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  • Asian Games 2018: Boxing, Men's Light Welter 64kg, Quarterfinal - Dheeraj Rangi vs Chinzorig Baatarsukh Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

Asian Games 2018: Boxing, Men's Light Welter 64kg, Quarterfinal - Dheeraj Rangi vs Chinzorig Baatarsukh Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 29, 2018 14:21 IST

Follow all the live updates from Boxing on day 11 of the Asian Games 2018.


14:21 (IST)29 AUG 2018

India's last hope of securing a medal in boxing on day 11 rests with Dheeraj Rangi who will take part in the Men's Light welter 64kg quarter-final at 5.15 pm.

14:15 (IST)29 AUG 2018

And that is unsurprisingly China's Chang Yuan who dashes India's hopes of a medal as she wins 5-0.

14:14 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Chang had the technical superiority and the power and although both boxers think they have won it. There is only one winner.

14:13 (IST)29 AUG 2018

She gets one but that is all that she can manage as Chang defends perfectly and is content to receive blows to the body.

14:13 (IST)29 AUG 2018

It is getting very late for the Indian boxer who needs to nail her last few punches if she wants to progress.

14:12 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Chang trying to lure Devi into a trap and it almost works. She has been exceptional so far. 

14:12 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Chang again seems happy enough to defend but it is the Indian boxer who needs to go on the offensive and land some lusty blows if she wants to assure herself of a medal.

14:10 (IST)29 AUG 2018

After basically being content with just boxing on the outside, Chang is finally forced to attack. But just as she wants to get some momentum, the second period ends.

14:09 (IST)29 AUG 2018

With a medal on the line, both boxers need to stay on the right side of the referee. And Chang seems to be doing just that with some excellent punches.

14:08 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Halfway through the second period and neither have scored particularly freely.

14:08 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Chang Yuan seems happy enough to stay on the outside and wait to be pushed into an attack instead of starting one herself. 

14:07 (IST)29 AUG 2018

It is China who have the upper hand early in the second after landing a couple of perfect punches in the opening few seconds.

14:06 (IST)29 AUG 2018

After a short break, we are back underway for the second period.

14:06 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Sarjubala Devi is content to let the clock run out to end the first period. Both boxers haven't been especially offensive despite landing some lusty blows.

14:05 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Both boxers seem content with plenty of passivity followed by bursts of offensive prowess. With just under a minute to go in the first period, it is Chang who looks to have the slight upper hand.

14:04 (IST)29 AUG 2018

A slightly tentative start from China's Chang Yuan and Devi comes out with the first  big punch of the game with just over two minutes left  in the first period.

14:03 (IST)29 AUG 2018

The two boxers are ready and we are underway.

14:01 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Sarjubala Devi will now take on China's Chang Yuan. Can she make it three out of three for Indian boxers in terms of medal?

13:52 (IST)29 AUG 2018

So far two Indian boxers have taken part in the day's action and both of them have assured India of at least a Bronze. Can the remaining two do the same?

13:48 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Vikas Krishnan becomes the first Indian boxer to win medals in three successive Asian Games.

13:46 (IST)29 AUG 2018

48' Both teams are looking like they want to score as many as they possibly can and the defence has consisted of the the keeper making a good save or a foul. 

13:44 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Vikas Krishnan is through to the semi-final and assures India of another medal in Boxing. But this was an exceptional display by China's Tanglatihan.

13:44 (IST)29 AUG 2018

It is a split decision and Vikas Krishnan emerges on top. He wins 3-2.

13:43 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Both boxers think that they have come out on top as they raise their hands. But it will be the judges who decide who wins.

13:43 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Vikas is undoubtedly on the back foot against the much taller opponent, he has had to work very hard to get each punch in. Silence envelops the arena as the Chinese boxer tries to finish the third period on the front foot.

13:42 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Vikas has shown bursts of superior boxing followed by periods of passivity and it looks like he is sending distress signals.

13:41 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Vikas knows he has to attack and he goes on the offensive and makes the Chinese boxer work for every punch and pushes him on the back foot.

13:39 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Vikas has struggled to get the scoreboard moving in the second round and this is looking very dangerous for the Indian against the relatively unknown Chinese boxer.

13:39 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Vikas is looking like he has ceded plenty of ground in the second period and he will know that he has to come out all guns blazing in the third period to progress.

13:38 (IST)29 AUG 2018

And the cut just above the eye certainly isn't helping and the Chinese boxer continues to hammer away before he is  interrupted thanks to a loose tape on the glove.

13:37 (IST)29 AUG 2018

The Chinese boxer has been impressive so far and Vikas knows that he has his work cut out but so far he hasn't been able to get going.

13:37 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Now there is a short break between the rounds and Indian fans will be hoping that the blow to the eye isn't serious.

13:35 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Right at the end of the first period, Vikas needs a consult with the doctor after some blood comes out of his eye. That has somewhat forced him to be slightly defensive and we close the opening round with both boxers still feeling fairly confident of progressing.

13:34 (IST)29 AUG 2018

And we are underway a little early and Vikas looks to be in a bit of trouble in the first period.

13:16 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Next up will be the Men's Middle (75kg) Quarterfinal between Vikas Krishan and China's Tuoheta Erbieke Tanglatihan at 1.45 PM.

13:12 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Amit Panghal will now face Philippines' Carlo Paalam in the semi-final of the 49kg Men's Light Fly on Friday.

12:35 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Amit Panghal is through to the semi-final and India are assured of a BRONZE medal.

12:30 (IST)29 AUG 2018

And it is all over, Amit defeats Kim Jang Ryong 5-0.

12:28 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Amit has been simply sensational, attacking just as well with his right and left hand. And that brings an end to the third period.

12:28 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Finally Kim Jang Ryong gets in a few punches and getting some reward for all the effort that he has put in but it is likely to be too little too late.

12:27 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Amit has simply been too quick for the Korean, who is limiting his options of scoring by some of the moves he has gone for.

12:27 (IST)29 AUG 2018

In the 49kg category, you really have to float like a butterfly and Amit is certainly doing that. And whenever he has got a chance to attack, he has made every punch a scoring punch.

12:26 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Again the two boxers take a breather before they get ready to go again.

12:25 (IST)29 AUG 2018

And with that the second period comes to an end and Kim Jang Ryong will have to pull something out of the bag if he is to come out on top in this one.

12:24 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Amit has not done much in the second period but what little he has done has been simply sensational. He has been cool. composed and has made the most of whatever chance he has got while the Korean has done precious little.

12:23 (IST)29 AUG 2018

This has been pretty pointless from the Korean who has done nothing more than put in token efforts with his punches and Amit is only too happy to stay on the defensive and wait to make his move.

12:22 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Now the boxers have a small break before they get ready to go again in the second round.

12:20 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Now Amit changes fro right hand to left as he begins to attack with his other and he is just as successful with that as the first period comes to a close.

12:19 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Amit has been sensational at evading from punches from Kim Jang Ryong and to add to that he has got in all of his punches perfectly and the Korean boxer has simply had no answer with a minute to go in the first period.

12:18 (IST)29 AUG 2018

Amit decides to hang back initially before going in for his first big attempt. Then he defends perfectly before landing another excellent punch to the face.
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