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All England Open 2018: Kidambi Srikanth vs Brice Leverdez, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 14, 2018 19:30 IST

Srikanth def Leverdez 7-21, 21-14, 22-20 to enter R2


19:30 (IST)14 MAR 2018

And Srikanth has given India its first win of the All England Open 2018.

Can PV Sindhu join him in R2?

Don't go anywhere as we'll be back soon with live coverage of other Indian matches.

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19:25 (IST)14 MAR 2018

That was seriously survival of the fittest! Srikanth had to dig deep and save a match point to enter the second round of the All England Open.

It took him some time to get into the groove after being completely outplayed in the opener....after that it was all Sri show until the mid-game interval of the decider. And what a comeback from Brice that was from that point! He sowed the seeds of doubt in Sri's mind again and even held a match point.

But in the end, he rushed things too much and Sri showed his calm demeanour, like he has done so many times in the past under pressure!

Having said all that, Sri cannot afford to have those slow starts...they can become quite costly against a higher-accomplished opponent.

19:18 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Pheeew! What a match that was! Till the end, nobody knew which way it would go!

19:17 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Final score: Srikanth def Leverdez 7-21, 21-14, 22-20 in 59 minutes

19:22 (IST)14 MAR 2018

And Brice pushes the shuttle wide!

Srikanth wins!!!!!

19:22 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Now Brice misses it in haste!

Sri 21-20

19:21 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Great job from Sri!



19:21 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Body shot from Brice!

Match point

19:21 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Brice sends the shuttle out!


19:20 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Quick change of direction stumps Sri.

19-18 to Brice

19:19 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Another unforced error!


19:18 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Sri went for a smash but put it into the net.


19:18 (IST)14 MAR 2018

And it is 18-16 for Srikanth

19:17 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Gopi is shouting instructions!

19:17 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Crosscourt smash from Sri!


19:17 (IST)14 MAR 2018

And the game continues to be tight.


19:16 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Now Sri looking hesitant again.


19:16 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Too much rush from Brice!

He sends it out.


19:15 (IST)14 MAR 2018

A flying Sri finds his half smash.


19:14 (IST)14 MAR 2018

He gets a vital point back.


19:14 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Sri has to settle in soon for time is running out!

19:13 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Some doubts clearly showing in Sri's face.

Brice up to 14-12

19:13 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Sri misses a backhand!


19:12 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Sri cannot pick up Brice's cross drop!


19:12 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Tense times!

19:11 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Body shot from Brice!


19:11 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Sri cannot take it lightly anymore!

19:11 (IST)14 MAR 2018

And it's a two-point gap!


19:11 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Brice continues to make a dent.


19:02 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Brice starts off well after the break and pockets 2 points to reduce the gap to 8-11

19:08 (IST)14 MAR 2018

And Sri finds the left corner!

Easy as it does!

11-6 going into the midgame interval

19:07 (IST)14 MAR 2018

One jump smash from Brice!


19:07 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Brice cannot put the shuttle over the net.


19:06 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Sri now looks pretty much in control of the play and the conditions, although the difference isn't much.

Sri 9-5

19:04 (IST)14 MAR 2018

4th point in a row!


19:04 (IST)14 MAR 2018

And Sri forces the Frenchman into errors here.

He gets 3 points on the trot to surge to 5-4

18:55 (IST)14 MAR 2018

And it's Leverdez who goes up to 4-2

18:55 (IST)14 MAR 2018

We are quickly all level.


18:53 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Srikanth opens up a 2-0 lead in Game 3.

18:53 (IST)14 MAR 2018

WOW! What a turnaround that was from the Indian! Can he carry on this form in the decider?

18:58 (IST)14 MAR 2018

He needs just one to convert!

Srikanth takes the second game 21-14

18:57 (IST)14 MAR 2018

And Sri now has six game points.


18:57 (IST)14 MAR 2018

He still needs to be careful. Brice has a penchant for causing upsets. The Indian cannot afford to relax.

18:56 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Srikanth wins another exchange.


18:55 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Now Sri fumbles at the net.

Lead cut down to four points.


18:54 (IST)14 MAR 2018

A loose service from Brice!


18:53 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Brice gets a couple of points through quick exchanges.


18:52 (IST)14 MAR 2018

It's a seven-point lead for the Indian now.


18:50 (IST)14 MAR 2018

A crosscourt drop from Brice!

13-6 for Sri

18:49 (IST)14 MAR 2018

Sri is all over the shuttle now!

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