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2018 NBA Playoffs Round 1: San Antonio Spurs Vs Golden State Warriors Game 2, Live Scores & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 17, 2018 05:29 GMT

Golden State Warriors win 116-101, take a 2-0 series lead.


05:29 (GMT)17 APR 2018

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05:25 (GMT)17 APR 2018

05:24 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Game-clinching stat from the game: 

3-point shooting: Warriors (15-of-31, 48.4%) - Spurs (4-of-28, 14.3%)

05:21 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Biest performers from the game: 

Klay Thompson: 31 points, 5 assists 12-20 FG's
Kevin Durant: 32 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists

LaMarcus Aldridge: 34 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists, 11-of-21 FG's.

05:19 (GMT)17 APR 2018


Warriors win 116-101 and become the first team to take a 2-0 series lead in the 2018 NBA Playoffs. 

05:17 (GMT)17 APR 2018

In garbage time, Spurs make a couple of buckets to reach 100 points. 

05:14 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Cook gets a 3 to go! Just adding insult to injury.

05:14 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Both teams clear their benches.

05:12 (GMT)17 APR 2018

TIMEOUT called by the Warriors and this game looks to be done. 

05:12 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Lead now 16 (97-113) for the Warriors with 2 minutes to go!

05:12 (GMT)17 APR 2018

IGGY for 3!

05:11 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Spurs not giving up. They get 3 FT's courtesy of Mills but Iggy strikes right back with an alley-oop from Green!

05:10 (GMT)17 APR 2018


Corner 3! He has 16 points in the fourth, 31 for the game. 

05:09 (GMT)17 APR 2018

KD gets fouled on the fastbreak attempt. He makes both and on the other end Mills drives on Looney and gets it to go.

05:09 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Green misses a 3 and on the other end Spurs turn it over on an over-ambitious fastbreak attempt. 

05:08 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Manu to Aldridge with the pick-and-roll get one to go. 

05:07 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Flagrant 1 called on Green. Spurs get two free throws and the possession. Bertans makes one of two. 

05:06 (GMT)17 APR 2018

05:06 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Red-hot Thompson gets a mid-range jumper to go but all attention is on the replay, where Green seems to have made an hostile act on Davis Bertans - elbow to the face.

05:04 (GMT)17 APR 2018


05:04 (GMT)17 APR 2018

05:04 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Spurs turn it over with an Aldridge travel. 

05:03 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Thompson gets another one to go, this time a 3! Lead back up to 12.

05:02 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Warriors call TIMEOUT!

05:01 (GMT)17 APR 2018

What a game by Aldridge. He hooks one over Green and cuts the leads under single digits to 9. 

05:01 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Mills gets one to go. Both teams trading buckets now, and it's not helping the Spurs.

05:00 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Silky smooth jumper from KD on the other end. 

05:00 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Manu! Drives in for another layup as the shot clock nears expiration.

04:59 (GMT)17 APR 2018

WOW! An off-balance jumper goes for Thompson. He has 23 points and the Warriors lead up again at 13!

04:58 (GMT)17 APR 2018

04:57 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Mills gets another one to go off of the Spurs' ball movement. TIMEOUT called by the Warriors.

04:56 (GMT)17 APR 2018

LA  hustles in the paint and gets one to go. Spurs still trail by 14. 

04:56 (GMT)17 APR 2018

This time, Quinn Cook with a 3! Off the miss, Warriors run in transition and get the corner 3!

04:55 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Lead now in double digits, 12!

04:55 (GMT)17 APR 2018

On the other end, Green gets a 3 to go!

04:55 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Shake-and-back by Mills, knocks down the jumper on Draymond Green.

04:54 (GMT)17 APR 2018

West is headed back to the locker room. 

04:51 (GMT)17 APR 2018

He seems ok, is standing in the timeout. 

04:51 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Spurs with another empty possession but what's worse David West comes up hobbling. Seems to have twisted his left ankle. 

04:50 (GMT)17 APR 2018

04:47 (GMT)17 APR 2018

TIMEOUT called by the Spurs!

04:47 (GMT)17 APR 2018


He gets another jumper to go. That's a 6-0 run all by himself.

04:46 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Warriors beginning to run away with this one. 

04:45 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Thompson gets his two free throws and then on the following possession gets a mid-range jumper to go. 

04:44 (GMT)17 APR 2018

That's two free-throws and the possession.

04:44 (GMT)17 APR 2018

It's a clear-path foul!

04:42 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Warriors' fastbreak under review to check whether it was a clear-path foul

04:41 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Draymond Green gets his first goal to start the fourth, via an assist from Thompson. On the other end, he fouls Gasol.  

04:40 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Fourth quarter underway!

04:38 (GMT)17 APR 2018

Last 4:30 minutes of the third quarter, Warriors go on a 14-8 run. Another huge third-quarter for them, outscoring the Warriors 33 to 22.
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