Asian Kabaddi Championship Day 3 Highlights: India edge past Iran in a closely-contested fixture

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 29, 2023 11:46 IST

A clash of the titans is on the menu as India lock horns with Iran. It has been a cracking contest whenever these two sides have taken the mat and expect nothing less here as well. Stay tuned for the live updates and commentary!


11:46 (IST)29 JUN 2023

An absolute edge-of-the-seat thriller and we wouldn't have expected anything less from an India vs Iran game! That's all we have for you from this contest then! Thank you for tuning in to Sportskeeda! Join us back tomorrow at 7:30 AM IST as India take on Hong Kong, followed by the Final and presentations at 10:30 AM IST. Until then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, bidding you adieu! Le Panga! 

11:33 (IST)29 JUN 2023

FULL TIME! India 33-28 Iran

Whew! What a fantastic match of kabaddi we have been treated to! It has been a nerve-wracking fixture and Iran have given India a run for their money here! In the end, however, it is the defending champions who have managed to edge past their Iranian counterparts. 

Having a healthy lead at half time, India squandered it away courtesy of some silly errors and harsh umpiring calls. The Iranians capitalised on it and inflicted an all out on India. This brought down the lead significantly and Iran were sniffing an upset. With India down to three men, two points separating the two sides and one minute on the clock, India's experience came to the fore as a super tackle all but sealed the deal for them. 

Nonetheless, it has been an exhibition of some fantastic kabaddi and the young Iranian side led by Shadlu should be proud of the way they have played against a full-strength Indian outfit. Alireza was fantastic in the raiding department and he will have surely left a mark. As for India, the skipper stepped up and did the bulk of the point scoring. 

11:33 (IST)29 JUN 2023

40' Pawan stands ahead of the rest of the defenders and wrestles with the raider to push him back over the line. And that should be it! India complete a close win over Iran!

Iran 28-33 India

11:32 (IST)29 JUN 2023

40' Arjun Deshwal is not allowed to cross the baulk line as the defenders stand very advance. Shadlu attempts an ankle hold while the cover defender comes in for a dash. Arjun turns and escapes to the mid line.

Iran 27-33 India

11:31 (IST)29 JUN 2023

40' SUPER TACKLE! That should be the decisive blow! Alireza picks up pace and runs around. Runs straight into the double thigh hold of the right corner and hs is pinned down.

Iran 27-31 India

11:30 (IST)29 JUN 2023

39' Do-or-die raid for India and Aslam Inamdar comes in for it. However, he perishes! An ankle hold from the right-in defender and Aslam is pinned down in a flash.

Iran 27-29 India

11:29 (IST)29 JUN 2023

Timeout called by India now. Ashan Kumar is joined by E Bhaskaran this time and the duo will surely have a lot to tell their players. 

11:28 (IST)29 JUN 2023

38' A Mohammad picks up a point for Iran as he leaps over the double thigh hold attempted by Parvesh from the right-in position and goes back to his half. The deficit is down to three points.

Iran 26-29 India

11:27 (IST)29 JUN 2023

36' Pawan goes down! As soon as he attempts the bonus point, Shadlu puts in a powerful ankle hold and traps Pawan Sehrawat. Meanwhile, Shadlu is livid that the bonus has been given the bonus. The umpires have a discussion and the bonus point stands in the end.

Iran 25-29 India

11:25 (IST)29 JUN 2023

36' Pawan returns the favour with a bonus point of his own in front of Shadlu. The Iranian raider runs in and gets a kick on one of the Indian defenders to send him packing.

Iran 24-28 India

11:25 (IST)29 JUN 2023

35' Some swift footwork from Alireza and he picks up a bonus point in front of Nitesh Kumar in the right corner.

Iran 23-27 India

11:24 (IST)29 JUN 2023

35' The right cover comes for a dash but Pawan uses the lobby to turn and escape to the mid-line.

Iran 22-27 India

11:24 (IST)29 JUN 2023

A timeout has been called by the Iranian coach. He'll be sniffing an upset on the cards here! 

11:23 (IST)29 JUN 2023

34' ALL OUT! Aslam Inamdar has been awarded the bonus point following which, he steps into the lobby while attempting a sliding toe-touch on the right corner. An all out inflicted on India for the first time in this tournament and matters are looking difficult for them!

Iran 22-26 India

11:22 (IST)29 JUN 2023

33' Aslam Inamdar picks up a bonus point. Alireza comes for the raid and pushes aside an advancing Vishal Bharadwaj to pick up a point.

Iran 19-25 India

11:22 (IST)29 JUN 2023

33' OH! This is a disaster! Alireza has claimed a toe-touch on Pawan Kumar and it has been granted as well! The foot seemed pretty away from Pawan there. The referee has ruled in favour of Iran and Pawan cannot believe it! 

11:20 (IST)29 JUN 2023

Timeout has been called by Iran. The coach will want to stop the bleeding of points here. Ashan Kumar has a word with the Indians meanwhile. 

11:20 (IST)29 JUN 2023

32' Pawan Sehrawat snaps up a bonus point in front of the left-in defender this time around. He's keeping the points ticking.

Iran 17-24 India

11:19 (IST)29 JUN 2023

31' Pawan puts in a sliding toe-touch on Shadlu and keeps India in the hunt. Delays what can be a very difficult situation for India.

Iran 17-23 India

11:19 (IST)29 JUN 2023

31' Alireza fetches Iran another point as Surjeet comes for a very advance block but the raider turns and escapes. 

11:17 (IST)29 JUN 2023

Substitution for India as Vishal Bharadwaj comes in for Arjun Deshwal. With only three on the mat, Vishal has been brought in to bolster the defense. 

11:17 (IST)29 JUN 2023

30' Do-or-die raid for India and Pawan comfortable picks up a bonus point in front of Shadlu.

Iran 16-22 India

11:17 (IST)29 JUN 2023

29' Do-or-die raid for Iran and the raider strikes! He writhes his foot free from Nitesh Kumar's ankle hold. Gets another point on Parvesh as well, who was looking for the dash.

Iran 16-21 India

11:15 (IST)29 JUN 2023

27' Smart from Pawan Sehrawat as he gets in a back-kick on Shadlu, who had crouched down in hopes of putting in an ankle hold.

Iran 14-21 India

11:14 (IST)29 JUN 2023

26' Do-or-die raid for Iran and the raider strikes! He attempts a hand touch on the right-in defender and as soon as he does that, Nitin Rawal attempts a back-hold from which Alireza escapes and returns. Just did not get a good grip.

Iran 14-20 India

11:13 (IST)29 JUN 2023

25' Aslam Inamdar ends up venturing too far deep in the left corner and the right side of the defense runs around in a chain to pin him down.

Iran 13-20 India

11:12 (IST)29 JUN 2023

24' Shadlu is shouldering raiding duties here too. He is coming in for the raid with all three Iranian raiders on the bench. Pretty clear intentions from Iran - they are playing on their defense. 

11:11 (IST)29 JUN 2023

23' Do-or-die raid for Iran and Ekrami perishes as he ends up going too far deep in the right corner and a powerful ankle hold from Nitesh Kumar brings him down.

Iran 12-20 India

11:10 (IST)29 JUN 2023

23' The right-in defender puts in a surprise double thigh hold on the running-in Arjun Deshwal to completely immobilise him!

Iran 12-19 India

11:09 (IST)29 JUN 2023

For the first time, India have not made any substitutions in the second half. 

11:09 (IST)29 JUN 2023

21' Pawan does not get a touch and ends up going into the lobby. With only three defenders, it will be given as a SUPER TACKLE then! Will this prove to be a costly mistake by the Indian skipper? 

India 19-11 Iran

11:05 (IST)29 JUN 2023

HALF TIME! India 19-9 Iran

It has been a hard-fought contest so far for India and they have been well and truly challenged well in this game! However, with a plethora of experience, the senior players have stood up and made a mark in this contest. Aslam Inamdar and Pawan Sehrawat are getting in the big points for India while the defense is working as a well-oiled unit. It will be interesting to see whether Iran can make a comeback in the second half!

11:04 (IST)29 JUN 2023

20' The Iranian raider is mighty confident of having gotten a toe-touch on Parvesh, who denies the claim. The raider returns to his half and has been given out for some reason. Did he break his cant there? Or was it the do-or-die raid? Well, there wasn't any signs from the umpire. However, the raider has to depart!

India 19-9 Iran

11:02 (IST)29 JUN 2023

A substitution has been made by Iran. 

11:02 (IST)29 JUN 2023

19' Do-or-die raid for India and Aslam Inamdar comes in for it in a defense of three. SUPER TACKLE! He goes through a block and is pinned down as the other defenders come for assistance. He is tackled with his hand just centimetres inside the mid-line. Oh dear!

India 18-9 Iran

10:59 (IST)29 JUN 2023

18' Surjeet runs across with a formidable block and stops the raider right in his tracks. The raider had no chance to escape.

India 18-7 Iran

10:59 (IST)29 JUN 2023

17' Pawan tries a kick on the left-in defender. Shadlu tries a double thigh hold and the other defender on whom the kick was attempted tries to catch the ankles. However, Pawan uses the lobby and escapes to the mid-line. The Iranian coach is not pleased with something now and is having a word with the umpires. It is perhaps the order in which they are sitting. Shadlu wants to be revived prior to the other player.

India 17-7 Iran

10:56 (IST)29 JUN 2023

16' Do-or-die raid for India now and Pawan shoulders responsibility. Pushes the defense back with his footwork and picks up a bonus point in front of the left-in defender.

India 15-7 Iran

10:56 (IST)29 JUN 2023

15' Do-or-die raid for Iran and the raider strikes! Picks up pace and gets a running hand touch on Parvesh in the left cover.

India 14-7 Iran

10:55 (IST)29 JUN 2023

15' The Iranian raider claims a touch on Pawan but it has not been granted. Emotions are high on the field as the raider protests not being given out. He claims he got a fingertip on Pawan's jersey. 

10:53 (IST)29 JUN 2023

13' The Iranian raider runs across and gets a running hand touch on Nitesh Kumar in the right corner. Following this, Pawan entices Shadlu into going for an ankle hold. Escapes comfortably and returns to his half.

India 14-6 Iran

10:53 (IST)29 JUN 2023

12' Pawan escapes from the left-in's attempted ankle hold and gets in another point on the defender as well who had come for assistance. Uses the lobby to escape. India are not pleased at all as they believe Shadlu was out.

India 13-5 Iran

10:52 (IST)29 JUN 2023

11' ALL OUT! Heirdarali Ekrami is granted the bonus as the defense hangs back. The Indians are not hasty and in the end, time runs out and Ekrami fails to return to his half. Timed out!

India 11-5 Iran

10:51 (IST)29 JUN 2023

11' Aslam escapes from the right corner's ankle hold and puts in a jump to his right to get a hand touch on the left corner as well, who had come for assistance. Iran down to one man.

India 8-4 Iran

10:49 (IST)29 JUN 2023

Timeout has been called by Gholamreza. He has some advice for the Iranians, who are only three in number now. They will want to prevent an all out. Ashan Kumar comes to the mat to have a word with the Indians. 

10:49 (IST)29 JUN 2023

9' Do-or-die raid for Iran now and Ekrami comes in for it. He runs out of time and in a desperate attempt, picks up a bonus point before Nitesh puts in an ankle hold and Parvesh comes for the dash. India isn't pleased at all that the bonus has been given.

India 6-4 Iran

10:48 (IST)29 JUN 2023

8' Do-or-die raid for India and Aslam Inamdar strikes! The cover comes around for a dash and Aslam uses the lobby well to return. His foot and his sliding hand past the mid-line were the only two things in the lobby. 

10:45 (IST)29 JUN 2023

6' Aslam Inamdar from the left-in puts in a surprise double ankle hold and the rest of the defense pounces on him to pull him back just inches within the mid-line.

India 4-3 Iran

10:45 (IST)29 JUN 2023

5' Pawan picks up a sneaky bonus point right under the nose of Shadlu in the left corner! 

10:44 (IST)29 JUN 2023

5' A do-or-die raid for India this time and Arjun Deshwal is trapped as a double thigh hold from Shadlu completely immobilises the raider. Iran take the lead now!

India 2-3 Iran
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