Archery World Cup 2018, Bronze medal match: India vs Chinese Taipei, Live match updates

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Chinese Taipei def India 6-2 to take the bronze medal


14:02 (IST)26 MAY 2018

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14:00 (IST)26 MAY 2018

India's campaign in Antalya thus ends with a silver and a bronze medal. They won the silver in women's compound team event and the bronze in mixed compound team event.

Jyothi Surekha Vennam is the only Indian to win two medals from the Antalya World Cup this year.

The recurve archers fared poorly when compared to their compound counterparts.

13:58 (IST)26 MAY 2018

The Indian archers never managed the consistency that was needed in such a high pressure match. And they paid the price.

The 10s were very, very few.

In contrast, Taipei just raised their level in Set 4 after losing Set 3 and produced 5 10s out of a possible 6.

13:55 (IST)26 MAY 2018

And with that, Taipei def India 6-2 to take the bronze medal.

13:55 (IST)26 MAY 2018

Taipei total 58.

They take this set 58-53

13:54 (IST)26 MAY 2018

India total 53 in Set 4

13:52 (IST)26 MAY 2018

Taipei produce a perfect 30.

13:52 (IST)26 MAY 2018

The first three arrows from India in Set 4 are all 9s.

13:50 (IST)26 MAY 2018

Taipei produce 51.

India get this set narrowly, 52-51.

India now trail Taipei 2-4 in the overall score.

13:49 (IST)26 MAY 2018

India had slender chances of taking the set, but each of the archers shoots only an 8 in the second half.

13:48 (IST)26 MAY 2018

Taipei shoot poorly.

They manage only 24

13:47 (IST)26 MAY 2018

India do better in the first half of Set 3.

Bhakat hits the bull's eye.

They produce 28.

13:45 (IST)26 MAY 2018

Taipei win the second set 54-50.

They are up 4-0 in the overall score.

13:44 (IST)26 MAY 2018

Now Deepika shoots a 7 in the second half of the Set 2.

Not a good performance by any means from the Indian girls.

13:43 (IST)26 MAY 2018

Taipei respond with 27.

13:42 (IST)26 MAY 2018

India begin the second set with 25 out of 30.

13:40 (IST)26 MAY 2018

India began the second set poorly with a 6, but readjusted and produced two 10s.

They still lose the first set 51-53.

Chinese Taipei are up 2-0 in the overall score.

13:38 (IST)26 MAY 2018

Only Deepika managed a 9. The rest could only shoot an 8.

13:38 (IST)26 MAY 2018

After the first half of the first set, Taipei lead India 28-25.

13:36 (IST)26 MAY 2018

India will shoot second. We are about to start.

13:35 (IST)26 MAY 2018

Team India has entered.

13:35 (IST)26 MAY 2018

The archers are now entering the field and are being introduced to the crowd.

13:33 (IST)26 MAY 2018

Good afternoon! The recurve bronze medal playoff will begin shortly.

12:40 (IST)26 MAY 2018

Will the Indian team be able to bring home India's 2nd Bronze medal from the World Cup? Stay tuned for all the LIVE Updates.

12:40 (IST)26 MAY 2018

India's performance at the 2018 Hyundai Antalya Archery World Cup has been below par this time around, with only the compound women’s team making it to the Gold Finals. The Indian archery contingent have bagged only two medals so far, one silver and one bronze.

The trio of Jyothi Surekha Vennam, Muskan Kirar, and Divya Dhayal brought glory for the country as they won a silver medal in the Women's Compound team category. They were flawless in the entire event but ultimately lost to Chinese Taipei 228-231 in the final match. 

Jyothi Surekha Vennam and Abhishek Verma also made the nation proud by winning a Bronze medal in the Compound Mixed Team category. 

The onus of winning the third medal now lies on Deepika Kumari, Ankita Bhakat, and Promila Daimary who from India's Recurve Women team. Their run has been satisfactory so far. They got a bye in the first round and eased past France in the second round, defeating them 5-3. A tougher challenge awaited the trio in the quarterfinal, as the 5th seed India went up against the 4th seed Russia. However, the trio showed tremendous composure and defeated Russia 5-1. 

A 6-2 defeat to 1st seed Korea in the semifinal meant that India will face 2nd seed Chinese Taipei in the Bronze Final. 
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