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Atanu Das vs OH Jinhyek Olympics 2021 Archery: Big win for India, Das beats 2012 Olympic champion in thriller to advance to pre-quarterfinal

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 29, 2021 08:27 IST

Atanu Das beats OH Jinhyek in 1/32 round of Olympics 2021 Archery men's individual


08:27 (IST)29 JUL 2021

Big win for Atanu Das

Das pulls off a big upset as he beats 2012 Olympic champions OH Jinhyek.

It is certainly a big win for the Indian archer. He lost the first set, but held on to the nerves. A spectacular fourth and fifth set, he managed to take the game in the shootout.

While Korea managed a 9 in the shootoff, India hit bulls-eye to advance to next round.
Das advances to pre-quarter finals.

08:26 (IST)29 JUL 2021

Korea starts with a 9. 
India hits a 10.

08:25 (IST)29 JUL 2021

One arrow shootoff.

Who ever hits the highest score wins.

08:24 (IST)29 JUL 2021

It is a tie-breaker

08:24 (IST)29 JUL 2021

Fifth Set (Final)

10, 9, 9 -- 28
Korea: 10, 9, 9 -- 28

08:22 (IST)29 JUL 2021

Fourth Set

Atanu Das claims the set with consistency. His wife and Indian archer Deepika Kumari is also there cheering for him.

India: 8, 9, 6 -- 22
Korea: 9, 7, 10 --27

08:20 (IST)29 JUL 2021

This is nerve-wracking. Another split set and Das survives another round. But Korea is still in lead 4-2.

08:18 (IST)29 JUL 2021

Match Facts!
Atanu Das need to win a set.

08:17 (IST)29 JUL 2021

Second Set

Its a draw. Atanu Das will breathe easy after this set.

9, 9, 9 -- 27
Korea: 9, 10, 8 -- 27

08:13 (IST)29 JUL 2021

First Set

Just for quick rules. There are two-points for set win. There are five sets and if there is no outcome then both archers compete in a tie-breaker.

Korea: 26
India: 25

08:12 (IST)29 JUL 2021

Its ON. 

08:00 (IST)29 JUL 2021

Do you think you know everything about Atanu Das? Maybe not. 

Here are some things you might not know about the Indian archer.

07:55 (IST)29 JUL 2021

Who is OH Jinhyek?

Oh Jin Hyek is a recurve archer from Korea who won the London 2012 Olympic Games.

He has gained significant renown for his dynamic shooting style and becoming the first-ever Korean man to win an individual Olympic title.  
Jin Hyek shoots for the Hyundai Steel professional archery team in Incheon.

He has battled injuries for much of his career, particularly in his shooting shoulder, and delayed his planned retirement when the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games were postponed by one year so he could take one last shot at the Games.

07:42 (IST)29 JUL 2021

Atanu Das wins

Atanu Das progresses to the round of 32 after a thrilling win in the first round. He will now face OH Jinhyek of Korea.

07:42 (IST)29 JUL 2021

Final Set

Atanu -- 10,9, 9
Deng -- 10, 9, 7

07:41 (IST)29 JUL 2021

Set 4

It is 4-4 points now. This is the decider set. If no result comes out of this, then it will be a shootout.
FInal set now.

07:39 (IST)29 JUL 2021

Deng looking for fightback.

07:38 (IST)29 JUL 2021

Das is happy with his performance so far. He is all smiles after the third set. 

07:37 (IST)29 JUL 2021

Third Set
Atanu Das -- 9, 10, 9
Deng -- 10, 9, 7

07:36 (IST)29 JUL 2021

Match Facts!
<Insert Caption>

07:34 (IST)29 JUL 2021

Atanu Das is leading the score.

07:32 (IST)29 JUL 2021

India starts it with a 10, 8, and 9 to take a point lead. He is at 27, while Deng is 26.

07:31 (IST)29 JUL 2021

Atanu Das is ready

07:27 (IST)29 JUL 2021

Humble beginning

While we wait for Atanu Das, you must read about his teammate Pravin Jadhav. The Maharasthra archer comes from a humble background and used to live in a hut. But things took a turn after started archery.

Read full story about Pravin Jadhav.

07:24 (IST)29 JUL 2021

The archery field certainly is a sight to behold under floodlights.

07:23 (IST)29 JUL 2021

07:19 (IST)29 JUL 2021

If Atanu Das wins today, he might run into Oh Jin Hyek of Korea in the second round. Hyek is seeded third and has been one of the consistent performers and is a tough nut to crack! However, given the way upsets have been galore in this edition of the Olympics, we hope Atanu Das would be punching by the slogan - Never say never! 

07:16 (IST)29 JUL 2021

Good morning. We are LIVE from the Yumenoshima Park Archery Field. It is a clear day with the sun beaming! 

It will be Atanu Das vs Deng Yu-Cheng in the first round of the men's individual archery. Only Atanu Das remains in the field as both Tarundeep Rai and Pravin Jadhav bowed out of the event on Wednesday after losing their second round matches. Deepika Kumari, however, has stormed into the pre-quarterfinals. 

Atanu Das is seeded 35th while his opponent from Chinese Taipei is seeded five above the Indian. 

Looks to be an even contest from the outside. Sit back, relax and enjoy our coverage.  
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