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2018 NBA Playoffs: Utah Jazz vs Houston Rockets Game 1, Western Conf. Semis - Live Scores & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 29, 2018 22:22 GMT

FULL-TIME: Utah Jazz 96-110 Houston Rockets; Rockets win and lead the series 1-0


22:22 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Houston did sweep Utah in the regular season series and if the first game of this Western Conference Semifinals series is anything to go by, they may just repeat the feat. But like they say, only time will tell!

So join us for Game 2 of this series on Wednesday, 2nd May at 8:00 PM ET/Thursday, 3rd May 5:30 AM IST as Sportskeeda's coverage of NBA Playoffs 2018 continues.

This is me, Raunak Jaiswal signing off. Toodleoo!

22:12 (GMT)29 APR 2018

So it was a case of shooting well from downtown for the Houston Rockets who were led by who else but James Harden. The home side dominated throughout the game and led by as much as 27 points late in the second quarter. Utah were always chasing the game and in the end they did fall short.

22:05 (GMT)29 APR 2018

22:03 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Rockets watch out the rest of the clock and its done! Houston takes Game 1!

22:02 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Ingles makes a layup inside the paint and that should be it.

22:01 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Gerald Green with the corner 3.

22:01 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Joe Ingles makes the trip to the free throw lines now. He splits the free throws.

21:58 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Gobert is fouled again, this time by Harden. It's again 1 of 2 for the Frenchman.

21:57 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Gobert is fouled now and he will shoot his share of 2 free throws and he goes 1 of 2

21:56 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Capela is fould, Houston move to the free throw line again. Capela makes both the free throws.

21:55 (GMT)29 APR 2018

O'Neale drives to the base line and finds Gobert who hammers it down.

21:53 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Harden! Makes his 7th 3 of the night.

21:51 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Derrick Favors scores a driving basket in transition..

21:49 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Timeout Jazz!

21:48 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Crowder is now sent to the charity stripe but he misses both shots.

21:47 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Crowder now makes a driving layup.

21:47 (GMT)29 APR 2018

21:46 (GMT)29 APR 2018

James gets fouled again and makes both the free throws this time.

21:46 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Ingles misses his jump-shot but Gobert tips it in.

21:45 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Harden connects with Capela who dunks it yet again.

21:43 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Timeout Rockets!

21:43 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Harden misses his driving hook shot but he gets the rebound and scores the putback layup.

21:41 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Neto makes another layup.

21:39 (GMT)29 APR 2018

HARDEN! How do you guard him? He makes another step-back 3.

21:39 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Mitchell tries to drive again but misses his shot. However, Gobert comes in with the putback slam to notch his first points of the night.

21:38 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Harden drives again and is fouled again. This time he makes them both.

21:37 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Harden tries to drive on his end and is fouled in the process. He splits the free throws.

21:36 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Mitchell with another driving layup.

21:35 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Raul Neto makes a bucket for Utah.

21:34 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Crowder with another trey.

21:33 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Paul connects with Capela again inside the paint and the latter is fouled in the act of shooting. Capela misses both free throws.

21:32 (GMT)29 APR 2018

And we're underway again.

21:29 (GMT)29 APR 2018

And that's it for the third quarter.

21:29 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Chris Paul responds with a trey of his own.

21:28 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Crowder makes a fadeaway jumper!

21:27 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Alec Burks now makes a bucket and 1! He misses it.

21:24 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Exum gets two more points of his own.

21:23 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Gordon is fouled while shooting and he makes both free throws.

21:22 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Mitchell makes a driving layup.

21:21 (GMT)29 APR 2018

21:19 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Tucker with a 360 layup! Timeout Utah!

21:18 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Harden with the step-back 3 again! He has been plugging away all night.

21:17 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Donovan Mitchell throws it down from the alley oop!

21:15 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Burks inside the paint an rolls it in.

21:10 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Timeout Houston.

21:10 (GMT)29 APR 2018

21:08 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Tucker makes a driving shot.

21:07 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Mitchell draws contact on his shot from Paul and makes both the free throws.

21:05 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Ingles with a beautiful pass to Favors for the allley oop!

21:04 (GMT)29 APR 2018

Mitchell with another scooping layup.
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