Asian Games 2018: Women's Basketball - India Vs Unified Korea - Live Scores & Updates

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FINAL WHISTLE! India 54-104 Korea


04:44 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

This is Yash Matange signing off. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda Basketball for the latest from all the basketball action at the 2018 Asian Games.

04:43 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

This essentially makes India's next and final group game with hosts Indonesia a must-win! 

Indonesia are most likely to lose to Chinese Taipei in the meantime, which means, that game would be a knockout game before the Quarterfinals. That game is scheduled to play on the 23rd of August - Thursday at 4 PM IST!

04:40 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

Absolutely horrendous back-to-back games for India. 

They lost by 23 to Chinese Taipei and now 50 to Korea. That last 3 at the buzzer must have been like adding insult to injury. The Indians margins of defeat are getting bigger by the game - 17, 23 and 50. Turnovers were India's undoing yet again - 31 in this game while Korea recorded only 6. 

04:35 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

FINAL WHISTLE! India 54-104 Korea

04:31 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

2:00 minutes left in Q4, India 49-93 Korea

04:30 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

2:00 minutes to go and India call a TIMEOUT! 

They are down by 44 right now and all of the remaining time is garbage time. In fact, that's been the case all through the fourth quarter.

04:26 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

4:00 minutes left in Q4, India 46-85 Korea

04:26 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

Even with a lead of around 40, Koreans responding to each bucket that the Indians make. 

Score: 85-46 

04:21 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

And Korea calls a TIMEOUT with 07:43 left in the game. 

04:20 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

Shireen Limaye trying to be agressive just shooting 3s in the opening minutes of the fourth quarter. 

So far, she's 1-of-3.

04:16 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

End of Q3, India 39-74 Korea

04:15 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

If there was any doubt about the outcome, the Koreans are stamping their authority on this one. 

A 4-2 run over the last 2 minute to end the third quarter. 

04:14 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

Rajapriyadarshini gets one to fall from close to the basket. 

Yet again, Korea respond quickly and reply with a bucket of their own. Score: 70-37!

04:10 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

India call a TIMEOUT with 03:19 left in the third quarter. 

They trail by 33 right now. They have more or less stayed along with Korea in the third quarter so far [13-19] but they were already trailing by 27 and that hasn't helped them. 

04:07 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

Madhu Kumari gets fouled on a 3-point attempt. She makes all 3 free-throws and brings the lead down to 29. 

04:06 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

 5:02 left in Q3, India 32-64 Korea

04:05 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

Madhu Kumari gets a 3-pointer to fall but as I mentioned earlier, it's all inconsequential here. 

Lead is 32 with 5:02 left in the third quarter.

04:03 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

India's first field goal of the quarter comes with 06:18 left. The 4 previous points in the period were free throws. 

04:01 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

Make that 36! 

In another minute of playing time, India fail to score while the Koreans score 4!

04:00 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

Yet again, 5 quick points within a minute for Korea. 

Their lead is now 32!

03:58 (GMT)20 AUG 2018


Just 14 seconds into the second half, Korea open their account and extend the lead to 29!

03:51 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

The shooting percentages are also world's apart. 

India has made only 7 of 22 on field goals while Korea has made their shots at a clip of 61%.

03:47 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

And as expected, Korea has 13 steals to India's tally of 3. 

03:46 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

They have 15 turnovers, just 5 less than their tally in the opening game against Kazakhstan. They had 23 against Chinese Taipei. 

To make matters worse, Korea recorded just 3 turnovers.

03:45 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

It was always going to be difficult for India against the highly ranked Korean squad! 

And the game in the first half showed just that. Once again, just far too many turnovers for India.

03:42 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

HALFTIME! India 22-49 Korea

03:42 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

Leeseul Kang AGAIN!

She's scored 8 points in the last 2 minutes and that's the HALFTIME whistle!

03:40 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

Jeena Skaria makes a layup but everything looks inconsequential right now unless India gets any stops.

03:39 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

Another 3 falls for Leeseul Kang! 

03:38 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

Anjana PG gets a layup to go but Korea respond quickly with 2 buckets in under a minute. 

India 20-44 Korea.

03:37 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

Leeseul Kang gets her first bucket of the game to fall - a 3!

Lead is now 22!

03:36 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

Lead is now 19! 

Korea sloppy but still dominating the game. 

03:32 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

Korea's Jang Mi Gyong gets fouled and makes 1-of-2 from the FT line. 

Lead for Korea is now 34-18 with 4:34 to go in the second quarter. 

03:29 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

06:04 minutes left in Q2, India 18-33 Korea

03:29 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

India call for a TIMEOUT, their second of the game as the Koreans have applied the pressure once again. 

In the matter of a minute, they have scored 5 quick points at a time when India needs to get some stops. 

03:27 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

Jihyun Park scores now for Korea. Indians, quick to respond, score as well via Anjana PG

03:26 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

08:00 minutes left in Q2, India 14-26 Korea

03:25 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

But just like any of India's previous baskets, Korea respond well! 

In the span of a minute, they score twice and force a turnover by the Indians. Score: 26-14

03:23 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

18 seconds into the second quarter, India gets one to fall via their captain Jeena Skaria.

03:21 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

End of Q1, India 12-22 Korea

03:21 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

Park Hyejin misses the final shot of the quarter - a 3! 

The score stands at 12-22.

03:19 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

Some interesting stuff here! 

With 8 seconds left, Madhu Kumari gets fouled and makes both FT's, prompting the Koreans to call a TIMEOUT and design the final play of the period. 

03:19 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

Park Hyejin scores again! 

The lead is back to 12 for Korea. 

03:18 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

India's back-up center Stephy Nixon gets fouled in the final minutes of the quarter. 

But again, she only makes 1-of-2. India now trail by 10 [10-20]

03:14 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

India calls a TIMEOUT with 1:25 left in the first quarter. 

They already trail by 11 as Koreans scored 3 points in the last minute while allowing none.

03:12 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

2:46 minutes left in Q1, India 9-17 Korea

03:11 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

Madhu Kumari gets one to fall and the lead is back to 8 [9-17]. 

03:11 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

India cut into the lead again with one free throw from Rajapriyadarshini.

But yet again, Korea responds almost immediately. This time, with a 3 from Park Hyejin

03:10 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

3:48 minutes left in Q1, India 6-12 Korea

03:09 (GMT)20 AUG 2018

An entire minute of both teams missing shots and turning the ball multiple times! 
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