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  • Asian Games 2018, Badminton, Women's Singles, Semifinal, Day 9: PV Sindhu vs Akane Yamaguchi, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

Asian Games 2018, Badminton, Women's Singles, Semifinal, Day 9: PV Sindhu vs Akane Yamaguchi, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 27, 2018 12:56 IST

Live coverage under way!


12:56 (IST)27 AUG 2018

And that brings us to the end of our live coverage of badminton for today.

Do join us tomorrow for the live updates from the final.

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12:53 (IST)27 AUG 2018

After all the early setbacks in the team competition and in men's singles, the women have brought delight.

While Saina settled for the bronze, Sindhu has a chance to go for the gold. Although it will be a tough job as she faces the World No. 1 Tai.

12:50 (IST)27 AUG 2018

And Sindhu now goes on to face the top seed Tai Tzu Ying.

12:49 (IST)27 AUG 2018

The second half of the third game was absolute masterclass by Sindhu. Akane felt the heat throughout the post-interval section of the decider.

Sindhu just refused to stop and kept on smashing hard until the Japanese gave it all up!

Vintage Sindhu it was after inexplicably losing the second game, something she had no business doing.

12:46 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Final score: Sindhu def Yamaguchi 21-17, 15-21, 21-10 to enter final

12:44 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Jubilant scenes in the crowd! The Indians there can't stop celebrating!!!!

12:43 (IST)27 AUG 2018

This is historic as Sindhu becomes the first Indian, man or woman, to enter the final of the Asian Games individual badminton event.  

12:41 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Big smash down the line and Sindhu WINS!!!!!!!

12:40 (IST)27 AUG 2018

10 match points for Sindhu!!!!!

12:40 (IST)27 AUG 2018

It's all Sindhu at the moment!


12:39 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Akane now hitting her head with the racquet.

Showing her frustration!

12:39 (IST)27 AUG 2018

17-10 now for Sindhu after Akane pulled back two.

12:38 (IST)27 AUG 2018

And now, 16-8 as well.

Sindhu looking poised for the win until and unless her game suddenly collapses.

12:37 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Quick few points in Sindhu's favour and she is up 15-8

12:37 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Akane is doubling over after every shot now.

Is she feeling the pressure now?

12:36 (IST)27 AUG 2018

People in the crowd chanting, "India, India!"

12:36 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Akane went for quick change of direction but miscues it.

13-8 to Sindhu 

12:35 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Sindhu smartly finishes with a tap at the net.

It's 12-8 to Sindhu

12:32 (IST)27 AUG 2018

And Sindhu goes into the midgame interval with an 11-7 lead.

12:32 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Suddenly Akane springs to life!

She is attacking the Sindhu backhand side and pulls back two points.

12:30 (IST)27 AUG 2018

10-5 for Sindhu now

12:30 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Akane collapses in the court after a long rally and Sindhu ends it with a winner.

12:28 (IST)27 AUG 2018

She has just pressed on the accelerator button here!

Up to 9-4 now

12:28 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Sindhu is exhorting herself after every point.

Very, very pumped up!

12:26 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Akane pushes the shuttle back behind Sindhu.

Trails 4-7

12:25 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Another one now!


12:25 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Body smash!!!!!!

Sindhu is relying completely on her power game now!


12:24 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Sindhu injecting power again.

Goes up to 5-3

12:24 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Akane finds a winner through a netcord. Sindhu tries to reach and lies down on the court.


12:22 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Error of judgement from Sindhu.


12:21 (IST)27 AUG 2018

It's 1-1 in Game 3

12:21 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Akane has been all fired up since the last 15 minutes or so and Sindhu has a lot of hard work to do.

12:18 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Sindhu just lost her precision and the game goes to Akane.


12:17 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Game points now!


12:17 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Akane is inching towards game points now.

19-15 now

12:16 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Sindhu takes the shuttle early and whips it hard!

Trails 15-18

12:16 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Sindhu closed the gap to two points but Akane stretches her lead further with a beautiful net dribble.

17-14 to Akane

12:14 (IST)27 AUG 2018

And Sindhu fumbles at the net.

16-12 to Akane

12:13 (IST)27 AUG 2018

And Akane is showing her remarkable defence, getting to the shuttle in a flash!

Sindhu is finding it hard to counter her.

Yamaguchi up 15-12

12:11 (IST)27 AUG 2018

And Akane returns the favour!

Akane up 13-11

12:10 (IST)27 AUG 2018

And Sindhu has started smashing!

She is now trailing 11-12

12:09 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Would you believe it?

Akane wrests away the lead and is up 11-10 at the midgame interval.

12:07 (IST)27 AUG 2018

And, just as we say it, Akane is attacking more now and that approach has given her 2 points.

Sindhu barely leading at 10-9

12:06 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Akane hasn't looked very confident throughout the match but Sindhu cannot afford to take her lightly.

12:05 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Smash from Sindhu pushes her up to 9-6

12:04 (IST)27 AUG 2018

And it's 8-6 advantage to Sindhu now

12:04 (IST)27 AUG 2018

That rally had 36 shots....longest rally of the match!

12:03 (IST)27 AUG 2018

Sindhu went up to 7-4 but Akane shows excellent defence and makes the shuttle drop right on the baseline.

Sindhu up 7-5

12:02 (IST)27 AUG 2018

And Sindhu grabs a couple of points and races ahead to 6-4

12:00 (IST)27 AUG 2018

This time Akane finds an opening on the Sindhu forehand side.

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