Asian Badminton Championships 2018: India Women vs Hong Kong Women, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 06, 2018 11:33 IST

India def Hong Kong 3-2


11:33 (IST)6 FEB 2018

And that brings us to the end of our live coverage of this tie.

We'll be back at 4.30pm IST today with the live updates from the Indian men vs Philippines men tie.

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11:30 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Even in the absence of the great Saina Nehwal, the girls did a commendable job!

11:28 (IST)6 FEB 2018

It was not smooth sailing by any means for Team India but they managed to eke out the win in the end and that is what matters.

11:26 (IST)6 FEB 2018

That would boost Ruthvika's confidence by several notches and it would also lift the morale of the entire team! What a win!

Gadde just refocussed after losing her way mid-way through the first game. And that is so good to see.

11:24 (IST)6 FEB 2018

And with that performance, she has given India the tie win over Hong Kong!!!!

Indian women def Hong Kong women 3-2

11:22 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Final score: Gadde def Yee 16-21, 21-16, 21-13

11:22 (IST)6 FEB 2018

And Ruthvika WINS!!!!!!


11:21 (IST)6 FEB 2018



11:20 (IST)6 FEB 2018

18-12 to the Indian

3 more points needed

11:19 (IST)6 FEB 2018

5 consecutive points for the Hong Kong player


11:18 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Yet more points for Yee

Ruthvika up 17-10

11:18 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Two points for Yee

Ruthvika still has a healthy lead of 17-8

11:16 (IST)6 FEB 2018


Four more points needed!

11:16 (IST)6 FEB 2018

It's 14-5 to Ruthvika

Surely, she wouldn't like to relax until reaching the finish line

11:12 (IST)6 FEB 2018

It's 11-4 to the Indian going into the midgame interval.

11:11 (IST)6 FEB 2018


Gadde is making her racquet do the talking here

11:11 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Ruthvika quickly builds an 8-4 lead

11:10 (IST)6 FEB 2018

It's a test of nerves for both the players

11:10 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Ruthvika takes the first step to break away from the lead.


11:09 (IST)6 FEB 2018

It's 4-4

Pretty sure none of them will bow out without giving a tough fight and the signs are clear

11:07 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Yee has a mini lead of 3-2

11:06 (IST)6 FEB 2018

It's 2-1 to Yee in the decider

11:04 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Can Ruthvika show the kind of laser focus she had in the last few points of the second game?

11:04 (IST)6 FEB 2018

It's one game to decide the tie now!!

11:03 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Superb display of grit and determination from Ruthvika under pressure!

She bags FIVE points on the trot to take the second game 21-16

11:00 (IST)6 FEB 2018

It is 16-16

10:57 (IST)6 FEB 2018

And Gadde concedes the lead here


10:56 (IST)6 FEB 2018

 Yee gets a point and closes in on Gadde.

Gadde up 14-13

This is getting pretty tight again

10:55 (IST)6 FEB 2018

And the Indian has extended her lead to 14-11

Can she hold on to it?

10:52 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Gadde goes into the interval with an 11-9 lead

10:50 (IST)6 FEB 2018

10-8 to Gadde

10:50 (IST)6 FEB 2018

It's been evened quickly


10:49 (IST)6 FEB 2018

And Ruthvika amps up the intensity of her game here!

About time!


10:47 (IST)6 FEB 2018

7-4 to Yee

Time is running out for Gadde if she wants to force a decider

10:43 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Yee starts the second game exactly how she finished the first.


10:40 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Yee wraps up the opening game on the very next point.

21-16 to Hong Kong

10:39 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Ruthvika saves a game point and now trails 16-20

10:37 (IST)6 FEB 2018


Ruthvika currently has no answer to her opponent

10:35 (IST)6 FEB 2018

And she adds a couple more points for a 15-12 lead

Tension for Ruthvika!

10:34 (IST)6 FEB 2018

The Hong Kong player still has a slender lead of one point.


10:34 (IST)6 FEB 2018

The Hong Kong player still has a slender lead of one point.


10:31 (IST)6 FEB 2018

It's a huge turnaround!

The World No. 991 bagged three points on the trot to inch ahead to 11-10

10:30 (IST)6 FEB 2018

The lower ranked player fought back but Ruthvika has managed to stop her from levelling this.

Gadde leads 10-8

10:26 (IST)6 FEB 2018

And the Indian extends the lead to 6-3

10:25 (IST)6 FEB 2018

Ruthvika wrests away the momentum


10:24 (IST)6 FEB 2018

And it begins!

It's a 2-1 lead for the Hong Kong shuttler

10:23 (IST)6 FEB 2018

It will all come down to the fifth match of the tie.

Tata Open champion Ruthvika Shivani Gadde takes on the World No. 991 Yeung Sum Yee

10:20 (IST)6 FEB 2018

And with that, India get their second win of this tie and tie is now evenly poised at 2-2

10:18 (IST)6 FEB 2018

India grab the 21-15, 15-21, 21-14 win in 48 minutes!!!!!

10:17 (IST)6 FEB 2018


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