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Asian Games 2018: Men's Basketball Classification Round - Philippines Vs Japan - Live Scores & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 28, 2018 10:43 GMT

FULL TIME! Philippines 113-80 Japan


10:43 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda Basketball for the full coverage of Basketball at the 2018 Asian Games. This is Yash Matange signing off.

10:41 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

With this win, the Philippines are now assured of finishing at least 5th and 6th officially in the tournament. 

That will be decided on Friday - the 31st of August against either of Syria or Indonesia!

10:40 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

That's that! 

Jordan Clarkson - 22 points, 9 assists and 6 rebounds - gets his first win with the national team! 

10:39 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

FULL TIME! Philippines 113-80 Japan

10:33 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Philippines piling it on! 

Now, a 27-point game.

10:32 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

A 25-point game for Philippines with 1:36 left!

10:28 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Under 4 minutes to go and Jordan Clarkson is now agonizingly close to his first win as a member of the national squad! 

10:27 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Now, a 22-point lead!

10:27 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Philippines cross the 100-point mark!

10:24 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Japan call TIMEOUT! 

Can they spring a surprise or do the Philippines already have this one in the bag? 

10:24 (GMT)28 AUG 2018


Philippines score another and now they are 19 up with 4:58 to go.

10:22 (GMT)28 AUG 2018


Both teams trading baskets. It's 14-11 in Japan's favor this quarter but they are still down by 15. 

10:21 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Can Philippines hold on for the win? 

Last two games they had late scoring droughts that lost them the games. What about today? 15-point lead surely should be good enough, right?

10:19 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Start of the fourth quarter and Japan score quick this time! 

They score 6 quick ones and only give away one 3 in the first 1:21 of the fourth period.

10:16 (GMT)28 AUG 2018


End of Q3, Philippines 82-64 Japan

10:16 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Japan bounce back in the second half of the third quarter but they just couldn't make up for their drought over the first four minutes of the quarter where Philippines scored 11 unanswered!

10:11 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Jordan Clarkson now takes the lead back to 16 with a couple of FT's. 

10:10 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Lot of trading baskets over the last few minutes but Philippines still lead by 14!

10:08 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Japan get within 14 now after a Kumagae Naoya layup!

10:07 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

The last minute has been exciting. 

Both teams trading buckets here. Still a 16-point game in favor of Philippines.

10:06 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

5 quick points for Japan including a 3 from Harimoto but it's still a 16-point game. 

10:05 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Harimoto gets Japan on the board, FINALLY! 

He makes 2 free-throws for Japan's first points at the 5:54 mark of the third quarter.

10:04 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Almost halfway in and Japan are yet to open their account for the half. 

10:04 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Japan forced to call TIMEOUT again! 

In the minute's action between the timeouts, Philippines score 4 unanswered and now have a 21-point lead. 

10:01 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

To make matters worse, Stanley Pringle makes both of his and now Philippines have a 19-point lead!

10:01 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Ota Atsuya had a chance to get the first points of the second half for Japan but he misses both FT's and Japan are still down 17!

09:59 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Japan call TIMEOUT! 

09:59 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Now, it's Jordan Clarkson's turn to lay one in. 

He does and that's 7-0 in this period for the Philippines. They are now up by 17! 

09:57 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Stanley Pringle lays one in and now Philippines are up by 15!

09:56 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

2 minutes into the third quarter and just one bucket between both teams so far!

09:54 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Philippines grew the lead to 13 now with a quick 3 to start proceedings.

09:53 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Start of the third quarter!

09:45 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Other quick takeaways: 

- Japan have assisted on 16 of their 17 field goals. 
- Both teams have only combined for 5 turnovers so far [that's got to be some record-low!]
- Both teams together only have 1 block, which is recorded by the Philippines.

09:43 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Best players: 

Philippines - Christian Standhardinger - 12 points, 10 rebounds and 2 steals on 5-of-6 shooting.
Japan - Taichi Nakamura - 13 points, 6 assists and 2 rebounds on 4-of-10 shooting.

09:40 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

This time, Philippines close the quarter well. 

Outscoring Japan 30-20, Philippines took the advantage in the last 1:04 minutes of the quarter where they score 7 unanswered!

09:39 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

HALFTIME! Philippines 57-47 Japan

09:38 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

The combo of Clarkson and Standhardinger strikes again. This time, the latter gets fouled. 

Standhardinger makes the FT and it's back to a 8-point lead [55-47]!

09:38 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Jordan Clarkson drops an assist to Standhardinger!

Philippines back up by 5!

09:36 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Japan are back within 3 points [47-50]

09:36 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Japan ensuring this IS A GAME! 

09:33 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

It's an 8-point game but Japan quickly make in-roads with a Nakamura 3!

09:32 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Jordan Clarkson makes the FT and now it's a 7-point lead for the Philippines. 

09:30 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Japan calls the first TIMEOUT of the game as the Philippines open up a 6-point lead with Jordan Clarkson set to complete his 3-point play. 

09:29 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Make that a 3-point lead with that layup from Standhardinger for the Philippines.

09:28 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Norwood now with a jumper in the paint and Philippines are back ahead! 

09:27 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Both teams trading buckets right now. 

Harimoto gets a layup after Jordan Clarkson laid one in transition. 

09:26 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Ota Atsuya responds with a layup. He has five straight points now! 

09:26 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

John Dalistan puts Philippines back in the lead with a 3! 

09:25 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Half a minute later, Ota Atsuya is back to the FT line. 

He makes both this time. Japan have the lead now 34-32!

09:24 (GMT)28 AUG 2018

Ota Atsuya breaks that drought but can only make 1-of-2 from the FT line. 
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