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Full Time: Al-Rayyan SC (QAT) 1-1 FC Goa (IND)


00:26 (IST)27 APR 2021

FULL TIME. Al-Rayyan 1-1 FC Goa

A night of heartbreak for FC Goa! The Gaurs fail to hold on to their solitary goal lead as a 90th-minute goal from Farydoon dashes FC Goa's aim to get a maiden ACL win after Jorge Ortiz put the Gaurs ahead in the first half. Seriton Fernandes' indecision to go for goal proved decisive as both teams only manage to get a point piece from a fiesty ACL encounter.

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00:25 (IST)27 APR 2021

90+4' Dheeraj Singh makes a crucial save to deny Yacine Brahimi. 

00:24 (IST)27 APR 2021

90+2' Edu Bedia goes for goal from a set-piece opportunity, the Al-Rayyan wall blocks the shot. Makan Winkle Chothe has a chance on goal from distance but wide. 

00:22 (IST)27 APR 2021

Additional Time: 4 Minutes. 

00:22 (IST)27 APR 2021

''Heartbreak for FC Goa''

00:22 (IST)27 APR 2021

90' GOAL! Al-Rayyan equalised. Farydoon scores for Al-Rayyan after Saviour Gama allows an Al-Rayyan cross into the box. James Donachie and Dheeraj Singh fail to judge the cross and Farydoon puts it in into an empty net. It is all 1-1.

00:18 (IST)27 APR 2021

86' Al-Rayyan survive! Devendra Murgaonkar plays a fine ball to Seriton Fernandes who just has the keeper to beat but never takes the shot and holds on to the ball. Seriton had options in Romeo Fernandes, and Makan Winkle Chothe in the box but he never passes the ball as well and gives away the possession. It really should have been 2-0 there for the Indian side. 

00:13 (IST)27 APR 2021

84' Dheeraj Singh is booked for trying to waste time by delaying his goal-kick. 

00:11 (IST)27 APR 2021

82' Al-Rayyan SC clear their lines. 

00:10 (IST)27 APR 2021

81' FC Goa get a second corner. 

00:10 (IST)27 APR 2021

80' FC Goa earn the first corner of the game. 

00:09 (IST)27 APR 2021

78' Lorent Blanc's side has been reminiscent of an ineffective Spanish football system from the culture of La Masia. Al-Rayyan have had lots and lots of the ball but have never looked like a threatening side so far in the game. They keep passing it among themselves but can never destabilise the FC Goa defence.

00:07 (IST)27 APR 2021

76' Abdel Aziz Rahman delivers a cross towards Yacine Brahimi, Ivan Gonzalez makes a headed clearance.

00:03 (IST)27 APR 2021

72' MISS! Glan Martins has immense time and space on the ball and fails to hit the target from outside the box with a powerful shot. 

00:02 (IST)27 APR 2021

71' Oops! Romeo Fernandes almost scores against his own side while he attempts to clear an Al-Rayyan cross. 

00:01 (IST)27 APR 2021

70' Substitution for FC Goa:

OUT - Brandon Fernandes
IN - Makan Winkle Chothe

00:01 (IST)27 APR 2021

69' Substitution for Al-Rayyan:

OUT -Abdulrahman Al Korbi
IN -  Ali Ferydoon 

23:59 (IST)26 APR 2021

67' Al-Rayyan back on the ball with all of their men thrown up on the field in FC Goa's half as Laurent Blanc's side get desperate for the equaliser. 

23:54 (IST)26 APR 2021

63' FC Goa have been unable to deliver proper balls into the 6-yard box from set-pieces. They got two well-placed free-kicks in the flanks but failed to muster anything material enough from the two opportunities. 

23:52 (IST)26 APR 2021

61' Brandon Fernandes goes to the referee's book for a challenge on Abdel Aziz. 

23:49 (IST)26 APR 2021

59' Saviour Gama dispatches a belter of a shot from distance but the end result is a goal-kick for Al-Rayyan SC. 

23:48 (IST)26 APR 2021

57' Double Substitution for FC Goa:

OUT - Ishan Pandita
IN - Devendra Murgaonkar

OUT - Romario Jesuraj
IN - Romeo Fernandes

23:46 (IST)26 APR 2021

55' Referee makes a hash of decisions as he plays an advantage for FC Goa with Ishan Pandita through on goal after an initial foul on Jorge Ortiz but the referee pauses the advantage just before the shot is taken. Strange decision. 

23:44 (IST)26 APR 2021

54' Abdel Aziz Hatim's delivery from the corner goes out of play directly from the delivery and FC Goa can finally play some football of their own. 

23:43 (IST)26 APR 2021

53' Yacine Brahimi's shot on goal from inside the box is scuffed and takes a deflection off Ivan Gonzalez to earn a corner for Al-Rayyan. 

23:42 (IST)26 APR 2021

51' FC Goa being cornered to their own-half by Al-Rayyan. FC Goa want to play outside of their own-half and are trying to move the ball around but lack the definite penetrative quality. 

23:38 (IST)26 APR 2021

49' Cross from Seriton Fernandes towards Ishan Pandita but Soud Alhajri collects. 

23:38 (IST)26 APR 2021

48' Al-Rayyan show urgency and intent early on, and have a number of shots on the goal from inside and around the box, but FC Goa clear the danger in utmost unison. 

23:37 (IST)26 APR 2021

47' SAVE! Dheeraj Singh makes a save to deny Al-Korbi from point-blank range. 

23:36 (IST)26 APR 2021

46' Second-half kicks-off.

23:36 (IST)26 APR 2021

Substitution for Al-Rayyan in Half-time:

OUT - Mohamed Alaaeldin
IN - Abdulrahman Al-Harazi

23:34 (IST)26 APR 2021

Substitution for FC Goa in Half-Time:

OUT - Sanson Pereira
IN - Saviour Gama

23:24 (IST)26 APR 2021

23:22 (IST)26 APR 2021

HALF TIME: Al-Rayyan SC 0-1 FC Goa

An early goal from Jorge Ortiz is the difference between the two sides as we head into the break. Al-Rayyan had the majority of the ball but never managed to get a clear cut chance on goal while the Gaurs solely are relying on counter moves. Lots to play for both sides in the second half as FC Goa hunt for a historic first-ever ACL win. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the coverage.

11.25 PM Local Time. 

23:21 (IST)26 APR 2021

45+5' Al-Rayyan almost score the second goal but Ivan Gonzalez and Dheeraj Singh bail the Gaurs out of imminent danger. Al-Rayyan get a corner but James Donachie clears the danger. 

23:20 (IST)26 APR 2021

45+4' FC Goa hit Al-Rayyan on counter and Ishan Pandita has a long-range attempt on goal, Al-Rayan goalkeeper saves. 

23:20 (IST)26 APR 2021

45+3' Edu Bedia gives the ball away cheaply in his own box and almost allows Al-Rayyan to score. 

23:17 (IST)26 APR 2021

Additional Time: 4 Minutes. 

23:15 (IST)26 APR 2021

43' Brandon Fernandes is down on his feet in pain after Shoja Khalilzadeh makes a crashing challenge on the Goan. Brandon makes a number of tumbles and seems to be in a definite amount of pain. 

23:11 (IST)26 APR 2021

42' Ivan Gonzalez is booked for a foul on Yacine Brahimi in the midfield. The Spaniard centre-back misses the next and final game against Al-Wahda on April 29. 

23:10 (IST)26 APR 2021

41' Yohan Boli's attempt from the set-piece is brilliantly punched away by Dheeraj Singh. 

23:09 (IST)26 APR 2021

40' Al-Rayyan have a free-kick on the edge of the box as Seriton Fernandes brings Yacine Brahimi. 

23:09 (IST)26 APR 2021

39' Brandon Fernandes' delivery from the set-piece opportunity is disappointing and Al-Rayyan breaks into the counter. 

23:08 (IST)26 APR 2021

38' FC Goa burst into pace on the counter with Seriton Fernandes on the ball.  Al-Korbi brings down Seriton and Goa earn a set-piece. 

23:06 (IST)26 APR 2021

35' Al-Rayyan are having lots of ball and possession but lack penetration into the FC Goa defence. The Gaurs are having no problems in dealing with the Qatari side. 

23:02 (IST)26 APR 2021

32' The referee has been in a ''no-nonsense'' mode tonight. He has scrutinised the slightest of poor touches by the teams on the opposition and is not hesitant in bringing out the red card. Will we see a booking tonight?

23:00 (IST)26 APR 2021

29' Glan Martins penalised for a rough challenge from the back on Yacine Brahimi. 

22:57 (IST)26 APR 2021

26' FC Goa are happy to sit back in their own half and depend on errors by the Al-Rayyan midfield to get the ball back and then go for their own attacking move up the pitch. 

22:55 (IST)26 APR 2021

22:54 (IST)26 APR 2021

23' Al-Korabi (Al-Rayyan SC) booked for a tuck back on Jorge Ortiz. 
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