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2018 NBA Playoffs Round 1: Minnesota Timberwolves Vs Houston Rockets Game 2, Live Scores & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 19, 2018 04:17 GMT

FULL-TIME: Houston Rockets win 102-82! They lead the series 2-0


04:17 (GMT)19 APR 2018

So the Rockets have seized complete control of this series, with a 2-0 lead. The series now shifts to the Target Center in Minnesota for Games 3 & 4.

Sportskeeda will be bringing you all the live updates from Game 3 on Saturday, 21 April 7:30 PM (ET)/Sunday , 21 April 5:00 AM (IST).Be sure to check right in!

This is me Yash Matange signing off for the time being. Cheers!

04:09 (GMT)19 APR 2018

04:06 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Best performers from each team: 

Rockets - Chris Paul: 27 points, 8 assists, 3 rebounds and 3 steals on 10-of-18 shooting
Timberwolves - Nemanja Bjelica: 16 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists on 5-of-9 shooting 

04:03 (GMT)19 APR 2018

The last two minutes end pretty quick and the number 1 seed in the league jump to a 2-0 series lead. 

04:00 (GMT)19 APR 2018

03:59 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Houston clears their bench, pretty insignificant 3 minutes left here in Game 2.

03:58 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Rockets call TIMEOUT, after Timberwolves score a quick bucekt. Lead down to 23 with 3:14 to go so not much to worry about. 

03:57 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Eric Gordon gets a to go. Lead now at 25!

03:56 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Bjelica, after a couple of offensive rebounds, gets a bucket to go. 

03:54 (GMT)19 APR 2018

T-Wolves call timeout!

03:53 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Rockets can't buy a bucket in the past few minutes but neither can Minnesota. It's pretty much garbage time all the fourth quarter. 

03:52 (GMT)19 APR 2018

All buckets are insignificant right now but Jamal Crawford gets one to go. 

03:51 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Correction: He makes 1-of-2. 

03:51 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Ariza gets fouled on the transition shot attempt. He makes both FT's. 

03:50 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Harden jacks up a long 3, in an attempt to regain his shot. He misses it but goes back and blocks a Dieng shot!

03:49 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Harden is back in the game. T-Wolves still can't score!

03:48 (GMT)19 APR 2018

03:47 (GMT)19 APR 2018

T-Wolves call TIMEOUT!

03:45 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Ariza geta 3 to go, the lead is ballooned to 27!

03:44 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Gets an acrobatic reverse layup to go. 

03:44 (GMT)19 APR 2018

WOW! What a layup by Chris Paul!

03:43 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Rose gets another layup to go but Capela dunks one right back. 

03:42 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Both teams playing at a very non-nonchalantly but CPR is having a game for the highlight REEL! He gets a 3-pointer to go!

03:41 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Rose gets the layup to go, lead still at 22 though.

03:40 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Rockets, meanwhile, score via a Capela dunk from CP3

03:40 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Wolves yet another empty possession.

03:40 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Fourth quarter underway!

03:39 (GMT)19 APR 2018

03:36 (GMT)19 APR 2018

03:35 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Paul gets a RAINBOW FINGER-ROLL to go! Point-god indeed.

03:33 (GMT)19 APR 2018

And again Wolves help the Rockets with a turnover. 

03:33 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Green gets the layup to go! 

The Rockets lead now at 20.

03:32 (GMT)19 APR 2018


03:32 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Wiggins makes 1-of-2 FT's. Rockets with back-to-back empty possession but they still lead by 18. 

03:27 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Wiggins hammers it home and Rockets call TIMEOUT!

03:26 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Lead back up to 21.

03:26 (GMT)19 APR 2018


03:26 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Green can't make it fall but Wolves again help the Rockets with another brutal offensive possession. 

03:25 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Bjelica on the drive gets fouled and ensure the ball falls in. He converts the 3-point play!

03:24 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Nene blocks Butler!

03:24 (GMT)19 APR 2018

03:23 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Wolves just can't score. They turn it over AGAIN!

03:23 (GMT)19 APR 2018

A couple of offensive reounds for the Rockets and Harden can't make it count. 

03:22 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Gordon misses a 3 but Wolves doing a favor and having empty possessions quick. 

03:20 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Paul misses the 3 and Wolves quickly make a transition bucket via Tyus Jones. 

03:20 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Wiggins gets the mid range jumper to go. 

03:19 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Chance to convert the 4-point play but he can't. 

03:19 (GMT)19 APR 2018


03:18 (GMT)19 APR 2018

James Harden gets fouled but not a shooting one. On the following possession, WOW!!!!

03:17 (GMT)19 APR 2018

Paul can't get one to go but Wolves quickly turn it over. 
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