Asian Badminton Championships 2018: India Men vs Hong Kong Men, Live Match Updates

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India def Philippines 5-0


19:28 (IST)6 FEB 2018

And that brings us to the end of our live coverage.

Thanks for staying with us.

Do join us tomorrow as we bring you live updates from the India vs Maldives tie.

It is scheduled at 4.30pm IST.


19:26 (IST)6 FEB 2018

The Indian men play their next tie against Maldives on Wednesday.

19:24 (IST)6 FEB 2018

That was ruthless!

Every member showed up in his match. This is the kind of start Team India surely was looking for!

Needless to say, this will boost their confidence by several notches.

19:22 (IST)6 FEB 2018

India thus maintain their clean sheet in this tie.

They did not drop a match, nor did they drop even a game.

They simply thumped Philippines 5-0

None of the matches lasted over half an hour.

Total domination!

19:18 (IST)6 FEB 2018

And Sameer has DONE IT!

21-15, 21-12 win for the Indian

19:17 (IST)6 FEB 2018

And Sameer is now 2 points away from the win.


19:16 (IST)6 FEB 2018

The Syed Modi International champion has now built a lead of 16-9

19:12 (IST)6 FEB 2018

It's 11-6 to Verma going into the midgame interval

19:12 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Verma smoothly progressing in this game as well.


19:09 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Sameer easily wrapped up the opening game 21-15.

They are now tied at 2-2 in Game 2

18:59 (IST)6 FEB 2018

It's 14-8 to the Indian

18:57 (IST)6 FEB 2018

11-6 to Sameer at the midgame interval

18:56 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Sameer has come back and is in the lead now.


18:54 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Sameer gets his second point of the match.


18:53 (IST)6 FEB 2018

And Zafra is ahead 4-1

Wow! Quite a good start!

18:53 (IST)6 FEB 2018

It's a 2-0 lead for Zafra to start things with.

18:52 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Sameer Verma is in action in the last match of this tie.

He takes on Ralf Zafra

18:44 (IST)6 FEB 2018

India are ahead 4-0 in this tie

18:44 (IST)6 FEB 2018

And Shlok and Arjun have wrapped this up!

21-18, 21-17

18:43 (IST)6 FEB 2018

It's 19-17 to the Indians

18:41 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Arjun and Shlok apply the brakes on their progress and march ahead to 18-15

18:40 (IST)6 FEB 2018

But the Philippines pair comes storming back as they raise their level.

It's 14-14

18:37 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Arjun and Shlok have separated themselves from their opponents through some pinpoint placement and great shotmaking.


18:33 (IST)6 FEB 2018

6-5 to the Indians

18:31 (IST)6 FEB 2018

It's 2-2 in Game 2

18:30 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Arjun and Shlok get rewarded for not giving up.

They take the first game 21-18

18:26 (IST)6 FEB 2018

But the lead keeps changing hands.

18-16 to the Indians now

18:25 (IST)6 FEB 2018

This is determined display from the Philippines duo. They snatch the lead from India and are up 15-14

18:22 (IST)6 FEB 2018

The Indians manage to inch ahead to 11-10 at the midgame interval.

18:19 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Hard to choose between the two teams currently


18:17 (IST)6 FEB 2018

The game is pretty competitive in the initial stages


18:15 (IST)6 FEB 2018

It's 2-1 to the Philippines pair

18:13 (IST)6 FEB 2018

We are now moving on to the second doubles match of this tie.

Shlok Ramchandran and MR Arjun are on the court and they take on Magnaye and Morada.

18:07 (IST)6 FEB 2018

India now have an unassailable lead of 3-0 in this tie

18:06 (IST)6 FEB 2018

And Sai completed the job in just 23 minutes!

It's a 21-6, 21-10 win for the Indian!!

18:05 (IST)6 FEB 2018


Sai is 2 points away from the win

18:02 (IST)6 FEB 2018

It's 14-8

Sai is in no mood to relent

18:00 (IST)6 FEB 2018

11-7 to the Indian at halftime

18:00 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Salvado has been doing his best to try not to let Sai run away with the game.

Sai up 10-7

17:57 (IST)6 FEB 2018

And 8-4 it is 

17:57 (IST)6 FEB 2018

6-3 to Sai

Footwork, placement and attack...everything is flawless from Sai 

17:54 (IST)6 FEB 2018

It's 2-1 to Sai in Game 2

17:52 (IST)6 FEB 2018

And the sizzling Sai gets it done in the first game

21-6 to the Indian

17:51 (IST)6 FEB 2018


12-point advantage for the Indian!

17:50 (IST)6 FEB 2018


Absolute cruise control for the Singapore Open winner!

17:48 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Salvador tries his best to stop Sai and pulls back a couple of points.


17:46 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Sai leaps to 11-2 going into the midgame interval.

17:45 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Eight consecutive points for the Indian!!!!

He is just ruthless and determined at the moment.


17:43 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Sai has since added four points to his kitty and has built a 4-1 lead

17:42 (IST)6 FEB 2018

First point to Salvado
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