Asian Games 2018: Men's Basketball Gold Medal Game China vs Iran - Live Scores & Updates

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2010 Asian Games Champions China take on FIBA Asia Cup 2017 silver medallists and world no. 25 Iran.


13:16 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Abudurexiti will deservingly win the Gold Medal game man of the match award. That's all for today as I, Amulya Shekhar, took great pleasure in bringing the proceedings of a topsy-turvy game fitting of a finale to you. Do hit me up on Facebook ( or Twitter (@amulyashekhar13).

13:15 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

China staged a champion-like comeback in the second half, using their perimeter prowess to get back in the game even with their bigs in foul trouble right from the 2nd quarter. Ehdadi bore the brunt of Iran's scoring load, but even the big man couldn't do much about the concerted all-round Chinese attack that overwhelmed Iran from the middle of the 2nd period.

13:14 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Zhao adds insult to injury with another tough layup as the shotclock expires. 84-72 lead for China and it's all over!

13:12 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Fang nails the dagger 3-pointer! 12-point lead for China and it looks like curtains for Iran now at 82-70.

13:11 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Nikhahbehrami gets a shot to go in. 9-point lead with under 2 left for China now.

13:11 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Zhao misses the freebie.

13:10 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Zhao nails the tough layup with the and-1 incoming! 11-point lead for China now as Iran use another timeout.

13:09 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Just 2:35 left as Jamshidi gets called for a foul wrongly.

13:09 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Ehdadi takes up his total to 27 with a made layup. Iran trailing by 9 with under 3 minutes left.

13:08 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Abudurexiti hits nothing but net from a straight-on 3-pointer! 11-point lead for China with just about 3 minutes to go.

13:06 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Qi Zhou piles on the misery with his 3rd 3-pointer of the game! 74-64 lead for China before Yakchali gets it back within 8 with a layup.

13:03 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Yakchali makes Iran's first 3-pointer of the second half after the timeout to take the score to 64-71. China call a timeout with 5:51 left.

13:01 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Zhou Qi joins in the act and China are piling the misery on Iran from the perimeter now! 71-61 lead for them with 6:17 left as Iran call time.

13:00 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Abudurexiti stamps his authority on the game once more with an open 3, his third of the night! 68-61

13:00 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Haddadi makes only 1 of 2.

12:59 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Ehdadi gets Fang to foul him once more. He's got the highest usage rate of the game right now, will head to the line to shoot 2 freebies.

12:59 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Fang makes a clutch 3-pointer to get China up 5!

12:58 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Iran are now spamming Ehdadi in the low post because of China's bigs' foul troubles.

12:57 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Wang makes 1 of 2 and takes the score to a 62-60 China lead.

12:56 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Ehdadi gets it back to a 1-point game for Iran before a block attempt on Wang is wrongly called as a foul. Wang will still shoot 2.

12:55 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Yakchalid gets a layup to go in and makes it a 1-point game at the start of the 4th.

12:51 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Iran defend the final play of the 3rd quarter well and the clock expires at a 59-56 China lead.

12:51 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Ehdadi gets a bank shot to go in! 56-59 lead for China.

12:50 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Ehdadi is being punished by a lot of unsportsmanlike fouls through the course of this game, and Dong finally gets called for one of those. Ehdadi heads to the line to shoot 2, making 1 before the ball goes back to the inbound play.

12:49 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

China take advantage of a botched rebound by Iran as Abudurexiti sinks his second 3 of the game! 59-53.

12:47 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Wang fouls Ehdadi inside the paint on a shot attempt. He'll shoot two free throws, and makes both. 56-53 lead for China.

12:46 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Nikhahbahrami is at the free throw line after a foul by Liu. He makes both to cut the lead to 5, 56-51 lead for China.

12:44 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Ding makes an open 3-pointer as Iran are left defending 4-on-5. 56-49 lead for China.

12:44 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Ehdadi fouls Wang but can't stop the shot going in. It's his first personal and Wang will shoot the and-1 free throw. He makes it with a clanger, 53-49 to China.

12:41 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

50-49 lead for China with 4:38 remaining in the 3rd.

12:41 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Zhou makes his 3rd personal foul on Ehdadi and subs out. Ehdadi to shoot 2 freebies, making both.

12:37 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Qi fouls Ehdadi on the post-up opportunity. It's his second personal

12:36 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

2/3 for Mashayekhi. 50-47 lead for China.

12:35 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Sun makes a bad decision to foul Mashayekhi on the 3-point attempt. He'll shoot 3 freebies. 

12:34 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Iran try to spam an Ehdadi roll too hard and end up turning it over, before Mashayekhi fouls Ding.

12:34 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Ding fouls Ehdadi.

12:33 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Yao Ming is in attendance and the cameras constantly cut to him during these timeouts.

12:32 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Zhao makes a catch-and-shoot 3 from the right wing to give China a 5-point lead! 50-45 and Iran call timeout with 7:48 left in the period! The momentum is squarely with the Chinese now.

12:31 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Zhao gives China the lead with a pull-up 3 from the right wing! 48-45 lead for the Chinese!

12:31 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Nikkhabahrami fouls Ding on a block attempt. Ding heads to the line to shoot 2, and makes them both to tie things up.

12:29 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Wang starts off proceedings with a step through layup on Ehdadi. 43-45 lead for Iran.

12:14 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Liu gets the shot to go in just as the game clock expires for halftime! The shot is ruled out, however, and the game is at 45-41 with a lead for Iran at halftime. Get back to us after a 15-minute break in this exciting showdown!

12:11 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

It was an intentional foul so Iran get the ball back after Ehdadi's converted free throw.

12:10 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Abudurexiti makes his first 3-pointer of the game before Ehdadi gets the and-1 layup to go in. Score's at 44-41 to Iran, with Ehdadi shooting a free throw right now.

12:09 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Zhao makes both freebies to take the score to 38-40!

12:08 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Iran have dug themselves into this hole because of overenthusiastic defending and fouls. Zhao is the latest Chinese player to head to the line.

12:07 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Zhou gets the block on Mirza at the other end, and proceeds to get fouled by him at the other end! He shoots 2 freebies and gets both to go, 40-36 lead for Iran only now.

12:06 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Zhou Qi knocks down a deep 3-pointer for China! 6-point game at 40-34 now!

12:05 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Mirza fouls Fang with just 0.1 seconds remaining on the shot clock. Boneheaded play that puts Fang at the charity stripe, and he makes a mistake in converting the second freebie. 40-31 lead for Iran.

12:03 (GMT)1 SEP 2018

Jamshidi fouls Ding.
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