Asian Games 2018 Day 2: Swimming, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

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Follow this thread to get ALL the updates of the Indian Swimmers in action at Asian Games on Day 2.


18:51 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Final Standings, 4x200m Men's Freestyle

18:50 (IST)20 AUG 2018

UPDATE: Hong kong have been disqualified meaning Indian finish in the seventh position. 

18:24 (IST)20 AUG 2018

This was the final event of the day. Join us tomorrow for more. 

18:24 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Japan's Relay team has created the Games Record, meanwhile. 

18:24 (IST)20 AUG 2018

India finish the race in eighth position. 

18:23 (IST)20 AUG 2018

China finish second, Singapore third. 

18:23 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Japan wins the 4x200m relay! 

18:23 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Final 50m to go in the race. 

18:22 (IST)20 AUG 2018

India have fallen way behind now. It seems likely that they will finish eighth. 

18:21 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Third switch complete! 

18:20 (IST)20 AUG 2018

No change in the standings. 

18:19 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Second switch! Here we go! 

18:19 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Korea is fourth, Vietnam fifth, Chinese taipei sixth, and Hong Kong seventh. 

18:19 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Meanwhile, Japan is in the lead with China and Singapore trailing. 

18:18 (IST)20 AUG 2018

1:52.14 the timing over the first 200m for India. 

18:18 (IST)20 AUG 2018

India still trailing the entire pack. 

18:18 (IST)20 AUG 2018

And we have the first switch! 

18:17 (IST)20 AUG 2018

India in the last position after the first 100m. 

18:16 (IST)20 AUG 2018


18:15 (IST)20 AUG 2018

The first swimmers ready for their respective teams. 

18:15 (IST)20 AUG 2018

India in Lane 1. 

17:33 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Meet the Men's team which will be in action for India

17:31 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Indian Men's 4x200m Relay Team will be in action in the FINAL soon!

09:18 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Both the finals will be contested today itself! 

09:18 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Page will be contesting the 800m Freestyle final! 

09:17 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Meanwhile, after some technical deifficulty, Advait Page's fate is also declared. He makes it into the final as well! 

09:17 (IST)20 AUG 2018

The finals will be contested later on in the day. 

09:16 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Indian 4x200m Relay Team has qualified for the final after being ranked 7th overall! 

09:14 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Heat 2 has just finished. India still in with a chance to qualify for the final. 

09:04 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Heat 2 still to come. Official results will be announced soon. 

09:03 (IST)20 AUG 2018

The Indian 4x200m Freestyle Relay team finishes fourth in their heat. Their timing of 7:34.69 will now be compared to the rest to see whether they make it into the final. 

09:02 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Final stretch now! Can India make one last push? 

09:00 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Bad start for India as they slide down to the fourth position in the heats early on. 

08:59 (IST)20 AUG 2018

200m FS Relay

08:59 (IST)20 AUG 2018

The 200m Fresstyle Relay is underway! 

08:39 (IST)20 AUG 2018

One more event left with the Indian Men's Relay team in action! 

08:39 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Neel Roy finishes 14th overall which means he is officially out of the competition. 

08:37 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Official confirmation coming up. 

08:37 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Neel Roy finishes the race in fifth position with a timing of 2:08.07. A final berth is out of his reach at this moment. 

08:36 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Neel Roy's heat is underway with the Indian in 6th position going into the final 50m. 

08:34 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Heat 2 is finished with Qin Haiyang's timing still the best. However, a lot of swimmers have finished between the 2:00 and the 2:05 mark, meaning that's where Neel's target will be. 

08:28 (IST)20 AUG 2018

The current time to beat is 2:00.04 set by China's Qin Haiyang. 

08:27 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Heat 1 is currently underaway, followed by heat 2 and finally, Roy's heat 3. 

08:27 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Men's 200m IM

08:26 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Men's 200m Individual Medley event is underway with Neel Roy in heat 3! 

08:17 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Two more swimming events coming up with Neel Roy and the Men's Relay team in action! 

08:13 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Srihari's timing of 26.19 seconds mean he has broken his own National Record, which he set during the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The youngster has broken two National Records in two days. 

08:12 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Srihari's timing of 26.19 means that he is placed in the 10th position, overall. As a result, he is unable to make the final list. However, in the unlikely event of two swimmers being unable to compete in the finals, Srihari will qualify. 

Arvind Mani finishes in the 21st position, overall. 

08:05 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Sriahri and Mani finish first and second in their heat, respectively! Awaiting the result of other four before the final list is announced! 

08:00 (IST)20 AUG 2018

Five heats in this one, meaning that both Srihari and Mani will not only have to win their heats to stand a chance, they will also have to set decent timings as compared to the rest. 
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