Asian Badminton Championships 2018: India Men vs Maldives Men, Live Match Updates

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India def Maldives 5-0


18:31 (IST)7 FEB 2018

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18:21 (IST)7 FEB 2018

What a performance by Team India!!

5-0 thumping for two days in a row!

Yesterday they beat Philippines by the exact same scoreline and today they outclassed Maldives.

18:20 (IST)7 FEB 2018

And the Indians wrap up the match in just 13 minutes!!

21-2, 21-5

18:20 (IST)7 FEB 2018

Match points for the Indians.


18:19 (IST)7 FEB 2018

11 points in a row for the Indian pair!


18:19 (IST)7 FEB 2018

15-4 to the Indian pair

18:18 (IST)7 FEB 2018

It's 11-4 to the Indians going into the midgame interval.

18:16 (IST)7 FEB 2018

The Maldives duo is giving a bit of a fight in the second game.

6-4 to Team India

18:14 (IST)7 FEB 2018

Arjun and Shlok wrap up the first game 21-2 in just SIX minutes!

They are pretty much teaching a lesson to their unheralded opponents.

18:12 (IST)7 FEB 2018

It's 18-2 to India

Just ruthless domination

18:10 (IST)7 FEB 2018

11-1 advantage to Shlok and Arjun going into the midgame interval.

18:09 (IST)7 FEB 2018

The Indians have built a 9-1 lead in 2 minutes!

18:08 (IST)7 FEB 2018

And the Indians are already cruising at 7-1

18:08 (IST)7 FEB 2018

It's 2-1 to Team India

18:05 (IST)7 FEB 2018

In the last match of the tie, MR Arjun and Shlok Ramchandran will be up against Nibal and Arsalaan Ali.

18:03 (IST)7 FEB 2018

It's 4-0 to Team India and they will now attempt to get their fifth win as well without dropping a game.

18:02 (IST)7 FEB 2018

It's been such a breezy outing for Team India here. Perhaps that is exactly what they needed. They really need to conserve their energy before the big clash with Indonesia on Thursday.

18:00 (IST)7 FEB 2018

And the Indians bag the 21-8, 21-8 win in just 20 minutes!!

18:00 (IST)7 FEB 2018

13 match points for the Indian duo


17:58 (IST)7 FEB 2018


Walk in the park for India's current best pair

17:57 (IST)7 FEB 2018

It's a 14-5 lead for the Indian duo.

They are simply unstoppable!

17:55 (IST)7 FEB 2018

It's 11-3 for Team India at the midgame interval.

17:54 (IST)7 FEB 2018

And the Indians grab EIGHT points on the trot to motor their way up to 10-2

17:52 (IST)7 FEB 2018

And the Indians make their mark


17:52 (IST)7 FEB 2018

The second game starts in the same fashion as the first one.

2-2 in the opening stages

17:50 (IST)7 FEB 2018

And Rankireddy and Shetty take the first game 21-8 in just 8 minutes.

The India No. 1 pair thoroughly stamped their class in this match.

17:49 (IST)7 FEB 2018


Another brutal thumping is on the cards by Team India, it seems

17:47 (IST)7 FEB 2018

Smooth sailing so far for the India No. 1 pair.


17:45 (IST)7 FEB 2018

Rankireddy and Shetty bring forth their aggression and leap to 11-5 at the midgame interval

17:43 (IST)7 FEB 2018

It's a 6-4 lead to India

17:42 (IST)7 FEB 2018

But the Indians amp up the intensity and break away from the tie to lead 4-2

17:41 (IST)7 FEB 2018

The game is evenly poised in the initial stages.


17:41 (IST)7 FEB 2018

Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty will be in action next against Shaheed and Shaheem of Maldives.

17:40 (IST)7 FEB 2018

Verma's win gave India an unassailable lead of 3-0 in this tie.

But the contest isn't over yet. There are two doubles matches up next.

17:34 (IST)7 FEB 2018

But Sameer finishes soon after!

Lopsided contest!

21-5, 21-1 win to Verma!

It took Sameer just 14 minutes to get the win.

17:33 (IST)7 FEB 2018

Ali FINALLY gets a point.


17:32 (IST)7 FEB 2018

20 match points for Verma!!!!!

17:32 (IST)7 FEB 2018


17:31 (IST)7 FEB 2018


This is leaving us speechless!

17:31 (IST)7 FEB 2018


Verma in destructive mood!

17:30 (IST)7 FEB 2018

Verma leads 11-0 at the break.

Not a single point has been won by the Maldives shuttler in Game 2!!!!

17:29 (IST)7 FEB 2018

10-0 to Verma!


17:29 (IST)7 FEB 2018


Maldives is still not on the board in Game 2

17:28 (IST)7 FEB 2018

Sameer opens up a 3-0 lead in the second game

17:26 (IST)7 FEB 2018

And Verma grabs the first game in just SIX minutes!


17:25 (IST)7 FEB 2018


18-4 to the Indian after Ali pulls back one point

17:24 (IST)7 FEB 2018

No stopping Verma even after the break.

16-3 he leads

17:22 (IST)7 FEB 2018

Verma has built an 11-3 lead going into the midgame interval

17:21 (IST)7 FEB 2018

It's 6-2 to the Syed Modi International champion.

17:20 (IST)7 FEB 2018

Verma already leads 2-1
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