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Asian Games 2018: Shooting Live Updates: India's Apurvi Chandela/Ravi Kumar win Bronze in 10m Air Rifle Mixed Team

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 19, 2018 12:19 IST

India win Bronze in the 10m Air Rifle Mixed Team Final.


12:19 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Day 1, Indian shooters round up

Men's Trap qualifiers
1st - Manavjit Singh Sandhu
5th - Lakshay Lakshay

Women's Trap qualifiers - 
2nd - Shreyasi Singh
4th - Seema Tomar

10m Air Rifle Mixed Teams (FINALS) -
Apurvi Chandela / Ravi Kumar win the Bronze Medal

10m Air Pistol Mixed Team (Qualifiers) - 
Manu Bhaker / Abhishek Verma finish in 6th place, Did not qualify for the finals.

12:09 (IST)19 AUG 2018

We now shift our focus to the Men's Trap qualifiers, Day 1, Final round -

Great news from the Indian duo of Manavjit Singh Sandhu and Lakshay as Sandhu tops the qualifiers with a score of 72/75 while Lakshay finishes on 5th place with a score of 71/75.
image.png 24.74 KB

11:57 (IST)19 AUG 2018

INDIA has also been ELIMINATED from the clash for the gold medal.

However, a BRONZE MEDAL is assured, owing to the third place finish!
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11:55 (IST)19 AUG 2018

As we speak, 

Korea and Mongolia have been eliminated from the competition. 

11:47 (IST)19 AUG 2018

As we move closer to the final rounds, India is on second place. 

image.png 14.44 KB

11:43 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Chinese Taipei now stand on 248.3, closely followed by India on 246.7. 

image.png 14.57 KB

11:42 (IST)19 AUG 2018

The Indian duo now have 205.5 points to their credit, only 0.4 points lesser than leaders Chinese Taipei. 

11:39 (IST)19 AUG 2018

And now, Apurva/Ravi combine to take India to the second place on the points table. 

11:35 (IST)19 AUG 2018

India occupies the third position on the table currently, behind Korea and Chinese Taipei. 

11:31 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Now we move to the finals of the 10m Air Rifle Mixed Team event! 

Here is the starting list for this event - The Indian duo of Apurva Chandela/Ravi Kumar will be featuring in this final. 

image.png 13.28 KB

11:23 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Women's Trap, Qualification Day 1 results -

A fabulous finish to the opening day of the Women's Trap qualifiers as the duo of Shreyasi Singh and Seema Tomar claimed the 2nd and 4th spot respectively. 

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11:16 (IST)19 AUG 2018

10m Air Pistol Mixed Team -

India score a cumulative of 759 but do not qualify for the final stages.

India narrowly miss out on qualification

11:13 (IST)19 AUG 2018

10m Air Pistol Mixed Team - Manu Bhaker/Abhishek Verma out of the qualification scenario after finishing in 6th place.

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09:48 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Men's Trap Qualification, Round 2, Day 1 - 

As we speak, Manavjith Singh Sandhu has completed his second round and sits in a comfortable position with a score of 48/50, giving him an excellent average of 0.960. 

image.png 18.49 KB

09:43 (IST)19 AUG 2018

India currently in 3rd place as Manu Bhaker and Abhishek Verma go about their task at hand. 

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09:32 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Right then! 

The 10m Air Pistol Mixed Team event is underway! 

09:24 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Women's Trap qualifiers, Round 2, Day 1 -

India's Seema Tomar is on 5th place with a score of 47/50 while Shreyasi Singh enters the Top-10 and is on 9th place with a score of 46/50.

Round 2 results, Women's Trap

08:56 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Seema Tomar picks up from where she left off in the first round as she now has a score of 47/50 and continues her grasp at the top positions in the table. 

Shreyasi Singh, meanwhile makes a comeback of sorts to finish with 46/50 and re-joins the Top 10 in the leaderboard. 

08:40 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Meanwhile, Round 2 of the Women's Trap is underway. 

Seema Tomar is in 2nd position and Shreyasi Singh is in 11th place. 

08:26 (IST)19 AUG 2018

The Indian contingent has started off on the right foot as the shooters have enjoyed a fabulous start to the qualifiers! 

Next up, Manu Bhaker/ Abhishek Verma will be in action in the 10m air pistol mixed event! Stay tuned!

08:24 (IST)19 AUG 2018

10m Air rifle mixed team - 

India currently sits in second place with a total score of 835.3. 

10m air.png 72.45 KB

08:18 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Men's Trap Qualification, Round 1 -

Manavjit SIngh Sandhu leads India's charge with a perfect score of 25/25 and is on second place while Lakshay finds himself in the top ten with a score of 14/15 in his first attempt. 

image.png 52.31 KB

07:57 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Sandhu shows his mettle as he finishes with a perfect score of 25 as well!

07:54 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Meanwhile, Manavjit Sandhu putting up a dominating show as he sits in second place. 

07:53 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Moussa Alain completes his first set with a 100% strike rate as he leads the charts with a perfect average of 1.000.

07:45 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Lebanon's Alain Moussa leading the scores as he has 17 targets from 17 shots. 

07:42 (IST)19 AUG 2018

A fantastic start from Sandhu as he currently sits on top with a 100% shot rate. 

07:42 (IST)19 AUG 2018

We now bring you live updates from the Men's Trap Qualification Round 1. 

India is represented by Manavjit Singh Sandhu and Lakshay. 

07:22 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Women's Trap, Qualification Day 1, Round 1-

Bassil Ray (Lebanon) - 0.960
Yukie Nakayama (Japan) - 0.960
Seema Tomar (India) - 0.960
Sarah Alhawal (Kuwait) - 0.960
Liu Wanyu (Chinese Taipei) - 0.960
Mariya Dmitriyenko (Kazakhstan) - 0.960

Seema Tomar leads the way for India and sits pretty in third place while Shreyasi Singh, after a promising start is currently on 13th place with a score of 0.880. 

07:13 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Kazakhstan's Mariya Dmirtriyenko looking solid as she currently enjoys a 100% hit, managing to shoot down all of her 16 targets so far. 

07:03 (IST)19 AUG 2018

We now await the results of the scores from the 4th and 5th squad to determine the top shooters from the opening round. 

07:00 (IST)19 AUG 2018

The fourth and fifth squad is now competing in the qualification round. 

Seema Tomar sits on 2nd place with an average of 0.960 while Shreyasi Singh is on 8th with 0.880.

06:57 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Some serious skill from Seema as she jumps to second place with an average of 0.96, with 24 out of 25 targets!

06:56 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Meanwhile, Shreyasi Singh completes her opening round with a score of 0.88 - 22 out of 25 targets and is 8th in the pecking order. 

06:54 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Chinese Taipei's Liu Wanyu's dominating show puts her on top with an average of 0.960 - 24 out of 25 targets. 

06:52 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Seema Tomar going strong with an average of 0.947 while Shreyasi Singh continues to find her form as she now is in 8th place with an average of 0.870.

06:48 (IST)19 AUG 2018


Seema Tomar is on 4th position with an average of 0.933 while Shreyasi Singh is 7th with an average of 0.889.

06:46 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Korea's Geeeun Kang leads the way with an average of 0.938 while Chinese Taipei's Liu Wanyu hot on her heels with an equal average.  

06:45 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Shreyasi Singh starts in a positive note and was leading the pack for a while but has gone down the ladder. 

Meanwhile, Seema Tomar enjoys a good average of 0.909 after shooting 10 targets. 

06:43 (IST)19 AUG 2018

The first round is underway. 

06:41 (IST)19 AUG 2018

The first event is the Qualification Round 1 for Women's Trap. 

India will be represented by Shreyasi Singh and Seema Tomar in this event. 

06:38 (IST)19 AUG 2018

Hello and welcome to a bright, new day as Sportskeeda brings to you all the live coverage from the shooting events from Day 1. 

06:33 (IST)19 AUG 2018

The Asian Games are finally underway, as the Indian athlete look to better their record on the continental level, after a successful outing at the Commonwealth games in Gold Coast, Australia, earlier this year.​​

Shooting has always been one of the sports that has captured the imagination of the Indian fans far and wide, with the likes of Abhinav Bindra, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore winning prestigious medals at the Olmpics, more than a decade back.​​

Now, however, the Indians have a number of young charges at their disposal. The likes of Manu Bhaker, Anish Bhanwala, have all gone on to win titles at the junior and the senior levels.​​

Now, the Indian contingent goes into the games with high hopes in shooting, with a good mixture of youth and experience. While the likes of Bhanwala and Bhaker will be the young guns, Heena Sidhu and Apurvi Chandela will be the experienced campaigners.
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