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  • Asian Games 2018, Men's Handball, Group 3 Day 6: India vs Pakistan, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

Asian Games 2018, Men's Handball, Group 3 Day 6: India vs Pakistan, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 24, 2018 11:14 IST

The match is set to get underway at 9.30am IST!


11:14 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Full Time:
IND 28-27 PAK

A closely fought encounter sees India clinch the win in the final seconds of the match and win their second match in a row.

11:13 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Pakistan's Saeed tries a shot but is unable to equalize and the final buzzer goes...India have won it!! India have beaten their rivals Pakistan with a solitary goal lead after an intense battle throughout.

IND 28-27 PAK

11:12 (IST)24 AUG 2018

And it has worked!! Punia has scored in the final seconds of the match and put India in the lead.

IND 28-27 PAK

11:12 (IST)24 AUG 2018

In the last minute, the Indian team take a timeout to go over last minute strategies.

11:11 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Pervaiz scores again for Pakistan and Hasrat quickly adds another goal to make it all square as we head into the final minutes of the match.

IND 27-27 PAK

10:55 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Muzamil Hussain scores from a fast break but India clap back through Punia and maintain the lead.

IND 27-25 PAK

10:50 (IST)24 AUG 2018

India add another goal to their tally after the run inside from Punia on the right wing.

IND 26-24 PAK

10:50 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Two great saves by the Indian keeper Atul to keep the Pakistani attacks at bay.

10:48 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Six minutes left  for the play as a timeout is called. The score sees India leading by a solitary goal.

IND 25-24 PAK

10:45 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Penalty for India and Dcunha converts it with ease. India take the lead in the match.

IND 25-24 OAK

10:45 (IST)24 AUG 2018

A great period of play between the sides as goals keep flowing, however the scores are still level. India are down one man after a two minute suspension.

IND 24-24 PAK

10:40 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Pakistan take the lead after the goal from Pervaiz but Nagaraj scores a cheeky lob over the keeper and again, the scores are level.

IND 22-22 PAK

10:39 (IST)24 AUG 2018

The back and forth continues on as there are no clear favorites in this match.

IND 21-21 PAK

10:37 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Goals in quick succession for both the sides as the intense match continues in the second half.

IND 20-20 PAK

10:35 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Muzamal Hussain scores from a fast break but India get a penalty and score to keep the scores level.

IND 19-19 PAK

10:33 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Superb save by the Indian keeper Atul after the Pakistani attacker Uzair was through on goal.

IND 18-18 PAK

10:30 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Uzair is on the scoresheet again as he gathers the rebound after a save by the Indian keeper and rushes in for the easy finish.

IND 18-18 PAK

10:29 (IST)24 AUG 2018

India take the lead in the match as Harender Singh scores from the centre just outside the circle.

IND 18-17 PAK

10:29 (IST)24 AUG 2018

India have managed to equalize after a great effort from DCunha after an assist from Nagaraj.

IND 17-17 PAK

10:26 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Three goals in quick succession for Pakistan as they are back in the lead after a while. Poor defence from the Indian side.

IND 16-17 PAK

10:23 (IST)24 AUG 2018

India score from the right wing through Punia as they regain the lead.

IND 15-14 PAK

10:22 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Uzair Atif is penalized for two minutes by the keeper as Pakistan are down a man on the court.

10:21 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Zubair comes in from the right wing after a long pass by the keeper and score to equalize.

IND 14-14 PAK

10:20 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Pakistan start strongly with a goal in their first attack as Uzair Atif hits the top right corner.

IND 14-13 PAK

10:18 (IST)24 AUG 2018

The teams are back on the court after the break. The second period will start shortly.

10:04 (IST)24 AUG 2018

That's the end of the first period. Pakistan had the lead for much of the period but India scrambled back in the later minutes to take the lead.

IND 14-12 PAK

10:03 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Another interception by the Indian defence as Nagaraj is through on goal and has an easy finish. In the immediate next attack, Pakistan score through Asim Saeed.

IND 14-12 PAK

10:03 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Pakistan score through Muzamal but Harender quickly snaps back with a goal to keep the margin intact.

IND 13-11 PAK

09:59 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Karanjeet Singh scores a goal after a good move from the left and finishes in the right top corner

IND 12-10 PAK

09:57 (IST)24 AUG 2018

For the first time, India are in the lead after a quick break and Dcunha foxes the Pakistani keeper.

IND 11-10 PAK

09:56 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Excellent interception from Nagaraj after the lob hit the post and scores to equalize again.

IND 10-10 PAK

09:55 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Greenidge scores from the penalty line to make it all square but Pakistan strike back immediately with Hasrat Hussain scoring from the left wing.

IND 9-10 PAK

09:52 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Two quick goals for the both the sides as Pakistan maintain their slight edge in the first half.


09:49 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Asim Saeed scores for Pakistan to give them a 2-goal lead. However, India's Dcunha has pulled it back again after a penalty-line goal.


09:46 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Nagaraj makes it all square after a cheeky finish but Pakistan strike back quickly with a fierce throw from the ring.


09:44 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Pakistan steal an opportune goal after a fumble by the Indian defence.


09:44 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Harender Singh equalizes for India with 12 mins gone in the match.


09:42 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Nagaraj steals the ball from an opponent and is clean on through for an easy finish.


09:42 (IST)24 AUG 2018

India pull one back through Harender Singh to cut the lead down to two goals.


09:41 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Pakistan get another goal after a fast break and Muzamal scores through the Indian goalie's legs.


09:41 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Pakistan are back ahead again with Shahid scoring from the left wing.


09:40 (IST)24 AUG 2018

India score through Khatkar to close down the lead.

09:37 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Pakistan have quickly got another goal with a fast attacking move from the left wing.


09:36 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Penalty to India after Dcunha is fouled inside the circle. He does well and manages to open the scoring for India.


09:35 (IST)24 AUG 2018

Penalty for Pakistan after an agressive foul by Greenidge D'Cunha and they manage to double the lead.


09:33 (IST)24 AUG 2018

India earn a penalty after a foul on the captain during the attack but the Pakistani keeper saves the effort.


09:32 (IST)24 AUG 2018

First blood drawn!! Pakistan have the first goal in the bag after a swift movement through the centre of the defence.

09:31 (IST)24 AUG 2018

And we're underway in the first half with India starting the play in their pink kit.

09:29 (IST)24 AUG 2018

We are just minutes away from the start of the match as the teams go through their pre-game rituals on the court.

09:24 (IST)24 AUG 2018

The two nations who have always produced fierce competitive matches on the court and will go all out to get the bragging rights today as well.
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