Asian Games 2018 Day 2: Artistic Gymnastics, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

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Follow ALL the LIVE updates of India's events in Gymnastics at Asian Games here!


18:28 (IST)20 AUG 2018

The Indian Men's team, as a result, is eliminated. However, there are still individual events to come. 

18:28 (IST)20 AUG 2018

.350 is the difference between the Indian and the Iranian gymnastics team. 

18:27 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Very, very unlucky for India as they finish one place below the qualification mark. 

18:27 (IST)20 AUG 2018

End of rotation 6

18:26 (IST)20 AUG 2018

With this the team finish their event. 

18:26 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Siddharth Verma scores 11.400. 

18:26 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Ashish Kumar finishes with a score of 13.100, followed by Yogeshwas Singh with 12.450. Gaurav Kumar has scored 11.950. 

18:25 (IST)20 AUG 2018

The 6th rotation is also over. 

18:11 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Final Rotation coming up. All four of the gymnasts will be doing floor excercise now. 

18:10 (IST)20 AUG 2018

End of rotation 5 sees the Indian team move down to 12th position. 

18:09 (IST)20 AUG 2018

End of rotation 5

18:00 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Yogeshwar Singh has scored 11.550. 

18:00 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Gaurav Kumar has 12.250 points, while Ashish Kumar has 11.900. 

17:59 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Siddharth Verma the highest scorer amongst the Indians with 12.850.

17:58 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Indian gymnasts have completed their penultimate rotation. 

17:51 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Indians on the horizontal bars. 

17:50 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Rotation 5 begins. 

17:50 (IST)20 AUG 2018

End of rotation 4

17:50 (IST)20 AUG 2018

India move up two spots at the end of Rotation 4. 

17:44 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Ashish Kumar has scored 12.500. 

17:44 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Yogeshwar ingh has 13.000 points. 

17:44 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Rakesh Patra leads with 13.300 points, followed by Gaurav Kumar with 13.200. 

17:44 (IST)20 AUG 2018

All four Indian gymnasts have completed their routines on the parallel bars. 

17:33 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Parallel Bars is the routine in this rotation. 

17:33 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Rotation 4 coming up!

17:32 (IST)20 AUG 2018

End of Rotation 3

17:32 (IST)20 AUG 2018

India have slid down to the last position in the standings. 

17:30 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Gaurav Kumar scores 12.850 points. 

17:22 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Siddarth Verma scores 12.975. 

17:22 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Yogeshwar Singh and Ashish Kumar with respectable scores in Vault. They finish on 13.850 and 13.525 points, respectively. 

17:15 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Indians on the Vault now.

17:15 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Rotation 3 is underway. 

17:14 (IST)20 AUG 2018

End of rotation 2

17:13 (IST)20 AUG 2018

India have moved on to the 11th position. They are also leading their subdivision. 

17:12 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Patra has scored the highest amongst the four, with 13.900 points. 

Ashish and Gaurav Kumar have scored 13.050 and 13.000 points each. Yogeshwar Singh with 12.650 points. 

17:10 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Rakesh Patra, Ashish Kumar, Gaurav Kumar, and Yogeshwar Singh took part in the rings. 

17:02 (IST)20 AUG 2018

The four gymnasts have moved on to rings. 

17:01 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Rotation 2 is underway! 

17:00 (IST)20 AUG 2018

India in the last position as Rotation 1 ends. 

17:00 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Gaurav Kumar has scored the lowest points of the round so far, 3.250. 

17:00 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Asish Kumar has scored 9.900. 

16:57 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Siddarth Verma has set a score of 12.600 on the horse. Yogeshwar Singh has a score of 12.150. 

16:56 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Gaurav Kumar enters the fray. All four Indians on the pommel horse now. 

16:46 (IST)20 AUG 2018

No sign of Gaurav Kumar yet. 

16:44 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Rotation 1/6 going on. 

16:44 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Siddarth Verma and Yogeshwar Singh, and Ashish Kumar currently on the Pommel Horse. 

16:42 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Their scores along with India's will be updated here. 

16:42 (IST)20 AUG 2018

The event is finally underway. The five Indians will take turns to compete in all six disciplines. 

16:24 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Gaurav Kumar, Yogeshwar Singh, Ashish Kumar, Siddharth Verma, and Rakesh Patra will represent India over six events. Their final points will be tallied and the team will be scored. 

16:15 (IST)20 AUG 2018

As it stands, China is in the Gold medal position, followed by Japan and Korea. 
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