2019 FIBA World Cup Qualifiers: India vs Jordan, Live Scores & Updates

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India lose 88-102


15:28 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

With respect to the group, Jordan make it 3 wins out of 3 games while India register a defeat for the third straight time. India's chances of making it to the second round very slim now. 

15:26 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

The team receives a huge ovation from the crowd on a hard-fought game. 

15:26 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

India fought hard, a lot harder than their previous two encounters but they come up short in the end. Satnam Singh and Aravind were the star performers for the Indian team. 

15:24 (GMT)23 FEB 2018


15:24 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

18 seconds to go. Satnam makes both free throws and takes his points tally to 20. 

15:24 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

A final three for the nail in the coffin. Jordan have passed the 100-point mark in this game. 102 to be precise.

15:22 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

With just a minute to go, Jordan have seized this game courtesy of their double-digit game. It's just a matter of the clock running down.

15:22 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

The Satnam-Aravind connection works again. Aravind now has 28 points. 

15:21 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

India not giving up though. Both teams are trading baskets once again. Lead still at 11.

15:21 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

India only down by 9 but quickly give away an easy layup. Lead back to 11. 

15:20 (GMT)23 FEB 2018


15:20 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

After that, India force a shot clock violation. They are still down 12 with 2:44 to go.

15:19 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Satnam checks back into the game and immediately make an impact. Scores a bucket off of the offensive rebound. 

15:18 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

India calls timeout with 3:32 to go, down by 14 (77-91)

15:18 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Make that 26 for Aravind but Jordan keep racking up points and keeping India at bay. 

15:17 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Aravind keeps plowing through. He's up to a game-high 24 points. Score: 75-88 in Jordan's favor.

15:16 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

A huge free throw disparity in this game. Jordan holding fort in the final minutes. Lead back-up to 15 (73-88)

15:14 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

He makes them both! Lead down to 11 with five minutes to go.

15:13 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Two free throws coming for Aravind with the score standing at 71-84.

15:13 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

A three. Indian cut the lead back to 11 only to give up a quick bucket. 

15:11 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Do India have what it takes for a mega run?

15:11 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Make that 14! Jordan are running away with this.

15:11 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

India seem to be losing the momentum. Lead now at 12 with six minutes to go. 

15:08 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Jordan have started the quarter on fire with a 9-2 run. India cut it back to with a three-pointer.

15:07 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Just as we say that India give up an and-one play. Lead right back at 10 (73-63)

15:06 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Another bucket. Jordan leads 70-63. India not giving yet but can they make the run to take the lead. 

15:06 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Not a good start to the game. Jordan scored a majority of their points in the third quarter from the free-throw line and they start the fourth quarter from there as well. Making both once again!

15:04 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

India trails 61-66

15:04 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

They have to make up just five points!

15:04 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Can Indian win their first game?

15:03 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Find quarter just seconds away!

15:03 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Both teams traded buckets over the last two minutes of the quarter. India has certainly shown up in this quarter, cutting their 13-point halftime deficit to just five points. 

14:57 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

India trail 54-61!

14:57 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Satnam gets fouled on a post move. Two free-throws and a chance to cut the lead to 7. He does it, he makes both of them. 

14:56 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

On the foul, India make one of three free throws. Just slightly but India keeping themselves in the hunt. Down by 9 (52-61) with three minutes to go. 

14:55 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Arshpreet Singh Bhullar goes down hard on a failed layup attempt. It looks bad. He's carried to the bench. 

14:53 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Shades of the first quarter? Jordan making another run and starting pulling away with this one. They keep the lead at 10 with four minutes to go. 

14:52 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Jordan now leads 57-49 with 4:28 to go in the third quarter.

14:51 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

All four Jordan points have only come from the free-throw line in the second half so far. As we say that, they make their first basket.

14:50 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

India really not letting go of the momentum. They cut the lead down to six halfway through the third quarter.

14:49 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Another fastbreak finish by India. They cut the lead to seven (47-54).

14:47 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

More free throws for Jordan's Tucker. He misses one of two.

14:46 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Aravind comes right back with a basket. Keeps India's nose in the game. 

14:45 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

A foul by Satnam and Jordan make their first baskets of the half with two free throws. They increase the lead back to 10 (53-43)

14:44 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

5-0 mini-run so far by India. 

14:44 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Correction - Three free throws for Yadwinder Singh. He makes one of out of three but Aravind grabs the offensive rebound for a basket. 

14:42 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Two free throws coming now for Yadwinder Singh.

14:42 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

India stricks first with Aravind's jumper going in. They still trail by 11 (40-51).

14:41 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

Tip-off! The third quarter begins.

14:38 (GMT)23 FEB 2018

We are just minutes away from the start of the second half. For India, it's been all Satnam Singh - 12 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists but the same can't be said for Jordan. They've had a balanced attack with as many as eight players scoring. 
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