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  • AEW Collision Live Results (September 16, 2023): Bryan Danielson pinned, major botch, WWE legends debut, multiple returns

AEW Collision Live Results (September 16, 2023): Bryan Danielson pinned, major botch, WWE legends debut, multiple returns

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 17, 2023 02:12 GMT

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02:12 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

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02:03 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Britt Baker looks to hit the Panama Sunrise, but Kris Statlander catches her. After a struggle, Baker applies the Lockjaw, but Statlander counters to get a pinfall win.

Kris Statlander retains

02:02 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Kris misses a knee strike on the corner, and Baker rolls her up for a two-count. Baker hits a Canadian Destroyer and hits the Angels Wings. Baker then follows up with a Curb Stomp, but only gets a two-count.

02:00 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Britt Baker looks for the Lockjaw, but Kris Statlander powers out of the submission move. After a back-and-forth, Statlander drops Baker with a lariat.

01:58 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Kris Statlander responds with a blue thunder bomb for a two-count. After a back-and-forth, Baker stomps Statlander for a two-count.

01:57 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Kris Statlander misses a moonsault attempt and Britt Baker slams the champion's knees on the steel ringpost. Jim Ross says Bret Hart used to do that to perfection. Baker connects with two slingblades.

01:56 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Kris drops Baker on her knees with a backbreaker. The champion is wearing Britt Baker down in the middle of the ring. Kris is up on the turnbuckles, but Baker follows her.

01:54 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Kris Statlander has an awkward landing, but gets a two-count after hitting a powerslam. Kris hits a delayed vertical suplex on Baker and gets another two-count. She then pushes The Doctor into the corner.

01:53 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Kris Statlander (c) vs. Britt Baker - AEW TBS Championship Match

Kris Statlander overpowers Britt Baker in the initial stages. Baker regroups on the outside and decks Kris with. a forearm strike. The two then exchange blows.

01:48 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Ricky Starks complains about AEW promoting Zack Sabre Jr. and not him. He challenges Bryan Danielson to a Texas Death Match next week.

01:44 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Jim Ross will join the commentary for the main event involving Kris Statlander and Britt Baker.

01:43 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

RVD's return is announced for next week's show. 

FTR vow to still remain the AEW World Tag Team Champions by WrestleDream and face Aussie Open in a title match.

01:41 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

We see a video package of Claudio Castagnoli with his final words ahead of his final chapter with Eddie Kingston at Grand Slam.

01:39 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Post-match, The Righteous boast about their victories over The Hardys and put the ROH World Tag Team Champions, MJF and Adam Cole, on notice.

01:37 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Towards the end of the match, Vincent pins Jeff Hardy to pick up a massive upset win.

The Righteous win

01:36 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Dutch gets a two-count on Matt Hardy. He then wears Matt down. Jeff Hardy is finally tagged in and he takes down Vincent and Dutch. The Hardys dump Dutch out of the ring. Matt Hardy connects with the Twist of Fate, but Dutch drops Jeff Hardy.

01:31 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Jeff Hardy hits a splash in the corner before Vincent isolates Matt in their corner. Dutch connects with a black hole slam on Matt Hardy.

01:30 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

The Hardys vs The Righteous

Matt Hardy and Vincent start the match. Matt slams Vincent headfirst on the turnbuckles before dumping Dutch out of the ring. The Hardys double team Vincent and Jeff Hardy gets a two-count.

01:21 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Post-match, Jay White and the other members of Bullet Club Gold come out to the ramp. White says Andrade wants his spotlight and challenges the former WWE Superstar to a match. The two almost get in a brawl, but the officials break it up.

01:18 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Towards the end, Andrade dropkicks Sky on the knees and applies the Figure-4 before transitioning to a Figure-8 leg lock for the victory.

Andrade El Idolo wins

01:17 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Andrade El Idolo makes his comeback, but Scorpio Sky connects with an elbow strike. He hits a sunset flip for a two-count. Sky hits a dive to the outside, but seemingly reinjures his knee.

01:14 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Andrade looks to connect with the 3 Amigos, a tribute to Eddie Guerrero. Scorpio Sky drops Andrade on the mat and wears him down.

01:12 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Andrade goes to the turbuckles, but Sky pushes him down. Scorpio Sky controls the match for some time, but Andrade responds with chops.

01:10 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Andrade El Idolo vs. Scorpio Sky

Both men square off in the middle of the ring. Scorpio Sky drop Andrade El Idolo before taking him down with headscissors. Andrade hits the dragon screw on the ropes. Sky is struggling on the outside.

01:06 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Toni Storm is in a video package with RJ City and she remains as unhinged as ever.

01:03 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Post-match, Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher put FTR on notice. Fletcher brings up the fact that both teams have won similar titles and challenge FTR for the AEW World Championships at WrestleDream.

01:01 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Aussie Open vs. enhancement talent

Aussie Open make quick work of their opponents.

Aussie Open win

00:59 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Orange Cassidy and Hook are in a backstage segment. Cassidy says he and Hook should form a tag team for Grand Slam. Hook agrees.

00:56 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

00:55 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Eddie Kingston brings up his past with Claudio Castagnoli and sends a warning to the Blackpool Combat Club member ahead of Grand Slam.

00:53 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

John Silver steals the win after Evil Uno's interference on Collision.

John Silver wins

00:52 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Bowens connects with a knee strike and Silver escapes to the outside. The Acclaimed member hits a spinning elbow strike on the outside. Evil Uno attacks Bowens.

00:51 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

After a back-and-forth, Anthony Bowens takes down John Silver with a lariat. Silver shuts Bowens down and superkicks him. The Dark Order member gets a two-count shortly after.

00:49 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Anthony Bowens catches John Silver, but the latter comes back with an enziguiri. Bowens stuns Silver with some right hand strikes and finally takes his opponent down. Bowens gets a two-count shortly after.

00:47 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Silver kicks Bowens on the outside and takes control of the match. Bowens responds with some right hand strikes, but Silver drops him on the turnbuckles.

00:44 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Anthony Bowens vs. John Silver

Billy Gunn and Max Caster are banned from ringside. John Silver take adavntage early on, but Anthony Bowens makes his comeback. Silver walks out of the ring to regroup.

00:40 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Keith is in a backstage segment and Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty confront him. AEW seemingly botches the segment at the start.

00:39 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Post-match, The Workhorsemen come down the ring and confront FTR, seemingly confirming a match between the two duos. Aussie Open watch on from backstage.

00:37 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Boulder misses a moonsault attempt before FTR connect with the Shatter Machine on Bronson. FTR double team Boulder and Wheeler gets the pinfall with a frog splash on Boulder.

FTR retain

00:36 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

FTR (c) vs. Iron Savages - AEW World Tag Team Championship Match

FTR connect with the Shatter Machine on Jack Jamieson before Bronson and Boulder double team Cash Wheeler. The latter tags in Dax Harwood, but Boulder takes him down. Boulder bodyslams Harwood in the middle of the ring.

00:31 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Miro sends a warning to Powerhouse Hobbs and questions why Lana is back again. 

00:26 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

The Hung Bucks accept Mogul Embassy's challenge at Rampage Grand Slam and make the match for the ROH Six-Man Titles.

00:24 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

A cheap shot from Big Bill allows Ricky Starks to connect with the spear for a two-count. Towards the end, Ricky Starks counters Danielson's high flying move and follows up with a low blow. He then hits the Roshambo and pins Danielson.

Ricky Starks and Big Bill win

00:21 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Castagnoli hits the giant swing on Ricky Starks and after a back-and-forth, Starks takes down Claudio for a two-count. The BCC member hits an uppercut for a nearfall. Bryan Danielson comes in and kicks Starks on the chest.

00:19 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Claudio Castagnoli lifts Big Bill up and plants him on the mat for a two-count. Big responds with a chokeslam for a two-count. Ricky Starks tags in.

00:18 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Starks with some heavy strikes on Danielson, but both men take each other down with lariats. Claudio Castagnoli and Big Bill are tagged in. Claudio uppercuts Bill and follows up with lariats in the corner and takes down the giant with a lariat.

00:15 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Big Bil hits a splash before hitting a big boot. Ricky Starks gets in a cheap shots on the outside and the heels isolate Danielson. Starks get in a two-count after an elbow drop. Big Bill chokes Bryan Danielson on the ropes.

00:12 (GMT)17 SEP 2023

Ricky Starks tags himself in and unloads on Bryan Danielson. The latter returns the favor and drops Starks with a hurricanrana from the turnbuckle. Starks clobbers Danielson and tags in Big Bill.
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