2019 FIBA World Cup Qualifiers: India Vs Lebanon, Live Scores & Updates

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India loses this match-up 50-90


15:01 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

The next round of fixtures as part of the 2019 FIBA World Cup Qualifiers come again in the final week of June. Do follow our coverage then.

14:59 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

On the other hand, every single one of the 12 players on Lebanon's team scored. Their highest output came from their center #3 Ater Majok, who had 17 points. Lebanon registers their third win of the group, and will finish at the top or second spot in the group depending on the result of other fixture - Jordan vs Syria - later today. 

14:57 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

A consolation dunk brings up the 50th point for India, something that came a lot earlier for them against Jordan on Friday. The Indians simply had no answer to Lebanon's offense, struggling to score more than 20 points a quarter in two of the four periods. Joginder Singh was the team's leading scorer with 14 points. Satnam Singh was the only other player in double figures with 12 points. 

14:51 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Complete domination here by Lebanon. Spend almost a minute on one possession that had close to 3 or 4 offensive rebounds. 

14:50 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Both teams have emptied their bench and match is being played at the same pace but with a lot less scoring. In about 5 minutes of action, both teams have combined for 10 points.

14:42 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Just like the second quarter, Lebanon begins the second quarter of a half with a huge run. This time it's 7 unanswered. Their lead has ballooned up to 36 now.

14:40 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

The Indian offense once again couldn't manage enough. Just 12 points in the third quarter while giving up 21.

14:39 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

It's safe to say that the game is essentially over with Lebanon enjoying a 31-point lead after three-quarters of play.

14:36 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

1:49 to go in the third quarter, Lebanon leads 66-37

14:35 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Lebanon's center Majok now gets a jumper to go. Then they apply pressure on Joginder Singh, steal the ball and Majok lays it in for his 10th point of the game. India has called a timeout to possible regroup but the game is most probably out of their grasp.

14:33 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Lead is up to 25 (37-62) now.

14:33 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Lebanon starting to play hard-nosed defense to complement their offense. Their center #3 just blocked on the same possession, then he gets a layup to go off of the pick-and-roll action.

14:32 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Another 3 by Joginder but yet again Lebanon answers back with a three of their own!

14:31 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Satnam gets his hook shot to go. India able to trade buckets with Lebanon but still staring at a 23-point deficit (34-57).

14:30 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Joginder knocks down a three-pointer but India simply can't contain Lebanon. 

14:29 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Aravind Annadurai! Scores the basket at one end and forces the turnover at the other end!

14:27 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

But India retaliate with a dunk of their own from their own center - Satnam Singh!

14:26 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Both teams traded scoreless possessions before Lebanon drops in a layup. They follow that up a dunk off of pick-and-roll action!

14:25 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

The second half tips-off!

14:17 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Can India mount a comeback in the second half? 

It's going to need a herculean effort. Their offense has to start clicking and at the same time, they have to get some stops to limit Lebanon's output. At the current pace, the visitors could very well pass the 100-point mark. However, unlike the previous game, India hasn't been scoring and keeping it close. 

If India doesn't come out with a sense of urgency and outplay their opponents for the rest of the game, they could be staring at yet another loss and possibly an end to their 2019 FIBA World Cup Qualifiers campaign.

14:11 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

India fails to score. It's been that kind of a quarter for India. They head back into the locker room staring at an enormous 22-point lead, largely in part of the team's lackluster offense in the second period. They were outscored 25-9 by the visitors.

14:09 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Two free throws coming for Lebanon's No. 7. He makes both. India has the final possession.

14:07 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Just over a half a minute to go in the second quarter and India have been completely outplayed in the quarter. Lebanon takes a timeout. 

14:05 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Final minute of the half and India trails 25-45. Another three by Lebanon!

14:04 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Joginder Singh knocks down a bucket on the pick-and-roll action but once again Lebanon reply with a three and curb the possible surging momentum in the bud. 

14:03 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Lebanon starting to get comfortable. They showcase slick passing that ends in a basket. India now trails 23-39 with two minutes to go. 

14:02 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Yadwinder Singh breaks India's scoring drought with a tough driving layup. Unfortunately, Lebanon hit back with a three. Lead is now 14 (37-23). 

14:00 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Lebanon has scored eight unanswered and after timeout force a turnover by India. 

13:59 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

India's Arvind Arumugam receiving more minutes today. He showed off a lot of hustle with few offensive rebounds but fouls his man on the other end. Two free throws coming for Lebanon as India calls another timeout.

13:57 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Another three by Lebanon. They are starting to pull away now. They lead 32-21.

13:56 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Lebanon #5 knocks down a three-pointer, extends their lead to eight (21-29).

13:55 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Akilan Pari's replacement Lovneet with the steal and fancy escape dribble. Satnam makes that possession count by dropping both his free-throws.

13:53 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

About a minute of scoreless basketball. India breaks that void with Aravind's and-one transition play. Lebanon's lead down to five (19-24).

13:52 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Lebanon makes one of two free throws but that's followed by empty possessions by both India and the visitors.

13:51 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Lebanon begins the second quarter with a basket. They extend their lead to 8 but then force the turnover with their full-court pressure defense.

13:49 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

It's been a strong effort by India but once again they fail to keep the momentum and energy going for the entire quarter. Satnam and Yadwinder have led the scoring charts for the hosts. 

13:48 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Lebanon fails to score on the final possession of the first quarter. Their lead remains at six points (22-16).

13:47 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

As we say that, Lebanon fire back to make it a four-point game. MAKE THAT SIX! Lebanon scores again off of a steal in transition.

13:46 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Previous game's top scorer Aravind Annadurai opens his account and keeps India in the hunt. It's a two-point game now.

13:45 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

2:18 to go in the first quarter, India trails 14-18.

13:44 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Lebanon #4 makes one of two to give his team a 18-14 lead.

13:44 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

An acrobatic reverse lay-up by Lebanon #4 but the basket doesn't count. Just two free throws coming.

13:43 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Buckets by Lebanon on three consecutive possessions to score 7 straight points. In the same span, India registers one three-pointer.

13:41 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

He makes one of the two, give India an 11-10 lead.

13:41 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Yadwinder Singh gets fouled on his jump shot attempt. Two free throws coming.

13:40 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

4:58 to go in the first quarter, Scores are tied at 10.

13:39 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

A good strong start by both teams. India seems to be more loud and energetic on defense, shouting schemes and markings while on that side of the court. 

13:38 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

India calls a timeout. 

13:38 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

A couple of empty possessions by both teams ends when Justin Joseph knocks down a three-pointer for India. Unfortunately, Lebanon quickly replies with one of their own. 5:35 to go in the first quarter and the scores are tied at 10.

13:36 (GMT)26 FEB 2018

Off of those free throws, Lebanon forces an eight-second violation by India.
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