Andy Murray vs Stan Wawrinka French Open Semifinal live score match updates

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Wawrinka beats Murray 6-7, 6-3, 5-7, 7-6, 6-1 [* indicates server]


15:43 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Wawrinka will become World No.2 if Nadal loses to Thiem. However, if Nadal wins then the winner of the final will be World No.2. Nevertheless, Novak Djokovic has slipped down to 4th in the ATP rankings.

15:41 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Wawrinka will be up against either of Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem. Whoever wins the next semi-final will definitely have his work cut out in the final.

15:40 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

And a typical Stan backhand to end Murray's run in the French Open and put Wawrinka in his fourth Grand Slam final.

15:36 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Murray trying to stay in the battle as he breaks Wawrinka to pull a game back

15:30 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

And Wawrinka goes 5-0 up and will be serving for a place in his second French Open final and a fourth Grand Slam final.

15:27 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

This final set is gradually starting to become a one-sided affair as Wawrinka goes 4-0 up. The Swiss is known for his backhand but in this match, his forehands have also been extremely powerful. Murray will have to come up with something special if he is to stay in the tournament.

15:23 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

As a matter of fact, Wawrinka was 3-0 up during the third set as well before Murray fought back to win it. Will we see a similar thing from Murray in this set too?

15:22 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

16 of the last points have been won by Wawrinka

15:21 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

There's no stopping Stan the man here. His aggression just keeps on intensifying as he breaks Murray to go up 3-0.

15:19 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Murray probably has the best chance to prove why he is known for his high work rate.

15:18 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Wawrinka's looking dangerous now as he unleashes a series of lethal forehands and backhands to hold his serve to love. 2-0 to Stan now.

15:18 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

BREAK and a hold! What can Stan Wawrinka NOT do, even four plus hours later? 

15:14 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Wawrinka's aggression and athleticism does the trick as he breaks Murray in the opening game of the final set.

15:06 (GMT)9 JUN 2017


It's time for Set No. 5...

15:04 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

6-3 to Stan the Man in this TB. Set point. 

15:02 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Murray tries the drop shots that Wawrinka's been trying all match. 

Unfortunately without the same efficacy. 

4-2 to Wawrinka in the tiebreak!

14:58 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

TIEBREAK: Wawrinka 2 - 0 Murray

Stan does well to get the ball back into play after Murray almost sends it out. He's really doing it all to force a fifth. 

14:56 (GMT)9 JUN 2017


14:55 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

6-5 now. Tiebreak. Fifth set. It's all possible here. 

14:55 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Bad time for errors, Stan! Murray holds on to equal for 5-5 ...and Wawrinka holds to love. What a time to hold to love.

14:50 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

No break of serve! 

14:45 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Hold to love from Murray.. followed up by some THUNDERING stuff from Stan the Man. Stunning drop volley from the Swiss ace here and he's held. 5-4. Murray to serve to stay in the fourth.. and one game away are we, from a fifth set.


14:39 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

WHAT a return that was from Wawrinka. No backing down is surely his motto! A couple of forehands and he manages to hold. He really wants to keep himself in this. 


14:32 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Wawrinka is on serve now. 3-3. And he double faults. Not the best time.. but he's sent Murray running down for that one! 

14:28 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Lots and lots of shouting in this set. And not at the other guy, thankfully. Mostly Wawrinka here trying to motivate himself, and it's working. He's held serve here to lead 3-2.

No breaks in this set so far ... but that Nadal match is a while away...a while away

14:22 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Wawrinka has been pulling out a bunch of drop shots and they've served him well early on, especially at the net. But right now he's tried and tried - and Murray returns them both. 

Two games all in the fourth set.... 

14:20 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Oh oh oh what's happening to Stan? A couple of unnecessary errors here from the Swiss ace. He's holding serve here, but it doesn't look as effortless as it did before...

14:07 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Fun reminder - Nadal's semi-final (v Dominic Thiem) was to begin 20 minutes ago. 

This will take far, far more time...

14:07 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

AND THAT'S THE SET! Andy Murray takes 60 minutes, but he gets there in the end. 7-5 in the third and we're looking at a possibility of 5 sets here. There's been some aggressive returning yes, but Murray's biggest weapon is his resilience.

14:02 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Wawrinka's backhand, that ever so unassailable weapon of his, is crumbling. Well, it's not crumbling but it's going wide again and again, and then again. 

14:01 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

No one does resilience like Andy Murray does. He's broken in the third set THREE HOURS into this semifinal to lead 6-5. Serving for the set. 

13:58 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

I thought Wawrinka would win that one..unfortunately not. Murray pulls it back in set 3, and Wawrinka's trying to generate more power on the forehand. It's not working out as well as he'd have liked...5-5

13:50 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

WIDE! No...this is some neck and neck tennis. 4-4 now...

13:36 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

BREAK BREAK! He nets it early on to lose a first BP, but Wawrinka gets the second and how! He leads 4-2 now.

13:31 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Break back... set No. 3 going like Set no. 1 AND set no. 2....

13:28 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

13:20 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Andy Murray doesn't look tired per se - Murray rarely does - but he doesn't look to be on top of things here. Going to be quite the effort to turn things around here. The exciting rallies of the previous set aren't so much here just yet in this set...

but he holds.

3-1 to Wawrinka. 

13:15 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

BREAAAAAK! 2-0. And Wawrinka's about to hold for 3-0 now. 

And it's 3-0! 

13:14 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

13:10 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Whoo. Smooth slide from Murray into the net but again, he can't do much there. For all the world it looks like Stan is ready to break serve. 

13:07 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

1-0 in the third with a hold to love.

13:07 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Is Murray stumbling or Wawrinka steamrolling? Hard to tell but to be honest, Set 1 was Wawrinka's to lose - and he did, by a slim slim margin. Set 2 was decisive, declarative, and he's ironed out the W:UE ratio. 18:15. All is well in the World of Stan.

13:03 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Doing what he was unable to in set 1, Wawrinka ups his returns. They're decisively more aggressive - and more precise too. He's accurate, fast and an Angry No. 3. One set all two hours into this match! 

13:01 (GMT)9 JUN 2017


12:59 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

23 fh unforced errors from Stan the Man. His dad looks tense in the audience here...

12:58 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

And he holds!!! It's exactly like the first set for now though, Wawrinka up 5-3 at the moment and Murray serving to stay in the set. We all saw how that one went...

12:52 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Break to love. Premature to say Stan Wawrinka has the proper lead here but he sure has the intent. THUNDERING forehand dtl to start off game 8.

12:50 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

TRIPLE BREAK POINT for Stan Wawrinka and a quick touch to the line. What a great point. He really does make the well-placed shots look effortless does Wawrinka, and that's given him a break for 4-3! 

12:48 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Three Games All! 

Yes Wawrinka's hitting better but Murray's returning proportionally well. Nothing super-exciting and no big fireworks but some solid consistent tennis - the kind you'd want to see and expect from the top ranked players. 

12:42 (GMT)9 JUN 2017

Tense service hold for Andy Murray right there. Took forever. Three deuces. Murray's not approaching the net well and that's let some of the best down before - including Novak Djokovic. 

Nevertheless, he holds for 3-2 in set two. 
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