All England Open 2018, Semi-finals: PV Sindhu vs Akane Yamaguchi, Live Match Updates

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Yamaguchi def Sindhu 19-21, 21-19, 21-18 in 1 hour 19 minutes to enter the final.


00:02 (IST)18 MAR 2018

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00:00 (IST)18 MAR 2018

Final score: Yamaguchi def Sindhu 19-21, 21-19, 21-18 in 1 hour 19 minutes to enter the final.

23:59 (IST)17 MAR 2018

As for Sindhu, she played three-game duels in all her four matches, but never let that come in the way. She showed all her fighting qualities throughout her campaign and just fell short in the end as the spirited Japanese raised her level. The Indian definitely will learn a lot from this and hopefully will ride on this great show to produce even better results in the rest of the season.

And, with Sindhu's loss, the Indian challenge at the All England Open 2018 comes to an end!

23:55 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Fantastic effort from the Japanese to come back from 17-18 down and take the last four points and grab the win.

Gutsy play from both but credit to Akane for never giving up. She was trailing for most of the decider, yet backed herself up to get the big win and enter her first All England Open final.

00:00 (IST)18 MAR 2018

It's yet another heartbreak for Sindhu after an amazing, amazing effort!

23:59 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Yamaguchi puts the shuttle into the corner.

She wins!

23:58 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Match points for Akane


23:58 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Sindhu challenges and she loses the point.

Akane had sent the shuttle in.

Akane 19-18

23:57 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Sharp crosscourt shot from Akane from the forecourt.


23:56 (IST)17 MAR 2018

What a follow up after Akane falls to the ground near the net.

Sindhu 18-17

23:55 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Sindhu squanders a big, big chance at the net. Her look says it all.


23:54 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Akane goes wide!

Sindhu 17-16

23:53 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Bruising rallies going on currently

23:53 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Sindhu has gone long.


23:52 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Backhand flick from Sindhu to finish at the net.


23:51 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Body shot from Akane.


23:50 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Sindhu inches ahead to 15-14

23:50 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Sindhu is spraying errors now.


23:49 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Error in judgement from Sindhu.


23:49 (IST)17 MAR 2018

A tired shot from Sindhu


23:48 (IST)17 MAR 2018

And Akane goes wide after some real hard work.

Sindhu 14-11

23:47 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Sindhu has doubled over and Akane too is looking tired after a 51-shot rally.

It's 13-10 to Sindhu

23:45 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Akane is returning better now and making Sindhu come up with errors.

2 points on the trot and she is 9-13

23:44 (IST)17 MAR 2018

And Akane is looking tired and clueless now.

Her drop shot attempt can't come to her rescue

Sindhu 13-7

23:43 (IST)17 MAR 2018

And the gap is widening!

12-7 for Sindhu

23:41 (IST)17 MAR 2018

After being made to run from end to end, Sindhu comes up with a brutal crosscourt smash.

She is 11-7 at the midgame interval.

23:40 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Akane goes long 


23:39 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Akane gets another point as Sindhu fumbles at the net.

Akane 7-8

23:39 (IST)17 MAR 2018

What a rally!

Akane gets the point by putting the shuttle overhead of Sindhu, which lands on the line.

23:37 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Sindhu is taking the shuttle really, really early.


23:36 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Akane went long on the next point but Sindhu returned the favour with a mistimed smash.


23:35 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Bang! Another one from Sindhu!


23:34 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Big, big smash from Sindhu!


23:33 (IST)17 MAR 2018

And it continues to be even.


23:32 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Smash from Akane!


23:32 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Sindhu wins a net exchange by taking it very early.


23:23 (IST)17 MAR 2018

And it is 1-1

23:23 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Game 3

1-0 to Sindhu

23:22 (IST)17 MAR 2018

What an absorbing duel this is!

This is Sindhu's fourth consecutive three-game match in this tournament.

She needs to take the initiative, otherwise tiredness could be an issue.

23:28 (IST)17 MAR 2018

This time the shuttle brushes off the top of the tape and falls on Sindhu's side.

Yamaguchi gets the second game 21-19

23:27 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Akane goes long!

Sindhu 19-20

23:26 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Sindhu plays great in a long rally but goes wide.

Akane 20-18

23:25 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Again Akane can't cross the net.

Sindhu broke her string. It didn't affect her though!

Akane 19-18

23:24 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Akane goes wide!


23:23 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Backhand flick from Sindhu!


23:22 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Slow drop from Akane.


23:22 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Sindhu just whips the shuttle to Akane's forehand. She can't reach.

Sindhu 15-18

23:21 (IST)17 MAR 2018

The momentum is with the Japanese now.


23:21 (IST)17 MAR 2018

Big smash from Akane!


23:20 (IST)17 MAR 2018

It's 16-14 in favour of Akane currently
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