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Asian Games 2018: Men's Basketball - 5th Spot Playoff Game - Philippines Vs Syria - Live Scores & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 31, 2018 13:13 GMT

FULL TIME! Philippines 109-55 Syria


13:13 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

With the conclusion of this match, only the gold medal game remains between China vs Iran!

Thank you for sticking with Sportskeeda Basketball for the full coverage of the basketball at the Asian Games. This is Yash Matange signing off!  

13:06 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Philippines had three other players in double figures - Karl Standhardinger [27 points], Stanley Pringle [10 points] and Taulava Pauliasi [11 points]. 

13:02 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Biggest stats from the game: 

- Syria makes 19 field goals in the game, while Philippines had 15 just from beyond the arc [43 overall].
- Assists: Philippines 35-13 Syria

12:57 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Jordan finishes with 29 points for the game on 60% shooting [his most efficient performance of the tournament]. He also registered 6 assists and 4 rebounds. 

12:55 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

That's that! 

Philippines with a 54-point win finish 5th in the final classifications of the 2018 Asian Games!

12:55 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

FULL TIME! Philippines 109-55 Syria

12:52 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

1:23 minutes to go! 

12:52 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Philippines heading towards their win and becoming the BEST OF THE REST [after the semifinalists!]

12:51 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

A close-contested fourth quarter but Syria losing this one too. 

9-14! It's back to a 52-point lead!

12:49 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Syria pull it back to a 50-point game. 

They still trail by 3 points in the quarter [9-12]

12:48 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Makes that a 53-point lead.

12:47 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

That's now a 50-point lead!

And Philippines also cross the 50-point mark!

12:46 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

As we say that, Philippines score 6 straight and are now 8-7 ahead for the quarter once again. 

12:45 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

3:26 minutes into the quarter, Syria winning the fourth quarter 5-2!

12:43 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Can Syria win the fourth quarter, an inconsequential one? 

12:40 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Philippines were up by 26 at the half. And they add another 21 to that. 

What a dominating performance so far. 10 more minutes to go. What will the margin of defeat be?

12:38 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Lead now in the 40s - 43 to be precise! 

12:34 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

5 quick points in under half a minute for the Philippines and now it's close to a 40-point lead! 

12:30 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Syria call TIMEOUT with 4:03 left in the third quarter.

Philippines have added 10 more points to their 26-point halftime lead. 

12:29 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Unfortunately, Syria respond almost immediately

12:28 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Aljabi continues to battle for Syria with a 3. 

He now has 18 of the team's 40 points.

12:28 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

37-point lead!

12:27 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Philippines have outscored Syria 12-3 in the first quarter so far. 

12:27 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Stanley Pringle pours more misery on Syria. It's now a 35-point lead for Philippines.

12:25 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Jordan Clarkson with another bucket, that's now 27 for him. 

12:23 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Not even 1:30 minutes into the quarter, Philippines have extended their lead to 31 POINTS! 

12:23 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

It's now 65-34 after a Ahanmisi 3!

12:22 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Action resumes and within 10 seconds, Philippines get on the board via Jordan Clarkson. 

Lead now 62-34 and he has 25 points!

12:12 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Third quarter starts soon. 

Stay tuned. 

12:12 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Unfortunately, it isn't the efficiency, it's the number of shots Syria has made. 

Syria have made 12 field goals in the game, meanwhile, Philippines have 22 [10 3's]

12:11 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Nothing tragically wrong done in the first half by Syria. 

They just haven't made enough shots - 42.9% as compared to 50% for the Philippines. That's not too big of a hole. 

12:09 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Syria's best player - Aljabi Tarek - 15 points [no other Syrian player in double figures]

12:08 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

That's a 26-point lead that the Philippines carry into the half. 

Jordan Clarkson has 23 points, 1 rebound and 1 assist in 17 minutes of play. PURE SCORER here!

12:07 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

HALFTIME! Philippines 60-34 Syria

12:04 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Note: Clarkson 23-34 Syria right now! 

12:04 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Clarkson now knocks down a 3! 

It's back to a 24-point lead for Philippines and Clarkson's tally goes to 23 now. 

12:02 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Aljabi the lone wolf for Syria. He has 14 but only out of 33. 

Can't blame for Syria though. Philippines just a better team, as shown by the FIBA World Men's Rankings.

12:00 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Jordan Clarkson drops yet another assist, this one to Stanley Pringle. 

Philippines up 24!

12:00 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Philippines taking control of this game! 

4:30 to go in the second quarter and they are leading by 22 [51-29]. Jordan Clarkson has 18 so far.

11:57 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Four quick points from Standhardinger! 

Philippines now lead by 26!

11:54 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Clarkson drops an assist to Standhardinger, making it a 24-point lead for the Philippines! 

11:54 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Although the game might be out of hand already with the huge 22-point deficit. 

11:53 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

2 minutes in the second quarter and both teams neck-and-neck so far. 

That's all Syria can do, take it quarter wise and try to win it.

11:52 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

8:39 mark in the second quarter and Jordan Clarkson comes back in. 

11:50 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Jordan Clarkson played 8 minutes and put up 12 points in the high-scoring quarter for the Philippines

11:48 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Syria close the first quarter with a couple of free throws from Aljabi but after the first 10 minutes, they are already down 22!

11:45 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

A 3 now Syria, their first, via Kasaballi!

11:44 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Bakar scores again, taking Syria's tally to 11 but Philippines respond immediately on the next possession. 

It's 34-11 in favor of the Philippines with 1:35 to play in the first quarter.

11:42 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Bakar finally scores for Syria to end a 3-minute drought but Philippines keep piling up. 

They respond to a Bakar's bucket by adding 5 to their total! 

11:40 (GMT)31 AUG 2018

Between Syria's two timeouts, Philippines went on a 10-0 run! 
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