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  • Asian Games 2018, Fencing, Women's Epee Team Quarterfinal, Day 6: India vs China, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

Asian Games 2018, Fencing, Women's Epee Team Quarterfinal, Day 6: India vs China, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 24, 2018 10:09 IST

Follow ALL the LIVE updates of India's events in Fencing at Asian Games here!


10:09 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Thank You for joining us! India is sure to come back stronger!

10:08 (IST)24 AUG 2018

With that we come to a close for the Fencing Epee action for India

10:06 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Brief Summary

10:06 (IST)24 AUG 2018

India goes down fighting to the dominating Chinese.

10:05 (IST)24 AUG 2018

After a brilliant performance in the Round of 16, the Indian's fail to make a mark against the Chinese

10:05 (IST)24 AUG 2018

India fails to qualify for the next round and the hopes die 

10:04 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Jyotika Dutta will try her best against the Chinese in the final and 9th match of the India-China quarters

10:04 (IST)24 AUG 2018

It has come to the one last match now

10:04 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Zhu M also ousts Ena Arora

10:00 (IST)24 AUG 2018

In the 8th match we have Zhu M and Ena Arora playing

09:58 (IST)24 AUG 2018

The Chinese leave no room for the Indian's to advance as Devi TK loses too

09:57 (IST)24 AUG 2018

We have Xu C and Devi TK fighting it out now

09:55 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Into the 7th match now, India's chances have been robbed away by the Chinese

09:54 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Arora too falls a victim to the Chinese and loses

09:53 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Next up is Ena Arora and Lin S in the 6th match

09:52 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Jyotika Dutta loses out to the powerful Xu C!

09:52 (IST)24 AUG 2018

The Chinese clearly dominate the Indian's and they don't make a mark

09:51 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Can she win in this?

09:51 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Dutta has won all her matches so far today

09:50 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Next up is Jyotika Dutta and Xu C!

09:49 (IST)24 AUG 2018

India needs to put it's right foot forward Now!

09:49 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Jas Seerat Singh also succumbs to a loss

09:48 (IST)24 AUG 2018

India fails to get an edge in this quarter final sadly

09:47 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Jas Seerat Singh will now take on the Chinese and hope to undo a hattrick of losses

09:47 (IST)24 AUG 2018

However the chances are still there for India

09:46 (IST)24 AUG 2018

This is the second match Ena Arora lost today

09:46 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Xu C defeats Ena Arora too

09:46 (IST)24 AUG 2018

The Chinese seem to be getting away with the matches

09:44 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Can Ena Arora register a win?

09:44 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Next up is Enabled Arora against Xu C!

09:43 (IST)24 AUG 2018

With 7 more matches to go, India has plenty of chances to make it to the Semis!

09:43 (IST)24 AUG 2018

LIN S of China gets the better of Devi TK as she defeats the Indian

09:41 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Meanwhile China has been shown a yellow card!

09:40 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Can she outplay her and continue the winning streak?

09:40 (IST)24 AUG 2018

The 28 year old Devi TK is now playing with the 24 year old Chinese! 

09:37 (IST)24 AUG 2018

The Indian's have started off their quarterfinal campaign on a winning note

09:36 (IST)24 AUG 2018

In Match 2, we have DEVI TK and LIN S from China!

09:35 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Dutta has it easy again as she defeats the Chinese in the first match!

09:33 (IST)24 AUG 2018

The action has begun!

09:33 (IST)24 AUG 2018

The first match is between 21 y/o Jyotika Dutta versus Zho M of China!

09:32 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Let's see if the Indian fencers can extend their winning streak over the following 9 matches and qualify for the Semis!

09:31 (IST)24 AUG 2018

India performed exceptionally well against Indonesia in the Round of 16!

09:31 (IST)24 AUG 2018

We are about to start with the Quarter final class between India and China!

08:18 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Stay tuned for more Fencing action as they try to outclass China in the next round for a spot in the Semis! 

08:17 (IST)24 AUG 2018

The Indian team is through to the Quarters now!

08:13 (IST)24 AUG 2018


08:13 (IST)24 AUG 2018

The Indian team has now qualified for the Quarter finals!

08:13 (IST)24 AUG 2018

The Indians won all the 9 matches except one. Brilliant effort by the Indian team!

08:12 (IST)24 AUG 2018

India dominates over Indonesia and defeats them whole!

08:11 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Jyotika Dutta ousts Megawati and hand a final blow to the Indonesian team!
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