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AEW Revolution Live Results (March 5, 2023): Unexpected heel turn, 4-time Intercontinental Champion's career ends?

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 06, 2023 10:28 IST

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10:28 (IST)6 MAR 2023

Here is a recap of the results from AEW Revolution:

Ricky Starks def. Chris Jericho

"Jungle Boy" Jack Perry def. Christian Cage

The House of Black def. The Elite (c) to become the NEW AEW World Trios Champions

Jamie Hayter (c) def. Ruby Soho and Saraya to retain the AEW Women's Championship

Adam "Hangman" Page def. Jon Moxley

Wardlow def. Samoa Joe (c) to become the NEW AEW TNT Champion

The Gunns (c) defeated Danhausen & Orange Cassidy, Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett, and The Acclaimed to retian the AEW Tag Team Championships

MJF (c) defeated Bryan Danielson to retain the AEW World Championship

10:26 (IST)6 MAR 2023

Thank you for joining us! We hope you enjoyed AEW Revolution as much as we did! 

10:25 (IST)6 MAR 2023

That was the first time Bryan Danielson tapped out since February 5th, 2021. It's been over TWO YEARS since he tapped!

10:20 (IST)6 MAR 2023

10:20 (IST)6 MAR 2023

10:19 (IST)6 MAR 2023

The reign of MJF continues. What a controversial way to end it, but what a match nonetheless

10:19 (IST)6 MAR 2023

We just witnessed an all-time classic. WHAT A MATCH

10:19 (IST)6 MAR 2023

MJF hasn't let go. DANIELSON TAPS. It's all over!

MJF defeats Bryan Danielson by submission to retain the AEW World Championship

10:18 (IST)6 MAR 2023

MJF takes a hold of the oxygen tank outside and uses it to smack Danielson on his temple. He hides the tank and proceeds to get the Labell lock on Danielson - who is out already. BUT IT"S NOT OVER. Danielson stays on!

10:17 (IST)6 MAR 2023

The ring of MJF has been taken out of by the referee and he only taps out AFTER grabbing the ropes. Danielson thinks he won but he hasn't!

10:15 (IST)6 MAR 2023

10:15 (IST)6 MAR 2023


10:14 (IST)6 MAR 2023

MJF pushes the referee and Danielson tries to go for the pinfall. MJF goes for the low blow and the referee doesn't see it. HE FAILS TO PIN DANIELSON

10:13 (IST)6 MAR 2023

Justin Roberts reveals that there is no tie. FIRST FALL WINS. SUDDEN DEATH RULES

10:13 (IST)6 MAR 2023

10:12 (IST)6 MAR 2023

Tony Schiavone has been told something. MJF is being given oxygen

10:11 (IST)6 MAR 2023

The score ends at 3-3. The match is a draw and MJF retains the AEW World Title

10:11 (IST)6 MAR 2023

Danielson has him in the middle of the ring. MJF stops himself from tapping. He's crawling to the ropes. He taps but only AFTER the 60-minute mark passes!

10:10 (IST)6 MAR 2023

Not one person is sitting. This is crazy!

10:10 (IST)6 MAR 2023

MJF finally goes for the pin but fails. Bryan has the single leg crab on! ONE MINUTE REMAINS 

10:09 (IST)6 MAR 2023

Danielson hasn't moved. What will happen with TWO MINTUTES remaining?

10:08 (IST)6 MAR 2023

MJF has Danielson on the top turnbuckles and positions him for a big move - LANDING A PILEDRIVER FROM THE TOP! But he doesn't go for the pin as his knee is injured

10:07 (IST)6 MAR 2023

MJF narrows down and JUST FALLS SHORT on the fourth fall

10:07 (IST)6 MAR 2023

10:06 (IST)6 MAR 2023

MJF is in tears and Bryan Danielson is laughing. Justin Roberts announces that five minutes remain and we see instant desperation from both men. 

10:05 (IST)6 MAR 2023

The two are headbutting each other to the death and then exchange strikes. We're closing in on five minutes remaining

10:04 (IST)6 MAR 2023

10:03 (IST)6 MAR 2023

MJF has Danielson's arms ALL THE WAY BACK! It looks like torture for the challenger. Danielson narrowly gets his toes on the rope and breaks the submission!

10:03 (IST)6 MAR 2023

MJF transitions to Salt of The earth, and gets Danielson to the center of the ring

10:02 (IST)6 MAR 2023

MJFgets the labell lock in properly this time, and fans are itching for the tap! BUT MJF counters and tries a pinfall, only for a kickout at 2!

10:01 (IST)6 MAR 2023

MJF is coming back, locking in Danielson to stretch his shoulders

10:01 (IST)6 MAR 2023

10:00 (IST)6 MAR 2023

Danielson hits the psycho knee and has the Labell lock locked in an awkward position. MJF TAPS!

MJF 3-3 Bryan Danielson

They're even with exactly 10 minutes to go!

09:59 (IST)6 MAR 2023

09:59 (IST)6 MAR 2023


09:58 (IST)6 MAR 2023

Danielson shoves MJF into the ring post from the top turnbuckle before sending the champion flying down. A bloodied Danielson is visibly struggling to get the flying headbutt, but he lands it.

09:57 (IST)6 MAR 2023

Danielson takes MJF out at ringside and rather than taking the pinfall count, he jumps from the top turnbuckle down to the floor to take his opponent down.

09:56 (IST)6 MAR 2023

09:56 (IST)6 MAR 2023

09:55 (IST)6 MAR 2023

Danielson is unable to stand straight as he falls down attempting a punch. MJF blows some snot onto him and slaps him provocatively. Danielson rises and MJF asks for his best shot, and the challenger obliges. MJF simply headbutts him to knock him down.

09:54 (IST)6 MAR 2023

MJF names Danielson's children and looks into the camera while continuing to brutalize him

09:53 (IST)6 MAR 2023

MJF isn't going for the second pin immediately. Danielson is bloodied up badly and the Champion keeps him down while shouting "YOU F***ING SUCK" as the crowd gasps

09:51 (IST)6 MAR 2023

Heat-seeker to Danielson and the pinfall puts the champ in front!

MJF 3-2 Bryan Danielson. 19 minutes remain

09:51 (IST)6 MAR 2023

MJF sends Danielson through the same table with a tombstone piledriver. Danielson is BUSTED OPEN

09:50 (IST)6 MAR 2023

This is now the longest match of MJF's professional career with 21 minutes left

09:49 (IST)6 MAR 2023

Danielson JUST beat the count at 9!

09:48 (IST)6 MAR 2023

22 minutes remain and Bryan Danielson is on the verge of being counted out!

09:48 (IST)6 MAR 2023

09:48 (IST)6 MAR 2023

MJF limps towards his opponent outside and then puts him on a table. He uncharacteristically jumps from the top turnbuckle to send Danielson crashing through!

09:46 (IST)6 MAR 2023

MJF gets put on the ropes by The American Dragon. Danielson gets up behind him and elbows the side of his head before MJF sends him crashing down. 
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