AFC Asian Cup 2019 Qualifiers: India vs Kyrgyz Republic, Live Match Updates

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21:26 (IST)27 MAR 2018

FULL TIME : Kyrgyzstan 2-1 India

It's all over! India's Asian Cup Qualifying Campaign comes to an end with a 2-1 loss to the Central Asian Side. Despite the loss, India top the group on the virtue of Goals Forced and Kyrgyzstan finish second. Both the teams qualify for the AFC Asia Cup 2019!

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21:22 (IST)27 MAR 2018

90+2' Corner to Kygyzstan as they look to run down the clock. 

21:20 (IST)27 MAR 2018

3 Minutes Added on. 

21:19 (IST)27 MAR 2018

88' We have an interesting last few minutes as India are just now one goal behind. 

21:18 (IST)27 MAR 2018

86' GOAAAAAAAAAL! Instant Impact from Thapa as his cross finds Jeje unmarked who heads it in and reduces the deficit. 

21:17 (IST)27 MAR 2018

85' Substitution for India : Anirudh Thapa replaces Rowlin Borges. 

21:15 (IST)27 MAR 2018

83' Couple of corners for Kygyzstan but India see them off to safety. 

21:13 (IST)27 MAR 2018

81' It's been all Kyrgyzstan in the last ten minutes as they are moving around the ball with no problem whatsoever. The game is long over for the visiting side. 

21:04 (IST)27 MAR 2018

73' GOAL! Another low cross from the left which is tapped in home past a hapless Sandhu by Murzaev Mirlan to make it 2-0. 

21:01 (IST)27 MAR 2018

71' Syeranko Pavel gets a low cross from left but skies it. 

20:57 (IST)27 MAR 2018

69' Jeje floats in a cross towards Balwant, but the later rise late in the air and misses the ball completely. 

20:56 (IST)27 MAR 2018

67' SAVE! Sandhu stands tall and denies yet another Kyrgyz. shot on target. 

20:55 (IST)27 MAR 2018

64' MISS! Len Doungel and Jeje were stranded with no pressure with only one defender to beat, but instead of taking the ball ahead and create a goal scoring chance, Doungel shoots from distance in panic and gives away valuable possession. 

20:52 (IST)27 MAR 2018

62' Len Doungel floats in a freekick but Pavel comes off his line and collects with ease. 

20:50 (IST)27 MAR 2018

60' Substitution for India : Seimenlen Doungel replaces Udanta Singh. 

20:48 (IST)27 MAR 2018

57' Anton shoots and Sandhu pulls of an amazing save to keep the score intact. 

20:46 (IST)27 MAR 2018

53' Borges shoots from distance, finds the target but Pavel pulls off a diving save. The ball falls to Udanta who crosses it in, but the keeper collects it. 

20:41 (IST)27 MAR 2018

51' Freekick cleared away with ease. 

20:38 (IST)27 MAR 2018

50' Freekick goes straight to the hands of Matias Pavel. 

20:37 (IST)27 MAR 2018

49' Freekick to India. Rowlin Borges over it. 

20:35 (IST)27 MAR 2018

Substitution at Half Time : Jerry Lalrinzuala replaces Narayan Das

20:33 (IST)27 MAR 2018

Second half kicks-off. 

20:21 (IST)27 MAR 2018

HALF TIME : Kyrgyzstan 1-0 India

It's been a Kyrgyzstan show all the way, as the hosts have had a spree of chances at goal but could only find the net once. India are clearly the second best side in the first half. Although, the Blue Tigers have had their chances at goal, but could not capitalize on their chances. 

Can the Blue Tigers bounce back? Second half ten minutes away. 

20:18 (IST)27 MAR 2018

45' 1 Minute Added on. 

20:17 (IST)27 MAR 2018

43' It's Kyrgyzstan are looking extremely comfortable with regular sight at goal, but the Indian Defense are holding on somehow. 

20:15 (IST)27 MAR 2018

40' Kyrgyzstan are dictating terms here as India are clearly on the back foot.

20:15 (IST)27 MAR 2018

38' Sandhu clashes into Mirlan, who recieves a delightful ball from the middle in a one vs one situation. Sandhu is down injured due to the clash. 

20:12 (IST)27 MAR 2018

36' Kyrgyzstan are literally towing with the Indian defense, as its the White Falcons all the way. 

20:08 (IST)27 MAR 2018

34' Trouble for India! Kyzgyzstan break into counter as the India defense are in sixes and sevens. Mirlan shoots, but the ball is over the box. 

20:06 (IST)27 MAR 2018

32' India having some control of the game now, with patient play in the Kyrgz. half looking for the equaliser. 

20:03 (IST)27 MAR 2018

29' Balwant finds the net yet again but the referee blows his whistle for some reason unknown. 

20:01 (IST)27 MAR 2018

27' Balwant is back to the pitch after receiving medical assistance. 

19:58 (IST)27 MAR 2018

25' Jeje forwards a delightful through ball towards Balwant, but the Mumbai City striker trips and goes down in a lot of pain. 

19:56 (IST)27 MAR 2018

22' CHANCE! Indian defense caught sleeping as a White Shirt is stranded in the box, all alone but could not make it 2-0 owing up to his poor first touch. 

19:54 (IST)27 MAR 2018

20' India slowly clawing back into the game, but Kyrzgystan are earning possession back on each and every occasion.

19:51 (IST)27 MAR 2018

18' Freekick brilliantly put in by Rowlin into the box, hits the post and finds Balwant, who slots it home but the referee flags him offside. 

19:49 (IST)27 MAR 2018

15' Baimavot Azamat booked for handling the ball outside the box. He is lucky to not being sent off as Jeje was clear on goal with just the keeper to beat. Freekick to India in an interesting position. 

19:46 (IST)27 MAR 2018

13' Rafique goes down with a clash with a Kyrgz. man during an Arial ball. 

19:45 (IST)27 MAR 2018

11' Freekick cleared away by India to safety. 

19:43 (IST)27 MAR 2018

10' Lalruathara penalised for an infringement outside the box, Kyrgyz earn a freekick. 

19:38 (IST)27 MAR 2018

6' Kyrgyzstan dominating proceedings in Bishkek as India look clueless.

19:35 (IST)27 MAR 2018

2' GOAAAAAL! Outta' nowhere. Kyrgyzstan launch a counter down the right and get the ball in the 18-yard box and the Home side goes 1-0 ahead. 

19:31 (IST)27 MAR 2018

India are in their usual sky-blue outfit while the home side is in White.

19:31 (IST)27 MAR 2018

Kick-off in Bishkek.

19:28 (IST)27 MAR 2018

Several Indian Fans are in the stands!

19:27 (IST)27 MAR 2018

The National Anthems are over and we are set for kick-off!

19:24 (IST)27 MAR 2018

The teams are walking in towards the middle amidst the AFC Anthem.

19:23 (IST)27 MAR 2018

19:18 (IST)27 MAR 2018

19:04 (IST)27 MAR 2018

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