As it happened: India 45-29 South Korea semifinal, Asian Kabaddi Championships

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India win 45-29.


12:47 (IST)26 NOV 2017

India defeat Korea by a score of 45-29! They will now face the winner of the other semifinal between Iran and Pakistan to determine who will lift the trophy.

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12:43 (IST)26 NOV 2017

The last point of the game is won by Korea, thanks to a weak dash from the Indian cover.

12:41 (IST)26 NOV 2017

We're in the final minute of the match now.

12:41 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Jang Kun Lee gets a point as he skips away from a weak ankle hold.

India 45-28 Korea

12:40 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Both sides trade blows as a raider from either side is stopped by the defence.

12:39 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Another point for Korea as the Indian left corner steps mistakenly into the lobby.

12:38 (IST)26 NOV 2017

It's a point each for India and Korea as the Korean raider gets the bonus but is brought down by an ankle hold.

12:37 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Ajay Thakur continues his dominance as his picks up another hand touch on the Korean left side.

12:36 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Korea win the next touch point, as the raider tumbles to the midline after a weak dash from the Indian cover.

12:35 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Another bonus point for India, as they continue to dominate proceedings.

12:35 (IST)26 NOV 2017


Once again, the Koreans are sent packing as the lone man slips and is snapped up by the Indian defence.

India 40-20 Korea

12:34 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Korea down to one man as Ajay Thakur strikes.

12:32 (IST)26 NOV 2017


Korea down to three men, pin down Ajay Thakur, who tries to run his way around the court. Two points for Korea.

12:31 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Korea get one point with a bonus.

12:31 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Korea down to two! Maninder Singh gets another couple thanks to a weak ankle hold. Another defender comes charging in but is too late.

12:30 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Korea are falling apart as it's another weak dash from the defender and the Indian raider easily reaches his half.

12:29 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Maninder strikes! Uses his height well to skip away from the ankle hold and get his hand across the midline.

India 32-17 Korea

12:27 (IST)26 NOV 2017


Lee is met with an ankle hold on the right corner and it's the second all out in the game for Korea.

12:26 (IST)26 NOV 2017

And make that one!

Ajay gets a touch point on the left corner. Jang Kun Lee the only man left for Korea.

12:25 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Ajay goes in next and gets another touch point with ease. Korea down to two.

12:24 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Ajay Thakur gets another touch point, this time on the left corner.

India 26-14 Korea.

12:24 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Pardeep Narwal adds to India's tally, this time enforcing a self-out by the Korean defender on the left corner.

12:23 (IST)26 NOV 2017

What a catch! The Korean raider comes flying for a running hand touch and is met by a solid Surjeet, who stops him in his tracks.

12:22 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Ajay Thakur gets a bonus point on the left corner.

12:21 (IST)26 NOV 2017


With India down to four, Mohit produces an incredible solo dash from the right to send the Korean raider flying out.

12:20 (IST)26 NOV 2017

The second half is underway!

12:15 (IST)26 NOV 2017

And that was the last action of the half. India lead 21-14 at the break but will surely be wary of the Korean comeback in the second.

12:14 (IST)26 NOV 2017

After a set of blank raids, it's Maninder Singh's turn to leave the mat as he is brought down with a body block.

12:12 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Jang  Kun Lee goes in for Korea and gets a touch on Deepak Hooda. And in the next raid, Pardeep is stopped in his tracks.

12:11 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Pardeep Narwal gets another routine point, this time a running hand touch.

12:09 (IST)26 NOV 2017

The Korean raider, on the do-or-die, goes for the frog jump but the Indian chain from the right is successful in catching him in the air.

India 20-10 Korea.

12:06 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Maninder is now dashed out from the right corner as Korea look to fight back. They add another point as Mohit Chhillar puts in a weak ankle hold on the right corner.

12:05 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Pardeep Narwal adds to India's score with a running hand touch.

12:04 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Maninder Singh continues his fine run with a bonus point.

12:03 (IST)26 NOV 2017


The lone Korean raider is chopped down by an ankle hold on the right corner by Mohit Chhillar.

12:02 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Ajay Thakur goes in next and easily gets a hand touch on the right corner. Just one man left for the Koreans!

12:02 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Korea down to two men as India get another touch point. All out incoming?

India 11-8 Korea

12:01 (IST)26 NOV 2017


India get three points as Maninder Singh finds his way to the midline through a sea of defenders and gets three touches.

12:00 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Another point for Korea after a mistimed dash from the Indian cover.

11:57 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Jang Kun Lee strikes for Korea with a back kick on the right corner. Maninder Singh responds with a touch point of his own in the next raid!

11:54 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Next up, the Korean raider is brought down by a vicious tackle. Pardeep Narwal goes in and gets another touch point next.

India lead 5-4.

11:54 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Ajay Thakur goes in next but a strong block from the right chain from Korea stops him.

11:53 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Korea score with a bonus point on India's left corner. Pardeep Narwal goes in next and gets the touch point.

11:51 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Maninder Singh on the do-or-die for India next and is dashed out from the right corner! He was inches away from reaching the midline!

11:50 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Korean raider goes in to raid on the do-or-die and is brought down with an ankle hold on the right corner!

11:50 (IST)26 NOV 2017

Two blank raids for India to start off. 

11:49 (IST)26 NOV 2017

India's lineup is as follows (L-R):

Surender Nada, Maninder Singh, Pardeep Narwal, Deepak Hooda, Surjeet, Ajay Thakur, Mohit Chhillar

11:48 (IST)26 NOV 2017

And the first raid is by Jang Kun Lee! It is a blank one.

11:46 (IST)26 NOV 2017

We are moments away from the start as the teams warm up.

01:53 (IST)26 NOV 2017

After two days of spellbinding action, the Asian Kabaddi Championships 2017 have reached its business end with the semifinals and finals lined up for Monday. In the men's draw, India have enjoyed a flawless start to their campaign, having won all their group stage games. 
On Friday, they defeated Iraq and Japan by a 61-21 and 82-16 respectively. The next day India recorded two more emphatic wins as Afghanistan were beaten 103-25 and arch-rivals Pakistan were thrashed 44-18. Now, they will face South Korea in the semifinal, in what will be a repeat of the World Cup 2016 opener between the two sides where it was Korea who ran out winners. 
While the Indian team is packed with Pro Kabaddi stars, the Korean side have a few PKL players in their ranks as well in the form of raiders Jang Kun Lee and Dong Geon Lee, both of whom played central roles for the Bengal Warriors and Tamil Thalaivas respectively in Season 5. 
The winner of the semifinal between India and Korea will face either Iran or Pakistan in the final. The match is scheduled to begin at 11.30 am IST. Stay tuned to this space as we bring to you the latest updates from the game! 
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