AFC Cup 2018: Aizawl FC vs Abahani Dhaka, Live match updates

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Abahani Dhaka beat Aizawl FC 3-0 at the end of ninety minutes.


20:26 (IST)11 APR 2018

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20:25 (IST)11 APR 2018

Abahani Dhaka's defence performed brilliantly today allowing the Aizawl offence almost no clear shots on goal. Also while on the offensive they made sure that they would score on the few chances they got. 
Aizawl, on the other hand, missed their chances and they left gaps in their defence allowing Abahani the chance to come and exploit them. And the three first half goals seemed to be taking their a toll on them when they came out to play in the second half. They never quite looked to be too dangerous in the second half and Abahani could deal with them quite easily. 
All in all a very enjoyable game which definitely left the fans thirsting for more.  

20:20 (IST)11 APR 2018

And that's it. It's all over. The final score at the end is 3-0 in favour of Abahani Dhaka. 

20:18 (IST)11 APR 2018

90+2' It's a chance for Abahani as Nwadialu tries to curl one in with his right boot from the edge of the box. But the keeper is up to the task and collects easily. 

20:17 (IST)11 APR 2018

90' There will be Three minutes of stoppage time added here at the end of the scheduled ninety.

20:14 (IST)11 APR 2018

87' SUBSTITUTION( Aizawl FC) : A. Zohmingmawia goes off for D. Lalrawngbawla.

20:13 (IST)11 APR 2018

86'  SUBSTITUTION(Abahani Dhaka) : E. Mahmud comes off for M. Maun Miah.

20:10 (IST)11 APR 2018

83' The Aizawl shoulders seem to be drooping a bit. More so than fatigue, it seems to be the weight of the three goals. 

20:06 (IST)11 APR 2018

79' Another chance created by Aizawl as the ball is put forward through two Abahani defenders for the left winger to chase, who gets the cross in. But the Abahani defenders are aware of the danger and cut out the cross before it can reach Dodoz.

20:03 (IST)11 APR 2018

76' SUBSTITUTION ( Abahani Dhaka) : E. Onuoha comes off for T. Badsha.

20:01 (IST)11 APR 2018

74' The substitute K. Lalthathanga scuffs a shot from inside the box letting another Aizawl chance go to waste. 

20:00 (IST)11 APR 2018

72' BOOKING : H. Mawia  of Aizawl FC is booked for a bad challenge. 

19:58 (IST)11 APR 2018

71' Jaryan takes a shot from just outside the box and it's straight at the keeper. The shot did not have any power even close enough to trouble the keeper. 

19:56 (IST)11 APR 2018

70' Aizawl cannot seem to penetrate this Abahani defence and the frustration is starting to show. 

19:55 (IST)11 APR 2018

67' SUBSTITUTION (Aizawl FC) : Lalkhawpuimawia is taken off for  K. Lalthathanga

19:52 (IST)11 APR 2018

63' SUBSTITUTION(Abahani Dhaka) : The goalscorer R. Miya  is taken off for   N. Newaj Jibon

19:51 (IST)11 APR 2018

63' Aizawl carve a good chance with some slick passing. Finally it falls to Lalkhawpuimawia who tries to flick the incoming ball forward into his path and follow it with a turn. But he goes to ground under a challenge and looks to the referee for a penalty. The referee is however unsympathetic to his pleas. 

19:46 (IST)11 APR 2018

60' Dodoz goes for goal from range but the shot is miles wide of the post. 

19:45 (IST)11 APR 2018

59' Abahani extremely content in allowing Aizawl to have all the possession. They have committed a lot of men back to fortify their defence. 

19:43 (IST)11 APR 2018

57' Abahani have a long-throw deep in the Aizawl half. It's R. Hasan who takes it but  Aizawl can come out with the ball. 

19:42 (IST)11 APR 2018

54' The shot from the free-kick is straight at the keeper who can collect easily and get his team going. 

19:41 (IST)11 APR 2018

53' Aizawl have a free-kick in a good position. Dodoz ran forward with the ball and made the Abahani defender commit a foul. 

19:39 (IST)11 APR 2018

50' Aizawl fashion a chance. But the final ball in from the right goes beyond the Aizawl player in the box. 

19:38 (IST)11 APR 2018

49' Abahani will be very happy the way the game is unfolding at the moment. The bulk of the play happening in the middle of the pitch and both teams losing the ball at regular intervals. 

19:36 (IST)11 APR 2018

47' SUBSTITUTION(Aizawl FC) : L. Varte goes off for A. Ionescu

19:34 (IST)11 APR 2018

46' Aizawl fashion a chance. Dodoz finds the ball at the edge of the box and he shoots. It's a thumping shot but it's straight at a defender.  

19:32 (IST)11 APR 2018

There's the whistle and we're off in the second half with Aizawl on the ball. 

19:30 (IST)11 APR 2018

The players are walking back onto the pitch as we get ready for the second half. 

19:26 (IST)11 APR 2018

Abahani seat in a comfortable position in this game with a three goal cushion and it's seems it will be more of the same from Abahani in the second half. 
Santosh Kashyap will have a task at his hands when he tries to get his boys to find the motivation to come back from this. 

19:24 (IST)11 APR 2018

Abahani put pressure at the start and managed to find two goals. But Aizawl FC seemed to be fighting their way back into it. But just then, Abahani scored their third goal and at the moment Aizawl seem shell-shocked. 
Abahani have carried out their defensive duties well, so much so, that their keeper has seen very little of the ball. The one time he was off his line and a shot came in the defenders were their to make the goal-line clearance. 
In comparison to that the Abahani players kept on finding space between the players in the Aizawl back line. Also they have taken the chances they got, unlike Aizawl. 

19:18 (IST)11 APR 2018

It's all over for the first half. The score reads 3-0 to Abahani Dhaka.

19:17 (IST)11 APR 2018

It will be one minute of added time at the end of the first half. 

19:17 (IST)11 APR 2018

45' Big chance for Aizawl FC. Dodoz runs forward with the ball. he puts it ahead for Jaryan who puts it ahead again. It finally falls to Lalkhawpuimawia who takes it shot but can only hit the side netting.  

19:15 (IST)11 APR 2018

43' Abahani on the ball again with Nwadialu on the ball on the left. But nothing comes off it and Aizawl have a throw.

19:13 (IST)11 APR 2018

39' Aizawl seem rattled. They have lost their flow. They are failing to connect their passes and create a good chance. 

19:10 (IST)11 APR 2018

Abahani are running riot over here as Kojima Seiya gets onto the scoresheet. The ball comes swerving in from the left from the left boot of M. Faisal. Nwadialu intelligently heads it down straight at Kojima's feet, who calmly takes a touch before putting the ball past the keeper. 

19:07 (IST)11 APR 2018

35' Abahani starting to enjoy more time on the ball. This could spell disaster for Aizawl FC. 

19:05 (IST)11 APR 2018

33' Abahani finally have another shot and it's the goalscorer again, R. Miya. But this time the shot goes way over the bar. 

19:04 (IST)11 APR 2018

31' Another chance goes begging for Aizawl FC. It's a cute little interplay between Dodoz and Jaryan just outside the Abahani box. Dodoz plays it to Jaryan and darts forward for the return. But it never comes as Jaryan goes for the shot which is wide of the left post.

19:01 (IST)11 APR 2018

29' Abahani No.3 M.Faisal is on the ground holding his head. Looks like he's taken a knock. 

19:00 (IST)11 APR 2018

26' Aizawl putting Dhaka under immense pressure at the moment. There is only wave after wave of Aizawl attack. But they are missing chances which can later cost them dearly. 

18:59 (IST)11 APR 2018

22' Aizawl FC's second corner in three minutes and a big save made by the Abahani defence. The ball is whipped in, the keeper comes out to punch. He mistimes it and the ball falls for Jaryan, whose shot is blocked on the line by the Abahani defenders. Close call. 

18:57 (IST)11 APR 2018

19' It's Albert on the ball again for Aizawl. Most of their attack seems to be coming from the right. Renthlei puts the ball into his path from the right. But Albert's shot gets deflected off a defender and out for a corner.

18:55 (IST)11 APR 2018

It's another corner for Abahani Dhaka.  A big chance for them to double the lead. The ball is whipped in. Nwadialu meets it with his head. The header is blocked but falls favourably for N.Alison who can convert an easy tap-in.  

18:52 (IST)11 APR 2018

10' Albert makes a darting run for Aizawl FC, down the right, but nothing comes off it. He desperately needed support which was just not there. 

18:50 (IST)11 APR 2018

8' Aizawl Fc slowly getting into rhythm. They are starting to find their passes. 

18:49 (IST)11 APR 2018

6' Big chance missed by Abahani. It's Nwadialu who runs onto the ball beating the off-side trap. He also chips the keeper but cannot find the net. 

18:47 (IST)11 APR 2018

4' Abahani keeping up the pressure on Aizawl FC not letting them settle. They are creating a lot of chances. 

18:46 (IST)11 APR 2018

It's a goal for Abahani Dhaka. It's the no. 11 R.Miya with the very early goal. He gets the ball in the box and calmly chips it over the keeper into the empty net. Aizawl have a big task on their hands now. 

18:44 (IST)11 APR 2018

Abahani Dhaka looking to create pressure at the start. 

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