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  • Asian Games 2018, Squash, Women's Team, Final: India vs Hong Kong, Joshna Chinappa, Dipika Pallikal in action, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

Asian Games 2018, Squash, Women's Team, Final: India vs Hong Kong, Joshna Chinappa, Dipika Pallikal in action, Live Score, Latest Updates & Results

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 01, 2018 15:12 IST

The action is underway!


15:12 (IST)1 SEP 2018

And that wraps up our live coverage of squash from the Asian Games 2018!

It's now over to men's hockey to try and get that final medal -- a bronze -- for India!!

That match is at 4pm IST and we'll bring you live updates from it.

Don't forget to tune in to Sportskeeda to catch all the live action.

Until then, it's a goodbye from us!

15:07 (IST)1 SEP 2018

While they couldn't bring a gold medal like they did in 2014, it was still a commendable effort from the squash contingent.

15:05 (IST)1 SEP 2018

And with this latest squash medal, India also have their best ever outing in squash at the Asiad, in terms of numbers.

At Incheon in 2014, they finished with four squash medals. Now they have done even better and finished with 5.

15:03 (IST)1 SEP 2018

And squash brings India's 68th medal overall!

15:02 (IST)1 SEP 2018

So, India's number of gold medals stays at 15. And the number of silver medals will remain 24.

14:57 (IST)1 SEP 2018

This was also India's last chance to win a gold medal at the Asian Games 2018.

Sadly they have to be content with just a silver here.

14:55 (IST)1 SEP 2018

The four bronze medals came from men's team event, men's singles (Saurav Ghosal), and women's singles (Dipika Pallikal and Joshna Chinappa)

14:54 (IST)1 SEP 2018

This was India's first silver medal in squash at this Asiad after four bronze medals. So, definitely this is one to cherish.

14:49 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Final result

14:48 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Final score: Hong Kong def India 2-0 to win the women's team gold!

14:46 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Alas! Joshna can't inflict any more damage!

Annie Au wraps this up at 11-6!

India has to settle for the silver medal!

14:45 (IST)1 SEP 2018

It's now or never for Joshna!!!!!

14:45 (IST)1 SEP 2018

But Annie Au has established her supremacy in Game 3.

Leading 6-2 now

14:44 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Joshna also defeated the eight-time world champion Nicol David yesterday in the semi-finals. Irrespective of the fact that David is in the twilight of her career, it was a big win indeed for the Indian.

Joshna should draw confidence from that win.

14:42 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Joshna has loads of experience playing at the highest level of the sport. So, if there is anyone who can fight back, then it is her.

14:41 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Can Joshna fight back?

Let's find out.

14:39 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Needless to say that India is in trouble now!

14:39 (IST)1 SEP 2018

The refereeing isn't going in the Indian's favour.

The second game too goes to Annie Au 9-11

14:38 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Joshna is now trying to keep it competitive in this second game....determined to not let her opponent build a big lead.


14:35 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Joshna hasn't been able to put her best version in this match....very, very error-prone while Au is keeping it squeaky clean.

Au looking to dominate the proceedings thoroughly as she goes up 11-3 in this second rubber.

14:33 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Annie Au has a slight edge over the Indian as she leads 8-6 in the head-to-head encounters

14:32 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Au is World No. 11 while Chinappa is No. 16

14:30 (IST)1 SEP 2018

The next match too is a tough one for India as Joshna Chinappa faces Annie Au.

14:42 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Joshna is set to go up against Annie Au

14:40 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Match action! (Image credits - OCA)

14:39 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Ho Tze Lok and Sunanya! (Image credits - OCA)

14:37 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Ho Tze Lok defeated India's Sunanya 3-1!

14:35 (IST)1 SEP 2018

The onus now lies on Joshna Chinappa, Dipika Pallikal to help bring India back into the tie!

14:35 (IST)1 SEP 2018

2nd seeds Hong Kong have the lead!!

14:34 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Sunanya Kuruvilla has lost first match of the final

14:33 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Hong Kong have taken the lead

14:33 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Apologies for the delay in updates! There were some technical glitches!

13:53 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Hong Kong are the only side who have defeated the Women's squash team from India (during the pool stage).

It is certainly going to be a nail-biting encounter so stay tuned for all the updates as The Indian women's team of Joshna Chinappa, Dipika Pallikal, Sunanya Kuruvilla, and Tanvi Khanna get ready to give it their all on the squash court. 

13:53 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Here is how the Indian women fared in the SEMIFINAL:

INDIA def. Malaysia 2 - 0

Joshna Chinappa def. Nicol David 3-2 (21-10, 11-9, 6-11, 10-12, 11-9)
Dipika Pallikal Karthik def. Low Wee Wern 3-0 (11-2, 11-9, 11-7)

13:52 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Here is how the Indian women have fared in their Pool matches:

1. INDIA def. IRAN 3 - 0:

Joshna Chinappa def. Ghazal Sharafpour 3–0 (11–7, 11–5, 11–6)
Dipika Pallikal Karthik def. Fereshteh Eghtedari 3–0 (11–2, 11–6, 11–4)
Tanvi Khanna def. Hadis Farzad 3–0 (12–10, 11–7, 11–2)

2. INDIA def. THAILAND 3 - 0:

Joshna Chinappa def. Anantana Prasertratanakul 3–0 (11–9, 12–10, 11–6)
Sunayna Sara Kuruvilla def. Tuddaw Thamronglarp 3-0 (11–2, 11–6, 11–2)
Tanvi Khanna def. Pranghatai Phongrattana 3–0 (11–3, 11–4, 11–2)

3. INDIA def. INDONESIA 3 - 0:

Dipika Pallikal Karthik def. Yeni Siti Rohmah 3–0 (11–5, 11–5, 11–7)
Tanvi Khanna def. Maudy Wafa Nadiyah 3–0 (11–1, 11–3, 11–7)
Sunayna Sara Kuruvilla def. Irma Maryani 3-0 (11–3, 11–9, 11–1)

4. INDIA def. CHINA 3 - 0:

Joshna Chinappa def. Li Dongjin 3–1 (5–11, 11–8, 11–9, 11–6)
Dipika Pallikal Karthik def. Duan Siyu 3–0 (11–1, 11–4, 11–5)
Sunayna Sara Kuruvilla def. He Xinru 3-0 (11–3, 11–6, 11–3)

5. HONG KONG def. INDIA 2-1

Annie Au def. Joshna Chinappa 3-0 (11–9, 11–6, 11–6)
Joey Chan def. Dipika Pallikal Karthik 3-1 (6–11, 11–7, 11–5, 11–9)
Ho Tze Lok lost to Sunayna Kuruvilla 2-3 (11–5, 15–13, 6–11, 9–11, 12–14)

13:52 (IST)1 SEP 2018

The Women's squash team have a chance at creating history! If they win their match against Hong Kong in the final, then it will be the 16th gold medal for India at this Asiad, another Asian Games Record for them (as the earlier best was 15 golds in 1951). India have already surpassed the medal haul of 65 medals and are now at 67 medals!

13:51 (IST)1 SEP 2018

Hello and Welcome to Sportskeeda's LIVE coverage of the 2018 Asian Games Jakarta-Palembang!

The final day of the 2018 Asian games has arrived. Time has flown by and it has been a roller-coaster ride for India as they recorded their best-ever medal haul at the Asiad. 

Athletics proved to be the pleasant surprise as Indians went on to bag the maximum number of medals from their tally (19, including 7 golds, 10 silvers, and 2 bronze) in it. 

There were also few unexpected medals which came from Kurash, Rowing, Wushu, and Sepaktakraw. While there were also a few gold medals which India would have felt assured of bagging (kabaddi and hockey) that could not be won. However, this is the beauty of sports as anything can happen on the biggest stage of a multi-sporting extravaganza and the team which is better on the day, wins the laurels. 

In all, the Asiad has been truly satisfying and the Indians will be hoping to end their excellent campaign on a high by adding a few more medals to their kitty. 

The last day started on a Brilliant note as Amit Panghal defeated Uzbek boxer Hasanboy Dusmatov, who is also an Olympic Champion, in the Final of Men's Light Flyweight (49kg) to bag the elusive GOLD medal. 

Another gold medal came India's way as Pranab Bardhan & Shibnath Dey Sarkar won the GOLD in Bridge Men's Pair!
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