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AEW Dynamite Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from All Elite Wrestling Dynamite 'Winter is Coming' (2nd December 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 03, 2020 03:20 GMT

Can Kenny Omega dethrone Jon Moxley as the AEW World Champion?


03:18 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

Quick Match Results

MJF and Orange Cassidy are the final two in the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal
Chris Jericho defeats Frankie Kazarian
Dr. Britt Baker defeats Leyla Hirsch
Cody Rhodes and Darby Allin defeat Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs (Followed by the debut of Sting)
Kenny Omega defeats Jon Moxley to win the AEW World Championship

03:14 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

Well, what a show that was. Possibly the greatest episode of AEW Dynamite in its short history so far. Thanks for joining us, this has been Divesh. 
Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the full results, which will be posted here shortly, as well as live coverage of WWE SmackDown on Friday, NXT Takeover War Games on Sunday, and the fallout episode of AEW Dynamite next Wednesday.

03:04 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

03:04 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

03:02 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

03:02 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

03:02 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

03:01 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

Omega and Don Callis escape from Daily's Place in an SUV after cheating to win the title.

Callis says that the two of them will be on next Tuesday's episode of IMPACT Wrestling. Wow.

02:59 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

We have a new AEW World Champion!

Kenny Omega defeats Jon Moxley to win the AEW World Championship

02:59 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

Moxley takes out the guest commentator for this match Don Callis, who is very close with Omega. Meanwhile, the challenger hits him with a microphone.

Omega connects with four consecutive V-Triggers and connects with the One-Winged Angel.

One. Two. THREE!

02:56 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

02:56 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

Moxley hits a Paradigm Shift onto some heaters at ringside.

02:55 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

02:54 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

The two trade finisher attempts, concluding with an improvised deadlift German suplex by Omega. This is intense.

02:52 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

Moxley hits a second Paradigm Shift, but he is slow to the cover and Omega kicks out. 

He is met with a third V-Trigger, this time in mid-air on the outside. Omega hits the Tiger Driver 98 for another nearfall.

02:51 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

The two bitter rivals are seated on the chairs and laying into each other with slaps and punches.

Omega gains the upper hand with a V-Trigger and a Snap Dragon Suplex. After another V-Trigger, Moxley counters with another massive Lariat.

02:49 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

Kenny Omega dives over the top rope to take out Jon Moxley but is met with a Paradigm Shift in the ring.

However, Moxley does not go for the cover. He instead brings two chairs to the ring. Does he want to have a chat with the Cleaner?

02:45 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

02:44 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

Moxley connects with a pump handle exploder for a two-count.

02:44 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

Omega is attempting to break Moxley down, but Mox counters with a couple of German suplexes.

02:42 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

02:42 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

02:42 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

Omega hits a vicious corner dropkick to the knee of Moxley, but the Champion smashes his challenger with a huge Lariat.

02:40 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

Kenny Omega has the advantage, as the action returns to the ring. He is exploiting a possible weakness in Jon Moxley's knee.

02:37 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

The two megastars approach the stands in battle.

02:36 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

02:36 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

Moxley is sent into the railing, while Omega avoids the same fate.

However, Moxley hits a suplex on the outside.

02:34 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

Omega hits a bunch of chops and Moxley answers with a clothesline, before the Cleaner connects with a Hurricanrana.

02:33 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

The opening exchange is a stalemate, until Moxley takes Omega down with a shoulder tackle.

02:30 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

Now: Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship

02:28 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

02:26 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

02:26 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

It is time for our main event.

Kenny Omega comes out looking as focused as ever. 

Out next is Jon Moxley, who is entering through the crowd.

There is a true big match feel at AEW Dynamite right now!

02:20 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

02:20 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

02:19 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

Meanwhile, AEW Women's Champion Hikaru Shida states that she is not afraid of Abadon.

02:18 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

How can we top such a monumental moment? 

With the biggest match in AEW Dynamite history, of course.

Jon Moxley cuts a promo before his AEW World Title defense about how he and Kenny Omega are destined to be rivals forever.

02:12 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

02:12 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

02:11 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

02:11 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

02:09 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

Sting is back on TNT for the first time in nearly two decades. That was astonishing.

02:08 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

Arn Anderson and Dustin Rhodes are also taken out by Team Tazz, but the lights go out.


The Icon comes out with his baseball bat and stares down the babyfaces, who are all recovering in each corner of the ring.

02:07 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

02:05 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

Cody Rhodes is finally in and goes after Starks and Hobbs with a series of moves, like a top rope Dropkick and a scoop slam.

Rhodes tags Allin back in and takes Hobbs out with a dive, while the TNT Champion finishes Starks off with a Coffin Drop.

Cody Rhodes and Darby Allin defeat Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs

The heels get their heat back after the match, taking out Rhodes and Allin. 

02:02 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

Hobbs recovers the advantage for his team, preventing Allin from reaching Rhodes for the hot tag. The powerhouse throws him overhead by the ears.  

02:00 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

Hobbs hits an intense backbreaker on Allin, who is now being completely dominated. 

An opening is created after Allin and Starks clash heads.

01:59 (GMT)3 DEC 2020

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