Asian Games 2018 Day 2: Sepak Takraw , Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

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Follow this thread to Catch ALL the action of the Indian Sepak Takraw Team's at the Asian Games!


13:24 (IST)20 AUG 2018

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13:24 (IST)20 AUG 2018

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13:22 (IST)20 AUG 2018

India bow out of the Asian Games 2018  in the women's sepaktakraw event  

13:20 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Final score India 1-2 Laos 

12:09 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Score : India 0-2 Laos

12:09 (IST)20 AUG 2018

It's now or never for the Indians !!!

12:08 (IST)20 AUG 2018

This may be the last chance for India to keep their hopes alive !!!

12:08 (IST)20 AUG 2018

India go down 0-2 in the match

11:46 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Laos: Xayavong, Vongxay, Banxavang, Keosouliya, Phaviset, Volabouth, Phimmasone, Vilaysouk, Chandala, Duangmala, Morladok

11:43 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Line ups -  India: Annam, Srivastava, Rashmi, Ayekpam, Mutum, Khusbu, Panganbam Chanu, Elangbam, Yanglem, Oinam, Kesen, Manisha 

11:38 (IST)20 AUG 2018

The Indian Men's Sepaktakraw team played well against Iran, edging past their rivals 2-1 earlier today, hopefully the eves will recreate something similar !!!

11:30 (IST)20 AUG 2018

It is quite disappointing for the Indians as a loss in this match could well be the end of the road for them !!! 

11:25 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Laos 1-0  India !!!

11:17 (IST)20 AUG 2018

After a loss to South Korea last day, the Indian women's team will try to make a much needed comeback 

10:58 (IST)20 AUG 2018

India with an emphatic win!!

10:57 (IST)20 AUG 2018

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10:06 (IST)20 AUG 2018

The Indian men continue their strong show with yet another game to their credit as the Iranians are certainly under the pump. 

India leads 2 - 0. 

09:08 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Excellent start for the Indian men as they put up a fabulous show to clinch the opening game of the match! 

India leads 1 - 0. 

08:37 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Yesterday, the Indian eves clashed against South Korea in a rather lop-sided match as the Koreans managed to out a dominating show and win 3-0. 

08:26 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Here is how to two teams are stacked up for today -

Sandeep Kumar, Akash Yumnam, Henary Singh, Harish Kumar, Malemnganba Singh, Niken Singh, Seitaram Singh, Dheeraj, Jotin Singh, Lalit Kumar, Sanjeck Singh, Jiteshor Sharma. 

Vahid Maleki, Omid Hassani, Amir Khani, Hamidreza Gervei, Farshad Kaykani, Morteza Moghaddam, Abdolnaser Pangh, Ehsan Amanbaei, Mohammad Safaie, Vahid Ebrahimi, Sina Rezaei.

07:54 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Hello and Welcome to Sportskeeda's coverage of the Asian Games! Next up is the Indian Men's Sepak Takraw team in action.

07:54 (IST)20 AUG 2018

The second day of the India campaign as part of the 2018 Asian Games will see the Men's Sepaktakraw team face off against Iran in the opening encounter of the day.

The Indian team is fresh from a silver medal finish at the 2017 Asian Sepaktakraw Championship and will hope to clinch a medal this time around, having failed to finish in the Top 3 for the past three editions.

India will play their group stage fixtures against Iran and hosts Indonesia in Group 'B'.

Following Indian teams will be in action today:

Men's Team Regu Preliminary match - India vs Iran 

Women's Team Regu Preliminary match - India vs Laos 

Men's Team Regu Preliminary match - India vs Indonesia 
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