Asian Games 2018, Men's Volleyall, Day 8: India vs Japan, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

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Japan leads 25-23, 25-22, 23-25


13:10 (IST)26 AUG 2018

That's all from the match between India and Japan! 

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13:09 (IST)26 AUG 2018

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13:05 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Japan beats India 25-23, 25-22, 23-25, 25-20! 

A commanding performance from the Japanese to win the first two sets before the Indians regained the hidden spark to strike a comeback and win the third set. However, the Japanese held on in the fourth set to seal the match in their favour. 

13:03 (IST)26 AUG 2018

There you have it! 
Japan clinches the set 25 -20 and with that, the match as well! 

A spike from Takamatsu does the trick as Rohit Kumar looks to keep it in play but is goes away from him. 

13:02 (IST)26 AUG 2018

India slowly making a comeback here! Two points in a row for the Men in Blue as the Japanese still stand on point! 

India 20 - 24 Japan. 

13:01 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Set and match point to Japan! 

Dekita's spike is too good for Pattani's dig on the right side. 

13:01 (IST)26 AUG 2018

India still in the game as Akhin sends in a spike that beats Takano's dig

India 18 - 23 Japan. 

12:59 (IST)26 AUG 2018

However, Japan strike a big comeback to collect two points in a row. 

India 17 - 23 Japan. 

12:58 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Deepak Sinha's serve is not met by Takano and India get another point. 

India 17 - 21 Japan. 

12:58 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Prabagaran roars as he picks a point through a magnificent spike! 

India 16 - 21 Japan. 

12:57 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Two more points now for Japan. They Japanese now have a six-point lead. 

India 15 - 21 Japan. 

12:57 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Takano's spike is too good for Rohit, who dives down to keep the ball in play but in vain. 

India 15 - 19 Japan. 

12:55 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Rohit Kumar's serve is received but Dekita's spike goes out of bounds. 

India 15 -18 Japan. 

12:55 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Jerome this time pulls one back with a quick spike at the center. 

India 14 - 18 Japan. 

12:54 (IST)26 AUG 2018

The lead has now swelled to five points and the Indians seem to have lost steam. 

12:54 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Jerome Charles' serve is wide and off target. 

India 13 - 18 Japan. 

12:53 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Deepesh Kumar Sinha pulls off a fantastic block to deny Denda a spike! 

India 13 - 17 Japan. 

12:52 (IST)26 AUG 2018

However, he misses out on his serve as it flies over the boundary. 

India 11 - 17 Japan. 

12:52 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Akhin Gopala spikes over Takano's attempted dig to hand India a point. 

India 11 - 16 Japan. 

12:51 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Chijiki sends in a fiery serve as Prabagaran fails to receive. 

India 10 - 16 Japan. 

12:50 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Prabagaran's serve missed its mark, Japan get the point. 

India 10 - 14 Japan. 

12:48 (IST)26 AUG 2018

India strikes back with two points but the Japanese do well to retain the lead. 

India 9 - 13 Japan. 

12:46 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Two points in a row now for Japan as they race away to a three-point lead. 

India 7 - 10 Japan. 

12:44 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Japan now have the lead in the match, albeit one point. 

India 7 - 8 Japan. 

12:42 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Deepak Kumar continues to have a good game as he smashes the ball to the side of the court. 

India 6 - 6 Japan. 

12:42 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Takamatsu and Jerome both fail on their serves. 

India 5 - 6 Japan. 

12:41 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Prabagaran's dig is in vain as Chijiki's spike is too strong. 

India 4 - 5 Japan. 

12:40 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Two points in a row from Akhin Gopala! India level scores. 

India 4 - 4 Japan. 

12:39 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Two points in a row now for Japan as they enjoy a two-point lead. 

India 2 - 4 Japan. 

12:39 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Akhin Gopala finds the empty space to place the smash! 

India 2 - 2 Japan. 

12:38 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Jerome Charles strikes one back with a powerful spike! 

India 1 - 1 Japan. 

12:37 (IST)26 AUG 2018

A powerful ace to start the fourth set for Japan! 

India 0 - 1 Japan.

12:35 (IST)26 AUG 2018

An exciting fourth set coming your way! Stay tuned!

12:34 (IST)26 AUG 2018

India take the third set 25 - 23! Listen to the crowd roar! 

A fabulous performance from India to come from two sets down to take the third set. However, the match is not done yet and India face the uphill task of having to win the next set as well, to stay in the game.  

12:33 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Japan manage to hold on! Smash from Chijiki is too strong for the defenders to keep out. 

India 24 - 23 Japan. 

12:32 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Set point for India now! 

Gurinder Singh to serve for the set. 

12:31 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Fukatsu's tip falls in the center of the court and in the open space. 

India 23 - 22 Japan. 

12:30 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Akhin Gopala smashes to strengthen India's lead! 

India 23 - 21 Japan. 

12:29 (IST)26 AUG 2018

The Japanese certainly not falling back. A smash to collect another point! 

India 22 - 21 Japan. 

12:28 (IST)26 AUG 2018

What a point for India! The defenders did all they could do dive and keep the ball in play and in the end, a double block claims the point! 

India 22 - 20 Japan. 

12:27 (IST)26 AUG 2018

The Japanese have leveled scores! Chijiki's smash takes the fingertips of the defender. 

India 20 - 20 Japan. 

12:26 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Prabagaran's smash takes a deflection off the defender as India now enter the 20s! 

India 20 - 18 Japan. 

12:22 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Three points is India's lead now as the Men in Blue look to have regained some lost spark! 

12:22 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Service error from the Japanese as India now look to consolidate their lead. 

India 17 - 15. 

12:21 (IST)26 AUG 2018

The Japanese strike one back with a thunderous smash between the defenders. 

India 16 - 15 Japan. 

12:21 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Time-out in place as the Indian camp sports a couple of smiles. The Men in Blue are in a dominating position and will need to maintain the momentum to clinch this set and stay alive in this game. 

12:20 (IST)26 AUG 2018

This time, Jerome is up to the task to get the lead back to the Indians! 

India 16 - 14 Japan. 

12:19 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Prabagaran continues to have a field day as he smashes one clear of the defenders. 

India 14 - 14 Japan. 

12:19 (IST)26 AUG 2018

Japan on this occasion get the better of India's double block. 

India 13 - 14 Japan. 
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