All England Open 2018: HS Prannoy vs Chou Tien Chen, Live Match Updates

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HS Prannoy beats Chou Tien Chen 9-21, 21-18, 21-18


02:01 (IST)15 MAR 2018

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02:00 (IST)15 MAR 2018

He is into the second round of the All England Open!

02:00 (IST)15 MAR 2018


By a stroke of luck indeed as the shuttle just brushes off the top of the net, but he has pulled off a major upset here!

01:59 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Chou takes two points. The pressure is on Prannoy now. 20-18.

01:58 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Just brilliant! Match point for Prannoy! Can he do it? 20-16.

01:58 (IST)15 MAR 2018

19-16 for Prannoy now! Just two more points!

01:57 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Chow refusing to let Prannoy run away.  16-17.

01:55 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Prannoy surges into the lead!! 17-14!

01:54 (IST)15 MAR 2018

That's just incredible from Prannoy. Fools Chou into going deep before executing a superb drop shot. 14-14.

01:52 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Prannoy and Chou are going toe-to-toe here. 13-13.

01:49 (IST)15 MAR 2018

That's some quick exchange of shots between the two players 11-10 to Prannoy.

01:47 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Prannoy strives to draw level. 8-8.

01:46 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Two very crucial points for Chou. For the first time in the third game, he has taken a substantial lead. 8-6.

01:44 (IST)15 MAR 2018

It's as tight as it gets. 6-6 now.

01:42 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Prannoy is looking very focused here. He has now taken the lead. 5-4

01:40 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Both players are giving their all, 2-3 to Prannoy.

01:39 (IST)15 MAR 2018

The third game is now underway. Who will emerge victoriously?

01:36 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Prannoy takes the second game!!! 21-18! Bring it on!

01:35 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Brilliant, just brilliant from Prannoy. And, he exults with passion! 19-18.

01:34 (IST)15 MAR 2018

It's 18-18 at the moment!

01:32 (IST)15 MAR 2018

That's a brilliant net shot from Prannoy. No chance for Chou. 17-16 to the Indian.

01:31 (IST)15 MAR 2018

And now, Chou has surged ahead. End to end stuff! 16-15 to the Chinese Taipei player. 

01:29 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Prannoy has a slender lead. 15-14. Six more points, go champ!

01:26 (IST)15 MAR 2018

It's very tight here. 13-13 now.

01:24 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Chou has come back stronger after the breather. He now leads the game 12-11.

01:22 (IST)15 MAR 2018

And the star Indian goes into the breather with a two-point lead. Can he hold? 11-9

01:21 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Prannoy is growing more and more into the game but Chou refuses to give up easy. 10-9 to the Indian.

01:20 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Pprannoy is maintaining a steady lead. 9-7.

01:17 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Prannoy's change in strategy seems to be working very well for him. He is up 8-5.

01:15 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Prannoy regains his 2-point lead. 6-4.

01:14 (IST)15 MAR 2018

But Chou manages to pull two points back. 4-4.

01:13 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Now Prannoy is showing some urgency. He quickly takes the lead. 4-2.

01:13 (IST)15 MAR 2018

The second game starts.

01:09 (IST)15 MAR 2018

And Chou takes the first game 21-9.

01:07 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Chou has now well and truly ahead. He has gained complete control of the proceedings. 16-8.

01:05 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Finally, Prannoy gets a point. Still trails 7-12.

01:03 (IST)15 MAR 2018

And Chou goes into the breather with a 5-point advantage. 11-6.

01:02 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Chou has again surged ahead with three back to back points. 10-6 for him.

01:02 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Prannoy is trying to turn the heat but Chou is defending resolutely. In the end, though, the Indian snatches the point. 6-7 to Prannoy.

00:59 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Chou is gradually gaining a healthy lead in this first game. 6-3 to him.

00:57 (IST)15 MAR 2018

That's a terrific smash from Prannoy.  Sets himself up and sends it in with full power. 2-4!

00:56 (IST)15 MAR 2018

This time, Chou's forehand slice goes wide. 1-2 to Prannoy.

00:56 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Prannoy's smash drifts just wide. 0-2.

00:55 (IST)15 MAR 2018

After a long first rally, Chou takes the first point of the match. 0-1.

00:54 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Prannoy will serve and get us underway.

00:54 (IST)15 MAR 2018

The players are on the court, warming up and the match will start in a bit. This is Sagnik, ready to take you through the first round match from here in Birmingham.

00:53 (IST)15 MAR 2018

Good morning, peeps!

22:54 (IST)14 MAR 2018

HS Prannoy is set to get his 2018 All England campaign underway, as he goes up against Chou Tien Chen of the Chinese Taipei in the first round. 
The current World No 12 had a good season in 2017, when he completed multiple upsets to earn the tag of a giant-killer. His good showing last year saw him climb into the top 10 spots if the BWF rankings. 
However, he has recently dropped in the rankings after a series of foot corn saw him drop matches in the Indian Open, where he bowed out in the first round. 
Back from his injuries, Prannoy would be looking to get back to winning ways in his opening match against World No 8 Chou Tien Chen. 
With the likes of Saina Nehwal and B Sai Praneeth bowing out of their respective singles events, Prannoy, along with Kidambi Srikanth and PV Sindhu remain India’s medal hopes at the All England Open. 

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