Asian Games 2018 Day 3: Taekwondo, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

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10:03 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Both the remaining Indians exit the competition at the quarterfinal stage. 

10:03 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Akshay Kumar Final score

10:02 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Shokin extends his lead by 5 in Round 3. The match finished 15-1 in his favour. 

09:58 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Round 2 ends with the scoreline now at 10-1. Shokin in the lead. 

09:57 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Absolute domination by Shokin in round two as he races into a NINE point lead! 

09:55 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Round 1 ends with a point each. 1-1. 

09:51 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Round 1 of the Quarerfinal is underway! 

09:49 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Akshay Kumar's bout is about to begin. 

09:38 (IST)21 AUG 2018

One more quarterfinal bout to go. 

09:38 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Kashish Malik Final score

09:37 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Malik started the bout badly after going down 4-9 in the first round. She recovered in the second round and won 2-1 but couldn't close the gap any further. Lee finally took the bout in round three after beating Malik 7-2. 

Final Score: Lee Ahreum beat Kashish Malik by 17-8. 

09:36 (IST)21 AUG 2018

But before that, we go to Kashish Malik, who has lost her quarterfinal bout against Lee Ahreum of South Korea. 

09:35 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Akshay Kumar will take on Dimitry Shokin of Uzbekistan. 

09:34 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Quarterfinals for both the Indian Martial artists coming up! 

08:58 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Akshay Kumar Final score

08:58 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Kashish Malik Final score

08:57 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Scorecards for both Kumar and Malik's bouts coming up. 

08:56 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Akshay Kumar is moving to the quarterfinal after beating Fernando 13-8. 

08:56 (IST)21 AUG 2018

However, the Indian martial artist has won the match on overall score. 

08:56 (IST)21 AUG 2018

The Third round goes in the favour of Sri Lanka's Fernando by 5-4. 

08:52 (IST)21 AUG 2018

However, Kumar still leads overall by 9-3. 

08:51 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Round 2 has finished in a stalemate. 3-3 the score. 

08:47 (IST)21 AUG 2018

However, the Indian is currently losing in the second round.

08:47 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Kumar has made a stunning start after winning the first round 6-0. 

08:46 (IST)21 AUG 2018

The Category is Men's +80 KG. 

08:46 (IST)21 AUG 2018

The match between Akshay Kumar and Fernando is underway! 

08:34 (IST)21 AUG 2018

One more event to go. 

08:33 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Kashish Malik 28-10 Nurul Farah Alisa; the Indian moves on to the quarterfinal!

08:33 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Round 3 ends in Malik's favour, 8-4. 

08:31 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Malik leads 20-7 overall. 

08:30 (IST)21 AUG 2018

What a stunning Round 2 for Kashish. She wins it 15-5! On to Round 3. 

08:29 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Kashish increasing her overall lead to 20-6. 

08:28 (IST)21 AUG 2018

WHAT A TURNAROUND BY KASHISH IN ROUND 2! The Indian martial artist has made it 6-3 in her favour after being down 2-3. 

08:28 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Malik, however, leads overall by 7-4. 

08:27 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Malik's opponent currently leasing in round 2 by 3 points to 2. 

08:27 (IST)21 AUG 2018

What a stunning first round from Malik as she races into a four point lead. 

The score after round 1: 5-1 to Kashish Malik. 

08:26 (IST)21 AUG 2018

The bout between Kashish Malik and Nurul Faral Alisa Roslan is underway! 

07:54 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Two more bouts coming up!

07:53 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Final Result

07:53 (IST)21 AUG 2018

The Chinese Taipei martial artists beats her Indian opponent by 5-0. 

07:53 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Tinghsia gets 3 more points in Round 3. 

07:50 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Round 1 was a blank between the two martial artists. However, Tinghsia has got the first points of the bout in Round 2!

07:46 (IST)21 AUG 2018

The Indian martial artist is facing Chinese Taipei's Tinghsia Ma in the Women's +67 Kg Round of 16.

07:45 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Rodali Barua's match is underway! 

07:39 (IST)21 AUG 2018

Hello and Welcome to Sportskeeda's coverage of the Asian Games! Next up is Taekwondo!

07:39 (IST)21 AUG 2018

The eighteenth edition of the pan-Asian games come to us from Indonesian cities of Jakarta and Palembang, where over five hundred and fifty Indian sportspersons will try to win medals for the country.

Day Two of the Asian Games was action-packed as India won a few medals. There was also progress on other fronts.

Vinesh Phogat won the Gold medal in Women's wrestling, while Deepak Kumar and Lakshay won the Silver in Shooting. As a result, after Day Two, India has a total of Five medals in their account. There was progress elsewhere, as six out of seven Indian representations made it through to the next round in tennis.

Taekwondo is another event which is back on Day Three of the Asian Games. There is Indian representation in three events - Kashish Malik In Women's 57 KG, Rodali Barua in Women's +67 KG, and Akshay Kumar in Men's +80 Kg. 
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