Asian Badminton Championships 2018: India Women vs Japan Women, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 08, 2018 09:51 IST

Japan beat India 4-1.


09:51 (IST)8 FEB 2018

With this, Japan increase the margin to a 4-1 win over India in this Asian Badminton Championship.

That's all from us for this match, as India slump to a 4-1 defeat at the hands of Japan. But do stay tuned to 
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09:49 (IST)8 FEB 2018

18-21! Two quick points, and Japan have managed to clinch the victory, despite the fact that Ponnappa and Sikki dominated for most parts of the second game.

09:48 (IST)8 FEB 2018

18-19! A crucial lead for Japan at this stage!

09:47 (IST)8 FEB 2018

18-18! And we are level yet again!

09:47 (IST)8 FEB 2018

18-17! But India pull ahead yet again!

09:46 (IST)8 FEB 2018

17-17! What a comeback this has been from Japan! They were four points down at one stage!

09:46 (IST)8 FEB 2018

17-16! But Japan pull it back to one point yet again!

09:45 (IST)8 FEB 2018

17-15! That point was crucial for India. They get a vital 2 point lead.

09:44 (IST)8 FEB 2018

16-15! What a comeback this has been! Japan are right back in it!

09:43 (IST)8 FEB 2018

16-13! Japan have pulled back a couple of points, but they need more of the same, in order to make a comeback!

09:43 (IST)8 FEB 2018

16-11! A dominant display by the Indians here!

09:42 (IST)8 FEB 2018

15-11! They've opened up the four-point lead yet again!

09:41 (IST)8 FEB 2018

14-11! But India restore a three point lead!

09:41 (IST)8 FEB 2018

13-11! However, the Japanese seem to have gained some of their previous momentum here, as they close down the gap.

09:40 (IST)8 FEB 2018

13-8! And it gets bigger! The Japanese are losing their plot, here!

09:39 (IST)8 FEB 2018

12-8! One point apiece, as we get underway yet again. India still have the big lead.

09:37 (IST)8 FEB 2018

11-7! India had gained some momentum towards the end there, and have now managed a four-point lead at break. Can they make this count?

09:36 (IST)8 FEB 2018

9-7! Japan bring it back to two points, but can India go into the break with a big lead?

09:35 (IST)8 FEB 2018

9-6! And the Indians finally take the lead again, though a slender one.

09:34 (IST)8 FEB 2018

6-6! Neither of the two sides seem to be willing to give an inch to their opponents here, as India draw level!

09:33 (IST)8 FEB 2018

4-6! Again, a two-point lead for Japan!

09:32 (IST)8 FEB 2018

4-5! This has been a trend in this rubber. India get off to a decent start, but then the Japanese come forward and take the lead.

09:31 (IST)8 FEB 2018

3-3! Its going neck and neck between the two sets of players!

09:30 (IST)8 FEB 2018

3-2! A slender lead for India!

09:29 (IST)8 FEB 2018

2-2! And we're all level once again!

09:29 (IST)8 FEB 2018

2-1! Japan pull one back.

09:29 (IST)8 FEB 2018

2-0! And it seems to be a good start. Can they make this count?

09:28 (IST)8 FEB 2018

1-0! Ponnappa and Sikki start off with a point here!

09:28 (IST)8 FEB 2018

18-21! And with that, the Japanese duo has clinched the first game! It has been a really poor day for India. They have already lost the tie, and now seem to be on the verge of a 4-1 thrashing by Japan!

09:25 (IST)8 FEB 2018

18-20! India pull one back! Two more to go!

09:25 (IST)8 FEB 2018

17-20! Three game points for Japan!

09:25 (IST)8 FEB 2018

17-19! But Japan surge ahead again!

09:24 (IST)8 FEB 2018

17-18! Ashwini and Sikki are not ready to give in as of yet, and have pulled a point back!

09:24 (IST)8 FEB 2018

16-18! Two more points, and Japan edge closer to the first game!

09:23 (IST)8 FEB 2018

16-16! This is turning out to be a close encounter!

09:22 (IST)8 FEB 2018

15-16! But Japan pull away into the lead yet again!

09:22 (IST)8 FEB 2018

15-15! They've managed to draw level!

09:21 (IST)8 FEB 2018

14-15! And its back to one point!

09:21 (IST)8 FEB 2018

13-15! India have pulled one back, but they need more consecutive points if they want to stay in this game.

09:20 (IST)8 FEB 2018

12-15! Apparently not! Three-point lead for Japan!

09:19 (IST)8 FEB 2018

12-14! Its back to 2 points, but can India gain some momentum here?

09:19 (IST)8 FEB 2018

11-14! A long rally between the two, and Japan have managed to race away to a 3 point lead now.

09:18 (IST)8 FEB 2018

10-12! India start off from the break on a bright note, but Japan maintain their lead.

09:16 (IST)8 FEB 2018

9-11! So despite a slow start, Japan take a 2 point lead into the mid-game break. 

09:15 (IST)8 FEB 2018

9-10! It seems not, as Japan maintain their lead.

09:15 (IST)8 FEB 2018

8-9! India have pulled one back. Can they further close the gap ahead of the break?

09:14 (IST)8 FEB 2018

7-9! One point apiece, and Japan maintain their2 point lead.

09:13 (IST)8 FEB 2018

6-8! A couple of quick points, and Japan have managed to take a 2 point lead for the first time in the rubber.

09:12 (IST)8 FEB 2018

6-6! But Japan pull it back to level terms.

09:12 (IST)8 FEB 2018

6-5! Ashwini and Sikki have surged into the lead again.
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