All England Open 2018, Quarter-finals: HS Prannoy vs Huang Yuxiang, Live Match Updates

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Prannoy 22-20, 16-21 Huang


04:14 (IST)17 MAR 2018

And, he converts! Huang has really shown what he is made of today, wins the game 23-21.

04:14 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Huang takes the advantage again, third match point for him!

04:12 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Prannoy draws level yet again. 21-21. 

04:12 (IST)17 MAR 2018

It's all about who can hold their nerve here. Intense!

04:11 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Huang has an advantage at the moment. My, my what a match. 21-20

04:11 (IST)17 MAR 2018

But Prannoy is back!! Deuce at 20-20!

04:10 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Huang now has the match point. 20-19 to the Chinese

04:10 (IST)17 MAR 2018

And he draws level for the first time in the decider! 19-19.

04:08 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Huang pulls one back, 18-19! This is going right down to the wire.

04:08 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Prannoy leads 19-17!!

04:06 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Prannoy needs just three more points to move to the semis. 18-16.

04:04 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Huang takes two back to back points, 15-17.

04:03 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Prannoy is still enjoying his four-point lead 17-13.

04:02 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Huang is looking to stage a late comeback but Prannoy still prevails. 16-12

04:00 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Six-point lead for Prannoy now. 15-9. Go, champ!

03:58 (IST)17 MAR 2018

HS is hell-bent on holding on to his lead. 13-9

03:57 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Prannoy still holds a steady four-point lead. 12-8

03:54 (IST)17 MAR 2018

And the Indian shuttler goes into the breather with a healthy 5-point advantage. 11-6.

Is there any way back for the Chinese?

03:51 (IST)17 MAR 2018

After two tight games, Prannoy has evidently grown into the match. He leads 10-3.  

03:49 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Prannoy is really turning on the heat. No mercy! 8-3

03:49 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Prannoy has a four-point advantage at the moment. 7-3

03:47 (IST)17 MAR 2018

The Indian leads 4-2. If he manages to hold this two-point advantage, there is no reason why he can't win

03:46 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Prannoy leads 3-1. Can he preserve and make it to the semis?

03:44 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Prannoy starts the third game positively. 1-0

03:42 (IST)17 MAR 2018

But he does it this time, the Chinese star wins 21-16 to force the decider!

03:42 (IST)17 MAR 2018

20-16 now, four game points for Huang. But remember how he floundered two match game in the last game.

03:41 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Huang needs just two points now to win the game. 19-16

03:40 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Can the Indian make a comeback yet again? Or is it too late?

03:39 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Huang, though, regains his three-point lead. 18-15

03:39 (IST)17 MAR 2018

He inches closer to drawing level. 15-16

03:38 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Prannoy is still very much in the game.


03:37 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Huang takes a three-point lead now. 15-12

03:35 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Huang still has a one-point lead but Prannoy just doesn't want to stretch to it another game. The Indian trails 12-13

03:32 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Huang goes into the breather with a slender advantage. He leads 11-10.

03:30 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Both players are going at it at full throttle. 8-8

03:28 (IST)17 MAR 2018

The game is now tied at 6-6, who will prevail?

03:26 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Huang has a lead of just one point at the moment. 4-3.

03:23 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Like the first game, both the shuttlers are fighting toe to toe. 2-2.

03:22 (IST)17 MAR 2018

The second game gets underway.

03:20 (IST)17 MAR 2018

That was some comeback by the Indian! Huang has looked to continue his superb form from last day when he beat Kidambi Srikanth, but Prannoy, man, take a bow!

03:19 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Prannoy takes the first game!!! 22-20!

03:18 (IST)17 MAR 2018

And, Prannoy now has a game point! 21-20.

03:18 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Prannoy draws level! It's a deuce! 20-20.

03:17 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Huang now has two game points. 20-18

03:15 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Huang regains his lead. 18-16

03:14 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Huang just doesn't want to give up. End to end stuff. 15-16

03:12 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Prannoy has really found his footing. 16-13.

03:11 (IST)17 MAR 2018

WHAT A COMEBACK FROM THE MAN! Prannoy leads 15-12

03:10 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Prannoy has now surged ahead. For the first time, he leads 13-12

03:09 (IST)17 MAR 2018

That's four consecutive points for Prannoy, 11-12. He is getting into his groove
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