Asian Badminton Championships 2018: India Men vs Indonesia Men, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 08, 2018 20:26 IST

Indonesia def India 3-2


20:26 (IST)8 FEB 2018

And that brings us to the end of our live coverage of this tie.

Thanks for staying with us.

Do join us tomorrow as we bring you live updates from the quarter-finals.

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20:23 (IST)8 FEB 2018

That was a gutsy effort from Team India, but it was not to be in the end!

Tomorrow they will play the quarter-finals, which is why some key members from both teams were rested.

20:20 (IST)8 FEB 2018

The World No. 39 stands up and delivers for Indonesia!

Indonesia def India 3-2

20:20 (IST)8 FEB 2018

Mustofa completes the job!

21-12, 21-7

20:18 (IST)8 FEB 2018

And he extends it to 19-6

20:18 (IST)8 FEB 2018

18-5 to Mustofa

20:17 (IST)8 FEB 2018

Sumeeth took two points but it was definitely not enough to curb the confidence of his opponent, who is now up to 15-5

20:16 (IST)8 FEB 2018

The game is moving pretty fast in the direction of Indonesia now.


20:13 (IST)8 FEB 2018

And he still maintains a three-point advantage.


20:13 (IST)8 FEB 2018

It's a 5-2 lead for the Indonesian.

He looks determined to finish in two.

20:10 (IST)8 FEB 2018

It might be uphill for Sumeeth now.

Still let's see how the second game pans out.

20:09 (IST)8 FEB 2018

And Mustofa takes the first game 21-12

20:09 (IST)8 FEB 2018

Eight game points for the Indonesian


20:07 (IST)8 FEB 2018

And he extends the lead to 17-11

20:06 (IST)8 FEB 2018

15-11 to Indonesia

20:05 (IST)8 FEB 2018

But Mustofa makes his mark here.


20:05 (IST)8 FEB 2018

Great to see Reddy never letting Mustofa build a big lead

He is within touching distance of Mustofa at 11-12

20:03 (IST)8 FEB 2018

And Mustofa leads 11-9 at the mid-game interval.

20:02 (IST)8 FEB 2018

10-9 to the Indonesian

20:01 (IST)8 FEB 2018

Mustofa has a slender lead of 9-8 in this tightly-fought game

19:59 (IST)8 FEB 2018

And the game continues to be all even


19:57 (IST)8 FEB 2018

It's 5-5

19:57 (IST)8 FEB 2018

Reddy gets a 5-4 lead

19:56 (IST)8 FEB 2018

And Sumeeth has levelled matters here.


19:55 (IST)8 FEB 2018

Mustofa has extended his lead to 4-2

19:55 (IST)8 FEB 2018

It's a good start for Mustofa and he is up 2-0

19:53 (IST)8 FEB 2018

In the last match of the tie, doubles exponent Sumeeth Reddy will take on the World No. 39 Ihsan Maulana Mustofa.

That's a surprising choice but India wanted to rest their main singles players ahead of the quarter-finals tomorrow and that is understandable.

19:50 (IST)8 FEB 2018

Shlok and Arjun began well and put in a great show till half of the 2nd game but the Indonesians are experienced and they managed to raise their level at the most crucial juncture.

The Indian boys will definitely learn from this.

19:48 (IST)8 FEB 2018

The tie is now even at 2-2

The final match will decide the winner of this tie.

19:48 (IST)8 FEB 2018

Pratama and Saputro have def Shlok and Arjun 14-21, 21-16, 21-12

19:47 (IST)8 FEB 2018

And the Indonesians wrap it up!


19:47 (IST)8 FEB 2018



19:45 (IST)8 FEB 2018

This looks to have slipped away from the Indians' grip.

10-18 they trail

19:43 (IST)8 FEB 2018

15-10 to Indonesia

19:43 (IST)8 FEB 2018

The Indonesians are now steadily moving ahead of the Indians, building a solid lead.

14-9 up

Is it too late for the Indians to come back into this?

19:40 (IST)8 FEB 2018

It's 11-8 to the Indonesians going into the mid-game interval.

19:39 (IST)8 FEB 2018

And Team Indonesia surges to a 10-7 lead

19:37 (IST)8 FEB 2018

And the Indonesians now have a slender lead of one point.


19:34 (IST)8 FEB 2018

And within a flash, the game becomes evenly poised.


19:33 (IST)8 FEB 2018

The Indians make a bright start to the decider and lead 5-3

19:29 (IST)8 FEB 2018

What can the Indians produce in the decider?

19:28 (IST)8 FEB 2018

The Indonesians grab the second game 21-16

19:28 (IST)8 FEB 2018

20-16 after the Indians save a couple of game points

19:27 (IST)8 FEB 2018

Six game points for Team Indonesia


19:25 (IST)8 FEB 2018

And the Indians reduce the gap to just four points.


19:25 (IST)8 FEB 2018

It's 17-12 to the formidable Indonesians

19:22 (IST)8 FEB 2018

The Indonesians now lead 13-8

Can India fight back?

19:20 (IST)8 FEB 2018

The Indonesians have well and truly stamped their authority in this game.

They are up 11-5 going into the mid-game interval.

19:17 (IST)8 FEB 2018

And they lead 7-2 in this game

19:17 (IST)8 FEB 2018

And 4-1 lead for Team Indonesia!

They are determined to fight back!
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