple of empty possessions and just failing to score with some quick and early jumpers.

03:23 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Spurs one to go, as a goaltend.

03:22 (GMT)20 APR 2018

He makes both. Cook gets a jumper to go for him. 

03:21 (GMT)20 APR 2018

LA gets fouled by Looney but the Warriors' lead has jumped to 12.

03:21 (GMT)20 APR 2018

KD follows it up with a DEEP 3!

03:21 (GMT)20 APR 2018

But Klay gets his baseline J to go as well.

03:20 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Out of the timeout, LA battles on the offensive glass and tips-in one. 

03:19 (GMT)20 APR 2018

03:17 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Lead jumps back to the Warriors' biggest - 9.

03:16 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Klay for a 3! Spurs call TIMEOUT!

03:16 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Both teams battling really hard for buckets here. 

03:15 (GMT)20 APR 2018

McGee gets another to go. Lead back to 6.

03:15 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Back to a 4-point game as Murray gets a 3 to go!

03:14 (GMT)20 APR 2018

A couple of travels not called on both ends. Danny Green gets a floater to go but McGee gets a reverse layup to go on the other end.

03:13 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Gay then airballs a 3!

03:13 (GMT)20 APR 2018

Rudy Gay misses the 3, snaps the consecutive 3 streak. KD, on the other end, gets one to go. Warriors now lead by 8
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