All England Open 2018, Quarter-finals: PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara, Live Match Updates

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Sindhu def Okuhara 20-22, 21-18, 21-18 in 1 hour 24 minutes to enter the SF


20:47 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Don't go anywhere as we'll bring you live coverage of HS Prannoy's quarter-final later at night.

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20:46 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Final score: Sindhu def Okuhara 20-22, 21-18, 21-18 in 1 hour 24 minutes to enter the SF

20:44 (IST)16 MAR 2018

If this is how the first Sindhu vs Okuhara match of 2018 was, we can't wait to see how their next matches will pan out, if they meet again!

The two always deliver an absolute classic every time they meet!

We, badminton fans, are simply blessed to have this rivalry!

20:41 (IST)16 MAR 2018

"When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!"

Sindhu spent more than 2 hours on court before this match, but she played for another 1 hour 24 minutes to beat the world champion and enter the semi-finals of the All England Open for the first time in her career!

She is indeed a tough nut to crack!

20:44 (IST)16 MAR 2018

What a match! What tenacity from both ladies! Absolute epic!!!!!!

20:43 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Sindhu WINS!!!!!!

20:43 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Sindhu finds the line! Okuhara challenges

20:42 (IST)16 MAR 2018

It's in from Sindhu!!

Finds the corner!

Match points!

20:41 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Sindhu wins the net battle!


20:41 (IST)16 MAR 2018

But Okuhara comes back to 18-18

20:41 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Reverse slice from Sindhu makes it 18-17

20:40 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Yellow card shown to SIndhu!

20:39 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Powerful smash down the line from Sindhu!


20:39 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Okuhara breaks the Sindhu streak to go up to 17-16

20:38 (IST)16 MAR 2018

And Okuhara makes an error at the net


20:37 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Outstanding from Sindhu!

Just making Okuhara run from corner to corner!


20:37 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Sindhu is now attacking the net and pushing the shuttle to the backcourt.


20:36 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Running out of options as well as time is running out for Sindhu.

Can she make a comeback?

20:35 (IST)16 MAR 2018

And Sindhu is panting, showing signs of tiredness. The long rallies are wearing her out.

It's 16-12 to Okuhara

20:34 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Reverse slice from Sindhu forces Okuhara into error.

Sindhu 12-14

20:33 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Sindhu fails to return at the net.

Okuhara 14-11

20:32 (IST)16 MAR 2018

But Sindhu undoes the good work with errors.

It's 13-11 to Okuhara

20:32 (IST)16 MAR 2018

With a backhand drop, Sindhu makes it 11-11

20:30 (IST)16 MAR 2018

And she makes the same mistake again!

Okuhara 11-10 going into the interval

20:29 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Trying to find a way through the high tosses, Sindhu pushes the shuttle wide!


20:27 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Lots of chants for Sindhu in the stadium!

20:27 (IST)16 MAR 2018

And Sindhu builds on it further!


20:27 (IST)16 MAR 2018

And it is 9-8 to SIndhu after the shuttle brushes off the top of the tape and lands in Okuhara's part of the court.

20:25 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Wonderful drop from the Indian!

She builds a two-point lead.


20:24 (IST)16 MAR 2018

And Okuhara smashes into the net!

Deadlocked at 6-6

20:23 (IST)16 MAR 2018

This time Sindhu misses the smash in a rush!


20:22 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Caught in no man's land, Okuhara allows Sindhu to smash!

Okuhara 5-4

20:21 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Okuhara challenges a Sindhu shot that landed wide.

Great pair of eyes!

Okuhara races ahead to 5-2

20:12 (IST)16 MAR 2018

With a reverse slice, she widens the gap further!

Okuhara 4-1

20:11 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Okuhara sets the early tempo...task cut out for Sindhu!

The Japanese is up 3-1

20:10 (IST)16 MAR 2018

And she stretches it to 2-0

20:10 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Okuhara opens up a 1-0 lead in the decider!

20:15 (IST)16 MAR 2018

We are going to a decider!!!!

It was always written in the stars, wasn't it?

20:15 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Okuhara tried a drop but it trickles to her part of the court!!!!

Sindhu gets the second game 21-18

20:14 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Two game points for Sindhu!

Okuhara has lost her sharpness!

20:13 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Third point in a row for Sindhu!


20:13 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Now Sindhu comes up with a crosscourt half smash which Okuhara can't return!

It's 18-18

20:12 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Sindhu is clearly feeling the pressure now. Her face shows it!


20:11 (IST)16 MAR 2018

And she gets yet another!


20:11 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Okuhara just keeps surprising Sindhu by changing the direction of her shuttle.


20:10 (IST)16 MAR 2018

And Okuhara is adamant to come back into this!

She now trails 14-16

20:08 (IST)16 MAR 2018

Sindhu manages to keep the three-point advantage.


20:06 (IST)16 MAR 2018

All of a sudden the tide has turned Sindhu's way as Okuhara makes a few unforced errors.

It's 14-11 to Sindhu

20:05 (IST)16 MAR 2018

U never expect Okuhara to take the beating lying down!

She makes it 11-11

20:02 (IST)16 MAR 2018

And suddenly an injection of pace from Sindhu!

She finishes by pushing the shuttle to the backline!

Sindhu up 11-9 at the interval.
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