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AEW Full Gear Live Results (19th November, 2022): Multiple title changes, WWE legend turns heel!

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 20, 2022 05:05 GMT

Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of AEW Full Gear 2022!


05:05 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Thanks for joining us for our live coverage of AEW Full Gear! Join us on Monday night for WWE RAW!

04:59 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

04:57 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

04:57 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

As MJF is walking back up the ramp, he lays down and makes snow angels, mocking CM Punk as we go off air.

04:53 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Moxley is down! MJF covers Moxley and gets the win! We have a new champion. What happened there??

MJF def. Jon Moxley

04:53 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Mox has a sleeper hold locked in and he accidentally clips the second referee who came out. Mox locks in the Bulldog Choke once again. MJF is tapping out but the referee doesn't see it. As Mox has his back turned, MJF slipped MJF the brass knuckles. MJF clocks MOXLEY!!!! What happened!

04:51 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Moxley charges at MJF and he pulls the referee in the way. MJF grabs the Dynamite Diamond Ring and goes to put it on. Regal walks out and implores MJF to put it down. MJF throws it aaway and flips Regal off.

04:49 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Moxley hits MJF with a Paradigm Shift off  the top rope but MJF manages to reach the bottom rope and grab it.

04:47 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

In his desperation, MJF manages to hit a Heatseeker. He goes for it again but Moxley sends him crashing down on his knees. Moxley is all over MJF's left leg now. He heads to the top rope to try and stomp on it but MJF grabs the top rope and causes the champ to lose his footing.

04:44 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

MJF somehow crawls back into the ring and beats the 10 count. Moxley immediately hits him with the Paradigm Shift but only gets a nearfall. The champ now has a Figure 4 locked in. MJF grabs the referee in his desperation but can't break the hold.

04:43 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Moxley capitalizes and hits MJF with a piledriver through the table at ringside.

04:41 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

MJF takes the champ down and walks over to the timekeeper's table and drags it over to ringside. MJF gets in the ring and Mox was waiting and attacks him immediately. The match heads out to ringside and MJF hits Mox with a Tombstone on the apron. MJF grabs his knee on the way down.

04:37 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Moxley goes and grabs the title belt but MJF is ready. He spits something in the champ's eyes to put him off. Moxley whips MJF into the steel steps before getting back into the ring.

04:34 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

The fans aren't happy with Mox tonight as the champ clubs MJF before hitting a release suplex. Mox locks in an STF and MJF bites him in the hand to break it up. MJF gets in a few shots but Moxley is in a brutal mood tonight. He hits a Falcon Arrow and transitions it into an armbar.

04:32 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Jon Moxley (C) vs  MJF [for the AEW World Championship]

Jon Moxley slaps MJF across the face as soon as the bell ring. MJF then does the Flair strut over Mox's back and then tells the champ to kiss him where the sun doesn't shine. MJF sends Mox crashing out of the ring and then mocks him. Mox is enranged and charges into the ring and bites MJF on the face.

04:28 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

04:24 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

It's time for the main event! Moxley vs MJF is NEXT!

04:20 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Keith Lee is leaving! He's done! Swerve only has himself to blame here! Bowens is all over Swerve. He tags in Caster  who hits Swerve with a dropkick. The Acclaimed take out Swerve and pin him! The boys retain!

The Acclaimed def. Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee

04:19 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Swerve has a set of clippers and he's trying to use then on Bowens. Billy Gunn runs out and attacks Swerve but the refs are urging Daddy Ass to leave. Swerve wants Keith Lee to use the clippers but he throws them away. SWERVE SLAPS KEITH LEE!

04:16 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Max Caster is in position and hits Swerve with the Mic Drop. It looked like he had it but Keith Lee breaks up the count. Swerve fights back with a brainbuster to Caster. Keith Lee tags in and runs down Max Caster with a clothesline. He then tosses Caster across the ring before shoulder charging Bowens out of the ring.

04:13 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Swerve looked to be in a spot of bother but he's recovered again and is in control. Running kick to Bowens gets him a 2-count. Swerve is back up and follows it with two more kicks to the side of the head.

04:07 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Keith Lee and Swerve just look like they can't get on the same page tonight. Bowens gets back in the ring and Lee takes him down before hitting a standing splash for a 2-count. Lee takes Bowens down again with a headbutt.

04:05 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Swerve has taken back control for his team. He goes and grabs a steel barricade, bringing it ringside and setting it up against the ring. Keith Lee doesn't look too happy. Bowens tries to chop Lee but the big man takes him down with one shot. Swerve pulls Bowens out of the ring and tries to suplex him into the barricade. Bowens reverses it.

04:02 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

The Acclaimed (C) vs Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland

A strong start from the champions. They send Keith Lee crashing out of the ring before working over Swerve. Bowens tags in and hits the leg drop from the middle rope before laying into the former WWE star in the corner.

04:00 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

The tag team title match is up next. Billy Gunn isn't at ringside today.

03:59 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

03:58 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

03:54 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Hayter is clubbing Storm in the corner as Britt removes the turnbuckle pad. Storm goes facefirst into the exposed turnbuckle. Hayter is there! She hits Storm with the Haytorade and pins Toni Storm! We have a new champion!

Jamie Hayter def. Toni Storm

03:52 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Storm cashes out to ringside and Britt Baker blindsides her with a Cubstomp onto the title belt. Hayter hits Storm Zero in the middle of the ring but Storm still kicks out. Britt is pushing Jamie Hayter on. Hayter goes for the Haytorade but Storm dodges it and hits a Storm Zero. HAYTER KICKS OUT!

03:50 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Hayter has finally spotted Rebel but she doesn't look happy. The ref ejects Rebel as Storm takes Hayter down with a lariat.

03:50 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Both women are throwing everything they have at each other. Storm collapses onto Hayter and she has to kick out. Rebel runs down to ringside as Storm and Hayter start to tee off on each other. Hayter with a number of high boots but Storm hits back with an elbow strike. Both wrestlers are now trading elbow strikes. Rebel clocks Storm with the title bet as the referee has his back turned. Hayter clocks Storm with a lariat but she still kicks out.

03:44 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Back in the ring, Hayter chops Storm down in the corner. She follows it up with a shoulder charge followed by a lackadaisical pin attempt.

03:42 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

The match spills out to ringside. Hayter sends Storm crashing into the barricade but Storm gives back as good as she gets. She lays out Hayter after sending her face-first into the ringpost.

03:40 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Toni Storm (C) vs Jamie Hayter [for the AEW Women's Championship]

Storm and Hayter lock up early on and it's Hayter who gets the better of the early exchanges, taking Storm down with a headlock takedown. The fans are vocally behind Jamie Hayter early on. 

03:34 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Jay Lethal goes for a Lethal Injection but Sting counters it into a Scorpion Death Drop. Darby is in position and heads to the top rope and hits a Coffin Drop. That's enough to put Lethal away! It's another win for Sting and Darby.

Sting and Darby Allin def. Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal

03:33 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Darby Allin has Jay Lethal down. He goes for a Coffin Drop but Jeff Jarrett smashes him with a guitar from behind. But he's miscaluclated this! Darby is back on his feet smehow! He hits a double Coffin Splash to Lethal and Jarrett. Satnam Singh is in the ring. Sting and Darby hit the big man with a Coffin Drop/Scorpion Death Drop combo. 

03:30 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Sting has a Scorpion Death Lock locked in. Sonjay Dutt tries to break it up but fails. Satnam Singh comes in and he chokeslams Sting, almost breaking the veteran in half.

03:28 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Back in the ring, JJ is all over Darby Allin. He takes Allin down with a clothesline before tagging Lethal in. Lethal has an abdomina stretch locked in. Both men collide heads in the corner and goes down.

03:25 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

This is Jarrett's in-ring AEW debut and it hasn't gone that well for him so far. Darby Allin sets up a ladder on the ramp and  tries to hit Jarrett with a Coffin Drop but Satnam Singh catches him in midair and slams him into the entrance ramp.

03:23 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett vs Sting and Darby Allin

Jarett and Lethal enter first. A bodybag emerges on the entrance ramp and Lethal goes to investigate. Darby Allin blindsides Jay Lethal as Sting walks up behind Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett looks like he's seen a ghost. Jarrett is begging for mercy but Sting is all over him. Lethal comes in to make the save and it doesn't go well for him. Sting tosses Lethal spine-first into the apron.

03:19 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

03:16 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

03:15 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Chris Jericho is backstage cutting a promo when Orange Cassidy interrupts. Cassidy says his good friend Tomohiro Ishii wants to challenge Jericho on AEW Dynamite this Wednesday.

03:14 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Wardlow catches Hobbs with a powerbomb. He's going for a second but Joe smashes Wardlow with the belt. Joe then locks in the Coquina Clutch on Hobbs! Hobbs has tapped!

Samoa Joe wins

03:10 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

All three men have had their openings in this match so far. Joe sends Hobbs crashing into the barricade but Hobbs returns the favour soon after. Back in the ring, Hobbs hits Wardow with a Spinebuster for a nearfall.

03:05 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Hobbs repeatedly clubs Wardlow across the face before suplexing Joe in the middle of the ring. We get an incredible feat of athleticism from Wardlow as he leaps up onto the top rope and  hits a moonsault to both Joe and Hobbs.

03:03 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Wardlow (C) vs Samoa Joe vs Powerhouse Hobbs [for the AEW TNT Championship]

Powerhouse Hobbs has made a dominant start to this match. He hits Wardlow with a vertical suplex. Joe is right on him but Hobbs takes Joe down wth a back elbow.

02:56 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Saraya hits her old finisher, the Ram-PAIGE two times in a row and manages to pin Britt Baker.  She returns to the ring after more than 5 years and picks up a win. This is a huge moment and you can see the emtion on Saraya's face.

Saraya def. Dr. Britt Baker

02:54 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Britt Baker goes for the lockjaw again but is rolled up. Saraya gets in a roll-up of her own. Saraya hits a nasty-looking knee strike to Britt's face. Britt hits back with a Fisherman's neckbreaker followed by another Curbstomp for a nearfall.

02:51 (GMT)20 NOV 2022

Britt is in total control on. She hits Saraya with a Curbstomp for another nearfall. Saraya hits back with a powerbomb off the top rope. 
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