Asian Kabaddi Championships 2017 Live score: India vs Pakistan final, Live Match Updates, November 26 2017

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India defeat Pakistan 36-22 to win the title.


18:27 (IST)26 NOV 2017

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18:25 (IST)26 NOV 2017

India defeat Pakistan in the final to win the Asian Kabaddi Championships 2017! The final score is 36-22!

18:23 (IST)26 NOV 2017


18:22 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Pakistan get a revival but in the next raid, India score a tackle point thanks to a body block by Ajay Thakur.

18:18 (IST)26 NOV 2017

The Pakistani raider scores with a bonus but Sandeep Narwal reduces the opposition to two men as he skips away from a fiving ankle hold attempt.

18:17 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Next up, the Pakistani raider is stopped in his tracks with a powerful tackle from the Indian defence.

18:16 (IST)26 NOV 2017


Pardeep Narwal goes in to raid in a 1v3 situation and is chopped down with a vicious ankle hold by the Pakistani defender. 

18:14 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Pakistan are down to three men again after a fine tackle by the Indian defence on the raider from the left.

18:12 (IST)26 NOV 2017


Ajay Thakur was inches away from crossing the midline but is yanked back by the Pakistani defence with a strong ankle hold. Two points to Pakistan.

18:10 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Ajay Thakur is at it again as he gets a hand touch on the right corner.

18:10 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Ajay Thakur reduces the Pakistan defence to three men with a hand touch on the left corner. Pakistan strike back with a touch point of their own in the very next raid.

18:08 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Pardeep is in next and he gets a point on the left corner with a lightning-quick toe touch.

18:07 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Pakistani raider in on the do-or-die raid and is sent out by a strong ankle hold by Surender Nada!

18:05 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Ajay Thakur is sent out next as the Pakistani raider is successful with a hand touch.

18:04 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Maninder Singh! He is met with an ankle hold on the left corner and skips away to win the point.

18:01 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Pardeep Narwal goes in next but is brought down with a double ankle hold from the Pakistani cover.

18:01 (IST)26 NOV 2017


A trademark ankle hold on the left corner leaves the raider with no chance.

17:59 (IST)26 NOV 2017

The second half in underway!

17:55 (IST)26 NOV 2017

And that's the end of the first half! India have a comfortable 25-10 lead at the break. 

17:53 (IST)26 NOV 2017

The Pakistan raider scores with a bonus point and in the next raid, Maninder Singh is brought down by a strong ankle hold.

17:50 (IST)26 NOV 2017


A trademark body block by Surjeet as he single-handedly stops the raider in his tracks with an advanced tackle.

17:48 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Ajay Thakur! He's on fire!

Uses his height and experience to gain a fine hand touch on the right corner.

17:47 (IST)26 NOV 2017


The lone Pakistani raider is chopped down with a brilliant ankle hold on the right and it's another all out.

17:46 (IST)26 NOV 2017

And again!

This time he gets his man on the right corner and tumbles away to the midline. Pakistan on the verge of another all-out.

17:45 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Ajay Thakur strikes again as he attacks the right corner and gets his man with a hand touch. Pakistan down to two men.

17:44 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Sandeep Narwal! The beast!

Charges in from the right and puts in a fierce body block.

17:43 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Ajay Thakur! Fine hand touch on the right corner.

17:41 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Maninder Singh goes in next and he strikes!

He gets a hand touch and then tumbles away from the advanced body block. Two points for India.

17:41 (IST)26 NOV 2017

India's lineup is as follows (L-R): Surender Nada, Maninder Singh, Pardeep Narwal, Deepak Hooda, Surjeet, Ajay Thakur, Sandeep Narwal

17:40 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Pardeep Narwal goes in next but is brought down with a dash. India down to four men on the mat.

17:39 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Pakistan hit back immediately as Deepak Hooda is touched by a Pakistani raider.

17:38 (IST)26 NOV 2017


Pardeep Narwal cleans up the remaining two defenders with ease. He attacks the right corner and then gets the other touch on the way. Strong start by India!

17:37 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Maninder Singh in a 1v3 and he scores! A poor ankle hold and he easily dives and crosses the midline with his extended arm.

17:36 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Pardeep comes to the party now!

A running hand touch on the left corner and Pakistan are down to three men.

17:36 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Surjeet! Good tackle!

A solo dash sends the Pakistani raider flying out off the left side of the court.

17:35 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Ajay Thakur has been revived and is in to raid.

And he scores! A fine hand touch on the right cover.

17:34 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Maninder Singh in to raid and he strikes! A running hand touch on the right corner.

17:33 (IST)26 NOV 2017

And it is a bonus! Pakistan lose their review early in the game.

17:32 (IST)26 NOV 2017

India are given a bonus, thanks to Maninder Singh but Pakistan are reviewing the call.

17:32 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Pakistan hit back with a touch point - a swift toe touch by the raider.

17:31 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Pardeep Narwal gets India on the board with a bonus point.

17:31 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Pakistan score the first point of the match! Ajay Thakur is dashed out by the right side of the Pakistan defence.

17:30 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Pakistan start off proceedings with a blank raid.

17:29 (IST)26 NOV 2017

The teams are on the mat and warming up! We are moments away from the start.

17:15 (IST)26 NOV 2017

The match will start in a few minutes. Stay tuned!

15:03 (IST)26 NOV 2017

After three days of pulsating action, the Asian Kabaddi Championships 2017 have reached its final stage as India and Pakistan face off once again in the men's final. The match will be their first clash in a final in 10 years and promises to be a real thriller, given the rivalry between the two sides.

The two teams will go head-to-head for the second time in the competition after meeting in the group stages on Saturday, when India won comfortably by a 44-18 margin. Ajay Thakur and Maninder Singh were the destroyers in chief and picked up a Super 10 each, while Pardeep Narwal also contributed with six points of his own.

In the semifinal, the Indian side ran out comfortable winners against South Korea, taking home a routine 45-29 win. Pakistan, on the other hand, upset Iran 28-24 in the second semifinal to ensure a berth in the summit clash.

Sources in the AKFI have confirmed that the match will take place at 3 pm local time, which translates to 5 pm IST. Stay tuned as we bring to you the latest updates from the action!
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