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AEW Rampage Live Results (April 15th, 2022): Texas Death Match

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 16, 2022 05:31 IST

What will happen on AEW Rampage?


05:31 (IST)16 APR 2022

05:31 (IST)16 APR 2022

05:31 (IST)16 APR 2022

Hangman Page just manages to beat the 10 count but Cole was motionless at ringside. A dominant performance by the AEW World Champion as he picks up a decisive victory over Adam Cole.

Hangman Page def. Adam Cole

05:30 (IST)16 APR 2022

Can either man get back to their feet by the 10 count?

05:30 (IST)16 APR 2022

Hangman Page wraps some of the barbed wire around his arm but eats another superkick. Cole looks for a Panama Sunrise but Page wraps barbed wire around Cole's head and hits with him with a Deadeye through the table at ringside.

05:28 (IST)16 APR 2022

Hangman and Cole trade strikes inside the ring. Hangman with a forearm as Cole replies with a superkick and an enzeguiri. Cole continues to into Hangman but gets hit by a Buckshot Lariat. Hangman uses his belt to tie Adam Cole to the top rope. Hangman now brings out a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire but changes his mind. Cole ruthlessly his Page with a low blow followed by two superkicks.

05:24 (IST)16 APR 2022

Hangman Page manages to roll into the ring and just beat the 10 count by forcing himself back on his feet. Both Cole and Hangman are on the top turnbuckle. Hangman hits an incredible Fallaway Slam off the top rope and into a pile of chairs. That was incredible and brutal but won't put Cole away.

05:23 (IST)16 APR 2022

Cole goes for the Panama Sunrise but Hangman counters with a Deadeye. Both men are down but both beat the 10 count and get back on their feet. Hangman heads to the top rope and goes to hit a moonsault out to ringside. Cole catches Hangman with a superkick on the way down.

05:20 (IST)16 APR 2022

Adam Cole finally takes control of this match. He has the champion reeling in the middle of the ring with a steel chain in hand. Hangman Page goes for a lariat but Cole almost decapitates him with a clothesline with the steel chain. Cole is now setting up two chairs in the middle of the ring back to back. Cole goes for a superkick but Hangman blocks it before hitting launching the challenger back-first into the chairs.

05:16 (IST)16 APR 2022

Cole is busted open by now. Hangman sets up a table at ringside and continues to lay into the challenger with right hands.

05:15 (IST)16 APR 2022

05:14 (IST)16 APR 2022

Cole makes his way back into the ring and Hangman follows, laying into the challenger with more right hands. Hangman heads to the top rope and hits some kind of spinning maneuver, hitting Cole with the chair on the way down. Hangman then sets up the chair in the corner and sends Cole through it head-first.

05:13 (IST)16 APR 2022

Hangman clears the timekeeper's table and looks for a powerbomb but Cole manages to break free and back away. The champ follows Cole into the crowd and continues hitting him with right hands. They continue to brawl through the audience as Hangman slams a beer can into Cole's head.

05:11 (IST)16 APR 2022

Hangman Page (C) vs Adam Cole [Texas Deathmatch for the AEW World Championship]

Both men started the match with steels chairs in hand and the match immediately spread out to ringside. Hangman Page booted the steel chair out of Adam Cole's hand before tossing him into the barrier and then the steel steps.

05:03 (IST)16 APR 2022

The biggest match in Rampage history is up next as Hangman Page puts the AEW World Championship on the line against Adam Cole in a Texas Death Match.

05:02 (IST)16 APR 2022

05:02 (IST)16 APR 2022

Soho finally takes control of the match with a combination of strikes followed by a boot to the head. She drives Renegade's head into the middle turnbuckle as we see Twin Magic from the Renegades. Robyn's sister Charlotte replaces her in the ring as Ruby and the referee had her back turned.

Ruby Soho heads to the top rope and hits a senton but Charlotte Rengeade gets the knees up. Too much overconfidence from her as Soho hits the No Future. Charlotte rolls under the ring as Robyn Renegade replaced her again. Ruby Soho hits her new finisher to pick up the win.

Ruby Soho def. Robyn Renegade

04:57 (IST)16 APR 2022

Renegade continues to dominate the match during the ad break. Soho tried to fight back again but Renegade hit a backstabber for a two-count. Soho rolls Robyn Renegade up but she kicks out before wiping the former WWE star out with a lariat. It's been a great showing for Robyn Renegade and she's dominated most of this match.

04:55 (IST)16 APR 2022

Ruby Soho vs Robyn Renegade

Ruby Soho was in action next against Robyn Renegade. Renegade with a pretty decent start, putting Ruby Soho on the backfoot early. Soho fought back but Renegade hit a superkick in the corner to take back control. Renegade was in control of the match as we headed into the commercial break.

04:55 (IST)16 APR 2022

04:51 (IST)16 APR 2022

Dustin Rhodes speaks during a backstage segment. He says that he beat Lance Archer and knocked him out of the top 5 and now he wanted to challenge someone on the AEW roster, someone who was a dream match for him. Dustin then named CM Punk as the person who he was challenging next week on AEW Dynamite.

04:49 (IST)16 APR 2022

04:49 (IST)16 APR 2022

The Butcher vs Local Competitor

The Butcher's opponent tried to blindside him with a dive off the top rope but it didn't have any affect. Butcher decimated his opponent quickly, hitting a Powerbomb to pick up the win.

The Butcher wins

04:48 (IST)16 APR 2022

The Butcher is in action next.

04:44 (IST)16 APR 2022

04:44 (IST)16 APR 2022

The Gunn Club's undefeated record as a trio comes to an end at the hands of the Blackpool Combat Club.

04:43 (IST)16 APR 2022

It's Yuta and Billy Gunn in the ring. Gunn with a Full Nelson Slam but can't put Yuta away. Billy Gunn looks to hit a Famouser but Wheeler Yuta rolled up the WWE veteran for the three-count to pick up the win.

Blackpool Combat Club def. Gunn Club

04:42 (IST)16 APR 2022

Colten Gunn looks to be in a spot of bother on the top rope as Moxley hits a superplex. He followed it up with a double DDT on the Gunn Brothers before tagging Wheeler Yuta in. Yuta takes down Billy Gunn but can't get the two count. Danielson and Moxley go for a double tope suicida but Billy Gunn takes them down with a double clothesline.

04:40 (IST)16 APR 2022

Billy Gunn uses his strength advantage to drive Danielson back. Gunn Club take control of the match as Austin and Colten Gunn trade tags to get a few shots in. Austin Gunn gets overconfident and goes head first into the turnbuckle. Danielson tags out. Mox tags in for the first time and clears house.

04:37 (IST)16 APR 2022

04:36 (IST)16 APR 2022

Blackpool Combat Club vs Gunn Club

Wheeler Yuta and Austin Gunn started the match for their respective teams. Early "Yuta" chants break out as Wheeler Yuta takes control but Colten Gunn tags in. Yuta with a confident submission gold forcing Gunn to reach for the ropes. Danielson tags in.

04:32 (IST)16 APR 2022

Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of AEW Rampage. We kick off the night with six-man tag team action. The members of the Blackpool Combat Club are on their way to the ring as we speak. Gunn Club are already in the ring.
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