2019 French Open: Rafael Nadal vs Dominic Thiem Live Score, Commentary and Updates

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Rafael Nadal becomes the first player ever to win a 12th French Open title and creates history!


16:19 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Thank you for joining us on this very exciting and historic final match! 

Congratulations yet again to Rafael Nadal for this stunning performance and a hattrick win at the French Open! 

16:18 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

As for Dominic Thiem, he needs to be applauded for putting up a terrific fight in the first two sets of the match. There is a lot more left to see of Thiem. 

Assuredly, he is the next big thing on clay after Nadal.

16:17 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Congratulations, Rafael Nadal for showing us what sheer dominance looks like. 
Thank you, King of Clay for being this enigma on clay.

16:16 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

This is also his 436th clay court match win and a 59th clay court tournament win as well as a 18th Grand Slam win for the Spaniard!

16:15 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Nadal becomes the first player ever to win 12 titles at any particular Grand Slam. 

16:14 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Nadal falls to the ground in sheer joy as Thiem's return falls wide and he crowns himself Champion yet again! 

16:14 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

With that final serve Nadal redefines why he is called the King of Clay as an emotional Rafael Nadal wins the French Open for the 12th time!

16:11 (GMT)9 JUN 2019


16:10 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Thiem's returns are sorry excuses at this point. Clearly, he has a lot of learning left to do even now. 

16:09 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

There is a deafening cheer inside Court Phillipe Chatrier and Nadal begins with an ace!

16:09 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Nadal will now be serving for a 12th Roland Garros Championship! 

16:09 (GMT)9 JUN 2019


16:07 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Thiem gets a cheeky dropshot over the net to bring it back to deuce.

16:06 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Nadal gets the advantage once more! 

16:05 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

It's deuce once again on the Dominic Thiem serve as Nadal really attacks it.

16:03 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Thiem commits error after error in frustration. It's 15 ALL on the Thiem serve.

16:00 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

He is just 2 games away from victory.

16:00 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

The King of Clay edges closer to history as he holds serve and goes up 4-1.

15:55 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Thiem survives the scare and holds his serve finally in this set. But Nadal still has a good 3-1 lead.

15:54 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

But wait, Thiem comes back from nowhere and it's deuce on his serve.

15:52 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

The Austrian seems to have fazed out by the sheer dominance of the King of Clay.

15:52 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

And yet again, Nadal has three break points on Thiem's serve.

15:51 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Nadal hits unbelievable shots to go up 30-0 on the Thiem serve.

15:50 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

But Nadal is relentless here and powers down winner after winner. 

15:49 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Thiem will need divine luck right now to help turn things around for him.

15:49 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Nadal is dangerously close to getting a 12th French Open title now! 

15:48 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Nadal wards off the threat of Thiem and leads 3-0 in the fourth set! 

15:46 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Thiem gets an advantage as Nadal's return falls out.

15:46 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Things look slightly tense once again on Court Phillipe Chatrier as we have Deuce Number 2 on the Nadal serve.

15:43 (GMT)9 JUN 2019


15:42 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Amazing agile movements from both players as Thiem levels up 30 ALL on a Nadal serve.

15:39 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Will this be a repeat show of the crushing third set?

15:38 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Nadal attacks the Thiem serve and snatches away the opening service of the Austrian from him. It's a 2-0 lead for Nadal again. 

15:38 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Nadal prevails and holds his serve.

15:32 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

But Thiem seems to have regained his form and has a break point on the Nadal serve! How dramatic is this match? 

15:29 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Nadal is brutally good from the beginning of the fourth set! 

15:26 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

It's a do or die set for Dominic Thiem now.

15:26 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Unless Thiem really pulls up his socks and plays well and gets this set, there is no stopping a fiesty Nadal. 

15:25 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Rafael Nadal is now one set away from making history by getting his 12th French Open title and his 18th Grand Slam! 

15:25 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Thiem nets his return and the King of Clay gets an easy-peasy third set in just 24 minutes.

15:24 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Nadal has set point in no time now! 

15:23 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Nadal is up 30-15 on the Thiem serve. Can Thiem hold at this crucial point?

15:21 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Thiem will now serve to stay in this set.

15:21 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Nadal is in cruise control here with a 5-1 lead over Thiem in the third set.

15:19 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

It's pure one-way traffic on the court now with Nadal pouncing one winner after the other. 

15:16 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Thiem finally gets himself on the board. He lags behind at 1-4.

15:15 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

And with that, Thiem starts hitting a few promising shots! He is 40-0 up on his own serve.

15:14 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Thiem looks a bit put off here and he needs to find his form back again if he hopes of staying in this match. 

15:13 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

This set belongs to Nadal clearly as he leads 4-0 here in the third set. 

15:09 (GMT)9 JUN 2019

Nadal breaks Thiem again and leads 3-0 in the third set. 
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